Opiates Business By GSK, Bought By Sun Pharma

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries decided to purchase Opiates business by GlaxoSmithKline in Australia. Analysts are interpreting this move as Sun Pharma’s way of making their company name known in the controlled substance niche.

A statement was released by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries which explains how the Opiates business owned by GSK, along with its manufacturing sites located in Latrobe, Tasmania and Port Fairy, Victory, Australia, as well as the portfolio of all opiates products and inventories, will now be a property of Sun Pharma’s subsidiary.

This big move done by Sun Pharma is a clear message of how the company wants to be seen in the controlled substance business.

The business is on its fourth acquisition. Sun Pharma did not reveal any numbers regarding the deal made with GSK Opiates business but analysts are aware of how strategic the location is. Australia being an island state is one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials used in manufacturing narcotics around the globe. This is the very reason why painkillers such as codeine and morphine are obtained straight from Tasmania.

The above reasons are clear indications of why Sun Pharma is keen to acquire the Opiates business. Though they have tried their hand in growing such controlled substance, the attempt is seemed to have not flourished into something significant for the business.

Sun Pharma bought a facility located in Hungary back in 2005 and was developed to manufacture controlled substance active pharmaceutical ingredients. The facility was used to grow poppy from initial stage. After that, a New Jersey site was acquired within the same year but this time to manufacture finished dosages of the controlled substances.

Chattem Chemicals Inc. was acquired by Sun Pharma’s subsidiary in the US in the year 2008. 100% ownership was given to Sun Pharma and the business is used to import narcotic raw material. Of the acquired controlled substance businesses, Chattem Chemicals is the third for Sun Pharma. The acquisition was decided in order for the company to have a more active part in the development of pain management locally in the US.

These series of acquisitions are surely Sun Pharma’s way of getting into the business with more visibility.

Marketing Innovation, A Challenge To Chief Marketing Officers

There is a kind of vibe to the top marketers who attended the recent Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Marketing Innovation Summit held in Singapore for 2016. This is because of the fact that technology is not just an effective tool for marketers to accomplish their task but it has also developed a kind of respect coming from the people who are responsible in decision making in the corporate world.

There are many speculations as to the importance of the role that the CMO plays or if it is needed in the current times. According to the Manulife Singapore’s senior vice president and CMO, Wendy Walker, the issue is now at a full circle.

She said that data analytics is now easily accessed by CMOs at the tips of their fingers and there is also the availability of recording in real time which is why business needs them more than ever. They have gained a more powerful role and secured a position when it comes to operating business strategies.

In order to maintain the trust that was given to them by these top companies, it is now expected for CMOs to give back by adapting their roles to the growth of the business. During the summit, Walker participated in a panel discussion together with the CMOs of Microsoft and Citi, Jolaine Boyd and Sanjeev Kapur respectively. They talked about how marketing plays a role in the overall goals of a business.

During the discussion, many things were presented such as the need for marketers to adapt with the goals of the company regarding revenue and growth. This entails that they should have knowledge about the sales part of the business and must work alongside the company to get positive results.

Kapur said that knowing firsthand about sales is important especially if it is the goal the company wants to achieve. Because of marketing innovation, data makes it now possible for marketers to optimize their products in real time thus achieving the target revenue of the company. Boyd added that they are able to present the accountability they have with the company because of the data they possess.

Helping Expats Realize The Great Opportunity That Awaits In Owning A Condominium In Pattaya

For people desiring to settle down in a country where their citizenship do not legally reflect, possession of property usually means marrying a local and sign the ownership under the local’s name. This is particularly true in most countries, but in Thailand, a foreign national may own or possess an estate in their name, particularly a condominium unit, if at least 51% of the building is Thai owned. This is good news for foreigners who fell in love with Pattaya, especially that there are many Pattaya condos for sale at a very affordable price.

