Opiates Business By GSK, Bought By Sun Pharma


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries decided to purchase Opiates business by GlaxoSmithKline in Australia. Analysts are interpreting this move as Sun Pharma’s way of making their company name known in the controlled substance niche.

A statement was released by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries which explains how the Opiates business owned by GSK, along with its manufacturing sites located in Latrobe, Tasmania and Port Fairy, Victory, Australia, as well as the portfolio of all opiates products and inventories, will now be a property of Sun Pharma’s subsidiary.

This big move done by Sun Pharma is a clear message of how the company wants to be seen in the controlled substance business.

The business is on its fourth acquisition. Sun Pharma did not reveal any numbers regarding the deal made with GSK Opiates business but analysts are aware of how strategic the location is. Australia being an island state is one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials used in manufacturing narcotics around the globe. This is the very reason why painkillers such as codeine and morphine are obtained straight from Tasmania.

The above reasons are clear indications of why Sun Pharma is keen to acquire the Opiates business. Though they have tried their hand in growing such controlled substance, the attempt is seemed to have not flourished into something significant for the business.

Sun Pharma bought a facility located in Hungary back in 2005 and was developed to manufacture controlled substance active pharmaceutical ingredients. The facility was used to grow poppy from initial stage. After that, a New Jersey site was acquired within the same year but this time to manufacture finished dosages of the controlled substances.

Chattem Chemicals Inc. was acquired by Sun Pharma’s subsidiary in the US in the year 2008. 100% ownership was given to Sun Pharma and the business is used to import narcotic raw material. Of the acquired controlled substance businesses, Chattem Chemicals is the third for Sun Pharma. The acquisition was decided in order for the company to have a more active part in the development of pain management locally in the US.

These series of acquisitions are surely Sun Pharma’s way of getting into the business with more visibility.

How To Lure More Customers During The Holiday Season

Happy Holiday

Business minded people always find themselves digging the innermost part of their minds of ways to earn a profit. Whether that be expanding the current brand line that they have or creating a new trend for the public, it will always surprise the shoppers on how creative and inventive these entrepreneurs are. One of the most unexpected frenzy in the market is perhaps the ugly Christmas sweaters. This tradition during holiday seasons has become popular over America. People hit retail stores for something ugly and buy these. This is a ridiculous trend but it evokes the spirit of the season that is why this trend won’t be going anywhere.

So while we are still a long way from celebrating the most anticipated Christmas holiday seasons, it is imperative that we prepare for a long way haul. How will you boost your sales this coming holiday season? Here are some tips that might help you out.

• Extend your store hours. Market analysts are expecting that the online shopping will represent at least $100 billion of the sales this year. However, don’t get too comfortable in ensuring only that your website looks appealing to customers. While online shopping is doing great, it is expected that consumers will spend $500 billion shopping at malls and downtown retailers. You should consider opening early in the morning and closing your store late so that you can accommodate more shoppers.

• Consider giving freebies to customers. Instead of giving discounts to items, you can instead add a freebie as a gift to your customers. One of Target’s promotions the other year was giving away $5 gift card. This really attracted consumers. It increased the overall profit of the retailer.

• Give your customers a break and offer free transport of goods. The Free Shipping Day was founded by Luke Knowles six years ago as a way of promoting their online sales. In their company, most shoppers respond to their Free Shipping promotion. Find ways to expedite delivery of goods to customers. This way, they will keep on purchasing from your store knowing how effective your delivery is. During the holiday season, make sure that you update yourself regularly of your shipping deadlines.

Young Architects And Engineers Encourage Communal Living In Perth

The homeowners of Perth need to embrace living communally and stop being greedy of their spaces if they want to make a solution regarding their problem of affordability crisis. This is according to the leading engineers and architects. There were six winners hailed during the West Australia Housing Authority’s designability competition. The winners had different views on how to improve the landscape of Perth. As a team though, they were able to impress a panel of industry judges and won $10,000 prize with the design that they did for an eight storey building.

The competition conducted was aimed at addressing the current misconception that affordable housing is usually cheap and nasty. It was likewise intended for the redevelopment of the department’s Fremantle’s Holland St public complex. The students made use of a design that incorporated communal spaces, vegetable gardens which can be readily rented out and few car bays in order to encourage residents to walk or go car-free. The proponents said that they tried to communicate an idea and not just a building. They likewise looked at sustainable materials like fly ash concrete, which is made from coal waste and are also created a mix of townhouses. It also has one, two or three bedroom apartments and these are constructed in order to provide diversity and to support a multi-generational living. If the project is realized, the 24meter tall building would act as a “local landmark”, making people know that they are five minutes away from Fremantle.

