Opiates Business By GSK, Bought By Sun Pharma

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries decided to purchase Opiates business by GlaxoSmithKline in Australia. Analysts are interpreting this move as Sun Pharma’s way of making their company name known in the controlled substance niche.

A statement was released by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries which explains how the Opiates business owned by GSK, along with its manufacturing sites located in Latrobe, Tasmania and Port Fairy, Victory, Australia, as well as the portfolio of all opiates products and inventories, will now be a property of Sun Pharma’s subsidiary.

This big move done by Sun Pharma is a clear message of how the company wants to be seen in the controlled substance business.

The business is on its fourth acquisition. Sun Pharma did not reveal any numbers regarding the deal made with GSK Opiates business but analysts are aware of how strategic the location is. Australia being an island state is one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials used in manufacturing narcotics around the globe. This is the very reason why painkillers such as codeine and morphine are obtained straight from Tasmania.

The above reasons are clear indications of why Sun Pharma is keen to acquire the Opiates business. Though they have tried their hand in growing such controlled substance, the attempt is seemed to have not flourished into something significant for the business.

Sun Pharma bought a facility located in Hungary back in 2005 and was developed to manufacture controlled substance active pharmaceutical ingredients. The facility was used to grow poppy from initial stage. After that, a New Jersey site was acquired within the same year but this time to manufacture finished dosages of the controlled substances.

Chattem Chemicals Inc. was acquired by Sun Pharma’s subsidiary in the US in the year 2008. 100% ownership was given to Sun Pharma and the business is used to import narcotic raw material. Of the acquired controlled substance businesses, Chattem Chemicals is the third for Sun Pharma. The acquisition was decided in order for the company to have a more active part in the development of pain management locally in the US.

These series of acquisitions are surely Sun Pharma’s way of getting into the business with more visibility.

Recommended Food While On HCG Supplement Diet

One of the keys to a successful diet plan is eating the right type of food. No matter how effective your HCG supplement is if you will not accompany it with the right diet, your weight loss endeavor will still fail. An HCG diet is comprised of low carb of 500 to 550 per day so you need to cut back on sugar, starchy and fatty food especially during high intensity intake of HCG drops or supplement.  Here are some of the recommended food and drinks for HCG dieters.

Drinks: green tea and coffee

Fruits: strawberries, apples, grapefruits, lemons, oranges

Vegetables: asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, fresh garlic, cabbage, green onions, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach

Meat: white fish, chicken breast, lean ground beef

Snacks: bread sticks and toast

Spices: sea salt, cumin, basil, rosemary, onion powder, parsley, cayenne, chili and garlic powder, coriander

Tips for an Effective Diet Plan

  • When taking HCG supplement, avoid all kinds of oils including vegetable oils. Prepare your food with other cooking methods that do not use oil in the process such as boiling or poaching. You can also go for grilled dishes as they remain to be sumptuous without the use of oil and other unhealthy spices.
  • Do not combine different vegetables and fruits in one meal. If you are going to strawberries for lunch, save the apples for dinner. You can find several HCG recipes online to provide variety on your meals.
  • Remove bones from the chicken breast before cooking them.
  • Although fish is highly nutritious, there are certain fishes that are restricted from your diet. Fatty fishes such as salmon, eel, tuna and herring should not be consumed while you are on an HCG diet.
  • The secret to an effective diet is counting calories and measuring your food intake. Make sure that your meat consumption does not exceed to 100g in every meal. Measure the meat while in raw form and not when it is already cooked.
  • Make sure that your coffee and other beverages are low in fat content to make your HCG supplement even more effective.

Thailand’s Drinking And Night Entertainment Culture

The experts in the drinks and night entertainment businesses share their views regarding what holds for the night owls in Bangkok this year.

Modern and trendy drinks

In terms of night life, the city of Bangkok in Thailand looks to have everything – the popular DJs, celebrity mixologists, themed parties and new bars. And, 2017 promises to be more exciting for the night owls due to larger craft beer selections, better cocktails, broader types of parties and more new bars.

Diageo Moet Hennessy’s senior brand ambassador Chennarong Bhumichitr is eager with the year ahead. He said that the latest trends which started abroad seem to find their way in the drinking scene of Thailand.

According to Chennarong, low alcohol content volume (ACV) cocktails are going to become that next huge thing for drinkers especially women since they are starting to be health-conscious.

Gin, as predicted by Chennarong, is going to continue as the “in” spirit, meanwhile whiskies are going to like resurge.

Changing consumer behaviours

Regarding consumer behaviour, Chennarong commented that aside from freshness and healthier options, the patrons look for visual appeal, too.

For him, many people drink today in order to appreciate a taste than get drunk, so the beverage companies are considering the healthier lifestyles of consumers when making new products. Additionally, social media, for him, is influencing the looks of these drinks and restaurants are taking the presentations seriously, including bars and beverage companies. Since people already take pictures of food and drinks, the bar operators capitalize on this trend by ensuring that drinks are fashionable.

Ronnaporn “Nueng” Kanvichaporn, the Diageo Reserve World Class Thailand Finals 2014 winner and also the co-owner of the Backstage Cocktail Bar, added that the drinkers now are very informed regarding cocktail culture and already developed their tastes.

He said that several years ago, bartenders were able to lead the trend and introduce the latest mixes to their consumers, but now they know the styles they want and go to bars to order what is on their minds.


The drinking and the night life culture in Thailand is definitely changing. And with the numerous locations to drink and have fun, such as a hotel near BTS Chong Nonsi, the consumers’ options are endless.

The Benefits Of HTML5 In Advergaming

Advertisers, such as brands, companies or institutions, make use of video games to get a message across. Advergaming is strategy repeatedly used for target markets, who identify with these video games. Often times, this is even used to attract every audience type.

Here are some of the benefits offered by games developed with HTML5, which allow them to be played on all modern devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even Smart TVs.

Its presence, no exclusions

HTML5 is mostly present on devices which have web browsers, no excluding of audiences. A huge number of users are able to play a game regardless of which device is used. They can start playing on their mobile phones while travelling to work, improve scores using an office computer when a boss is not looking, beat records on their tablets while getting comfortable in a sofa, or play in the TV at their living rooms when home.

It is immediate

Because of HTML5, a game is quick to play. All that needs to be done is getting to or opening a website. No installations or downloads are required.

Simpler to publish

A game is published the same way a web page is. Additionally, it is immediately available, no waiting for days or weeks for validation like those apps published in Google Play or the App Store.

Easier to promote

Forget about those crowded shops that are full of applications, where each promoted installation is going to cost several dollars. A website’s marketing or promotion channels can be used. Public relation strategies can be used to have the digital and non-digital media talking. In addition, there are a multitude of game portals which can publish a game, generating a bigger audience for free.

It is also simpler to share with just giving out a URL. This is done through email, social media, plain writing, and other methods.

Quicker to measure

There is one channel to measure. It is not going to be necessary to make use of numerous monitoring, tracking or analytic services just to check the performance of an advergaming campaign.


Try HTML5 for advergaming. With its extra benefits, surely a more comprehensive HTML5 training to know all runs of this mark-up language is also worth the investment.

Time To Sort Out Professional Indemnity Insurance

There is nothing certain in this world but taxes and death. For David Gordon from The Register, people need to start thinking the same as a business. Anyone can be subjected to lawsuits, liable to legal fees and compensation costs which is why a professional indemnity insurance has to be sorted out.

Nick Breton, the Head of Direct Line for Business, wrote an FAQ regarding professional indemnity insurance.

About professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is often called PI insurance. It covers the legal costs and expenses incurred during a defence, including the costs or damages which may be awarded, if one has been alleged to have given sufficient advice, ideas or services that caused clients to lose their money.

People needing PI coverage

The professions that need a PI cover include (but not limited to): business and management consultants; IT professionals including developers, programmers, consultants and contractors; HR and training consultants; freelance marketing and media consultants; and accountants.