Serena Pangestu, an UWA architecture student said that there needed to be more influences which are driven by architecture in the housing designs of Perth in order to create buildings which would encourage communal living as well as affordability of housing prices. Currently, about 2 percent of design in buildings involves the work of architects. According to the student, it is quite depressing that the numbers are very low. Most people think that architecture is just about big buildings and disregard the other services that are offered with architecture. Even granny flats WA would also require the services of architects in order to have a functional and great space to live.

Surprising Statistics about Burglary


Every year the FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation compiles the crime statistics of the United States. The reports published by the FBI are designed in order to give you an idea of the trend in crimes in the country and provide you with a better understanding of the threats of crime locally and nationally. Here are some of the important reports regarding burglary in the US and property crime details. For further information, you can visit the website of the FBI.

  • There are about 5,400 burglaries in the US happening every day. Five years ago there were about 9 million property crimes reported and over 2 million of which involved burglaries.
  • About 73 percent of all burglaries take place on residential properties. Do not ever operate under the false assumption that burglaries are usually related to businesses, high-end stores and banks. The most favorite target of burglars is residences.
  • Of the reported burglaries, 65 percent occurred during day time. According to the data, burglars like to target homes during the day since the homeowners are usually not at home while they target commercial establishments at night.
  • The highest rate of crime for properties occurs in the Southern region. According to the statistics that was compiled by the FBI, there were about 3,439 property crimes per a hundred thousand inhabitants in the Southern region of the United States.
  • The property crimes in the US are estimated to have lost a total of $15.7 billion dollars. Burglaries accounted in the figure are about $4.6 billion in the lost properties.
  • Data shows that 60 percent of burglaries are forcible entries. A lot of people believe that burglaries are crimes of opportunity. However, the statistics show that majority of these burglaries are in fact forcible entries to houses like breaking windows, kicking doors, smashing windows and picking locks. An excellent security system will be a great way of warding off these intruders.


Indeed, no one is immune to the threat of property crime and burglary. It is for this reason that you should have iHome Alarm Systems in your abode to deter burglars from entering your house.

Installing Suspended Ceilings


The suspended ceiling system is not practical for everyone or in every situation. However, this unique ceiling type makes a lot of sense in first floor rooms and basements with bathroom overhead. Whenever a leak will appear in the overhead plumbing, a suspended ceiling will come to the rescue and it would spell the difference between a time-consuming repair work and a costly one versus one that is much cheaper with minor inconvenience.

Foremost, you need to have sufficient head clearance when placing the suspended ceiling. The requirements may vary but most of the codes will stipulate that there should be at least a minimum f 1.5 ft ceiling height for new constructions. There are some project codes however that can accommodate a lower height for the ceiling if the project is just a part of a bigger renovation work. That is why it really pays to ask why the client is asking for a suspended ceiling. You will need about 4 inches of space between the new and old ceilings in order to tilt the panels in place. Another additional 2 inches is needed if you intend to place a drop-in, fluorescent ceiling lighting. The suspended ceiling can be installed in a wood-framed dry wall room, through concrete-block basemen walls.

Choosing a system

The steps in installing suspended ceiling vary from one company to the next but not really significantly. When you have chosen a particular ceiling package, the next step is to give careful thought to your grid layout. There are several home centers as well as retailers that will be happy to work a parts list based on the scaled drawing in your area. You also should have a general sense on how these components should go together before starting them. The usual systems will have an L-shaped perimeter or molding in order to give support to the suspended ceiling near the walls.

There are various providers of suspended ceilings and one of them is Crisp Contracts. As the customer, you need to make your research for the contractor who can help you and give you excellent services.

How To Improve Your Packaging Design Skills


Packaging your product is essential in marketing them. How do you envision a packaging design and how do you make an effective design? Here are some tips in making your workflow more successful and efficient and make your packaging dreams to reality.

– Use approved cutter guides. Ensure that your printer or client has given you the right specifications. You should never start with a packaging job without having the correct details. You need to have the cutter guide which is of the right size, has all folds, bleed specified and clearly states any seal or glue areas. Ensure that everything is right from the beginning in order to prevent any problems later on.

– Get it approved. If you are making the guide yourself based on the specifications of the client, do not only get approval from the client but instead also seek to involve the printer from the beginning. Make sure that the project is feasible and make sure that you do not start doing any creative work until it has all been approved and that you have already received a detailed spec. The last thing that you want to do is to recreate your artwork because of the discrepancy in the cutter guide.

– Make use of 3D revolve. In order to visualize your packaging designs, you can make use of the 3D Revolve tool of Illustrator. What you need to do is to create a profile of your own choice. Next, select the shape and then go to effect then select 3D and then revolve. When you tick the preview box, you will notice that the Illustrator will create a 3D object. You can choose the shading that you want using the dropdown in the dialogue box.

– Use symbols wisely. The Symbols functionality of Illustrator is absolutely great for package designs. Essentially, the symbols are self-contained instances of the elements in your artwork which you can easily and quickly reuse without copying the paths and duplicate.

You can definitely innovate your packaging design and box. What is important is that you capture the taste and likes of the target market. You can even make use of a black gift box as the packaging material for certain gift items.

Here’s What You Need to Know before Becoming a Painter or Decorator


Northampton – Although most people do not give a thought about it, numerous painters and decorators provide their services to residential and commercial clients on a daily basis. They play a very important role in society that is why if you are planning to start a career in painting and decorating, there are a few things that you need to know about.

First of all, the work done by painters and decorators are not as simple as you may think. It’s not just as easy as rolling paint into a wall. It is actually much more complex than that and often involves methods that would provide long-lasting and positive results. It’s not easy to be a painter or decorator. So if you are looking for an easy job that would involve sitting in an air-conditioned room, then you shouldn’t become a painter or decorator.

Remember, as a painter or decorator, you will be subjected into various jobs. This means you have to be flexible since you might be called upon to work on a residential house one day and a commercial building the next day.

But before you start a career in painting and decorating, you should first make sure that you have the necessary skills as well as sufficient or extensive knowledge about the kinds of work that painters and decorators do. First of all, you would need to learn how to paint with precision and skill. You would have to learn how to strip old wallpaper and hang new ones. You would need to prepare wood and other materials or surfaces which will be used for painting. It is also important that you learn how to install many different decorative materials and ornaments.

You would also need to learn the different techniques in painting especially the application of specialized paint texture.

Becoming a painter or decorator also means that you need to learn how to multitask while also being able to work using a number of tools and devices.

Lastly, you would need to be employed. This could be done either through a formal training route, or an apprenticeship with known painting and decorating companies such as Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating. To know more about becoming a painter or decorator, you can visit their website at www.FitzhughDecoratorsNorthampton.co.uk.

Millennials Targeted By Entrepreneurs On Their Home Decor Venture


Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley are preparing for their first showroom of their e-commerce venture, Citizenry. The showroom will aid them in the sales of handcrafted and customized products. They made Citizenry to meet diversified needs of developing demographics.

Bentley said that there was rarely a company which is aimed at millennials. There are no products designed to meet their taste. She added that millennials want excellent products and they are concerned about the story behind them. They made Citizenry to be the house décor trademark of this generation.

Nance said that millennials have just started to invest in home decorations and buying homes. She said it was about time for the company to enter the scene. Since they started to launch their website, they already have been generating revenue. Almost every item was sold out. The company has just employed four workers.

When asked about how the company works, Bentley explained that they collaborate with the top artists using the top indigenous materials for each individual country. They aim to create products which are representative of the country’s culture. Peru and Argentina were the first nations they worked with. The initial batch composed of 35 products; then another 20 items from Uganda. By December last year, they reached their 1,000th customer.

The leading challenge of their trade was logistics according to Bentley. The operational process was difficult because every item is unique and they need to work with local artists which may have different views. On the other hand, Nance clarified that their country-by-country technique is ideal. They can concentrate on an area and learn the challenges so they can keep the business going.

Rachel and Carly met at Texas A&M during their first year in college. They initiated a conference together. Because of that activity, they realized that their assets and weaknesses complemented each other well. They promised to call each other if they ever had a business idea. They had different careers. They realized the gap in the market after trying to decorate their own homes. The citizenry is a blend of their passions- Pro Decor, making good contributions to the world and speaking out culture.