PI insurance’s relevance to small businesses

A PI insurance is extremely relevant to any small business. A client may rely on an advice from a small business. When this is found as faulty or an incorrect process is followed, a client can come back with a claim for the losses suffered. It is important that a small business owner looks into a PI insurance.

According to Breton, a PI insurance gives a business its competitive edge. Any service based business that pitches themselves in order to secure contracts are definitely deemed more attractive – a PI insurance shows a business being responsible.

Public liability insurance vs PI insurance

Public liability provides a cover for claims started by people during accidents, injuries or illnesses. PI insurance provides coverage for advice, ideas or services. It is best for businesses to have these two kinds of cover.

Summing up

While professional indemnity insurance has different names – accountant insurance for CPAs, or medical malpractice insurance for physicians – depending on an industry, the idea is the same. It covers the legal costs when sued and costs from damages which is why it is very important for individuals and businesses to have tax audit insurance coverage.

How To Save On Express International Courier

Sending packages and parcels abroad naturally pay higher than local shipping. An express international courier service also collects higher rate compared to standard shipping. But if you know of ways, you can actually pay lower costs for international shipping even if it is an express delivery. Here’s how:

  • The wrapping or packaging of the parcel affects the weight and overall cost of shipping. While you want to secure the parcel, you don’t want to pay excessively just because of your intention. Thus, choose light materials to secure your item. If you are sending a breakable or fragile item, use packaging peanuts, Styrofoam or bubble wrap to tightly secure the item. The mentioned materials are light weight and do not cost much but its protective capabilities are impressive. If you will send parcels regularly, consider buying packaging materials in bulk to save money.
  • Find out if the courier company offers free pick up from your home or preferred address and take advantage of this. This will save extra money for your gas and will prevent additional wear and tear of your vehicle for sending the parcel to express international courier service provider. This will also save your valuable time and effort.
  • Although express delivery allows your recipient to obtain the parcel faster than standard mode, the cost may be higher than the latter. There might also be some surcharges that may warrant additional amount on the overall delivery rate. If you are not in a hurry or the package is not urgently needed, you might as well choose the standard delivery option to reduce the costs especially if you are sending a valuable or heavy item. However, if the package needs to be delivered immediately, find a courier company that offers a lower rate than other service providers.
  • Another way to lower the rates to be paid to express international courier is by using the right weighing scale for weighing your package. A shipping scale is more accurate than a bathroom scale. Take note that packages that are heavier than the weight declared in the quote issued by the courier can incur surcharges.

How To Find Car Insurance Type 1

Finding the right car insurance that would fit your budget and your need takes some time for researching. It may take some time and a few clicks on the internet but the benefits are just worth your time and effort. One of the best car insurances that you can find is car insurance type 1. It is a comprehensive car insurance that covers not just accidents related to cars or vehicles. It also covers loss due to circumstances such as fire, theft, flood, vandalism, riots and other similar incidents.  If you are wondering where you can find such a coverage for your car, here are some ideas.

Visit websites

Probably the best source of information for car coverage is the worldwide web. By using the right keywords and by utilizing the search engine properly, it would lead you to the right sites that could give you the right insurance for your vehicle such as car insurance type 1. The good thing about searching through the internet is that you can narrow your search for more specific results. For instance, you can search car insurance companies that operate in your area. With a few clicks, you can have all the information that you need regarding the company.

Talk to an agent

Another excellent source of information is car insurance company agents. They know exactly how they can help you get the right insurance policy that is suited to your needs and lifestyle. They can also help you get an insurance policy that you can easily afford. Just a bit of an advice, contact a car insurance agent from a reputable car insurance company to ensure better quality of service.

Ask friends with car insurance

Car insurance is a requirement. Therefore, your friends who have vehicles would have car insurances. Find out if they have heard of ประกันภัยรถยนต์ชั้น1 (car insurance type 1) and if they are happy with it. Get vital information such as at what company did they get the car insurance and how much did they pay for the premium including other fees that they may have spent on.