Pattaya, a tourist haven, is nestled with world renowned scenic beaches. For the millions of tourists it attracts annually, many have undeniably fell in love with the place and have wished to stay. This has become a good opportunity for their real estate industry as cheap Pattaya condos for sale has been largely sought after. The great location, affordable price range, and good resale value are palpable, but how convenient is it to process a purchase of real estate in Pattaya?

If you fell in love with Pattaya and wished to settle down to marvel it the rest of your life, buying a condo unit is the easiest and most straightforward way to own a piece of the place. Granting that proper research and careful thinking has been done to achieve this big decision, two provisions currently exist to make legal matters in owning a property easier for expats. First, as discussed above, 51% of the building must be Thai owned. Once the sale is secured, the payment must be deposited from the purchaser’s home country in their own currency (basing on current exchange rate), over a Foreign Transaction T3 or Tor Tor Sam, administered by a Thai Financial institution. After the payment is confirmed, the condominium developer will issue a certificate of possession to the buyer, indicating their legal rights to their newly owned unit and the building’s common areas. The second provision is the more popular one, marrying a Thai local. The Thai national should then secure proof that the funds obtain  to purchase the property is their own, and the foreign spouse having nothing to do with it.

3 Ways To Find Thai Property

The good thing about modern technology is that you can easily Find Thai Property without going anywhere so long as you have the internet. Nowadays, practically everything can be found on the worldwide web, making your hunt for Thai property an easy and convenient task. To help you with your search, you can find properties thru the following sources.

Public Records

This is the best and so far, the safest way to locate Thai property. Public records hold official registry of legitimate properties that are up for sale whether by the government or private individuals. The best person to approach is Thailand’s tax assessor because they hold the record of properties foreclosed. From the office, you can find the property owner and their contact information, the current appraisal of the property including the necessary information about the property such as its dimensions, property features, utility information and so forth. Once you obtain the contact information of the owner, you can start communicating with the owner for potential sealing of the deal.

Property Search Engine Tools

Another way to Find Thai Property is by utilizing search engine tools for properties in Thailand. Most property owners place their properties online to make it more available to potential buyers. The good thing about online search is that owners provide comprehensive information about the property including its features. Best photos of the properties are also posted to encourage prospective buyers to check out the property. Contact information about developers and property owners can also be found on the pages and websites of properties, making it easier for you to directly coordinate with the agents or owners.

Hire a Professional

You can also Find Thai Property by hiring a professional real estate agent. These agents could give you professional advice on how you can cut a good deal without compromising the quality of the property. When you talk to a licensed real property agent, you can be given information that you alone may find hard accessing. Professional real estate agents have already established connections in the field over time including experience in closing property deals.


Maersk Line Working Closely With Chinese Partners For Global Expansion

Maersk Line is the world’s biggest container shipping company in terms of capacity and product volume. The company is going to provide its transport services to Chinese partners and at the same time become a co-investor in some projects along the Belt and Road Initiative over the next decade.

APM Terminals is also closely working with state-owned China Communications Construction Co. to build a new port in Tema, Ghana. Other projects where APM Terminals is involved include Vado Reefer Terminal and the new deep-water container terminal, still under construction in Vado, Italy. Both projects have Chinese partners, China COSCO Shipping Ports Ltd. and Qingdao Port International Development Co.

China is Maersk largest export market and it is only right to develop closer links with Chinese companies that are involved in the two trading routes. Chinese companies will be able to expand globally through Maersk’s network, transport and logistics services.

Maersk Line also operates through its intra-Asia arm, MCC Transport a comprehensive network of services between China and other countries that are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Several small ports in the region have been added to the network like Sibu in Malaysia and Davao in the Philippines. MCC has also launched a direct service that connects Qinzhou of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia and Singapore last year to make it the first foreign liner offering direct weekly service to Qinzhou.

According to Jens Eskelund, managing director of Maersk China Ltd it is important for a company to improve its profitability when facing market challenges of overcapacity and low freight rates. Maersk has posted a loss of $116 million for the 3rd quarter of the year, compared to the $264 million profit generated at the same time last year. Maersk hopes to continue on improving efficiency, lower bunker consumption and sharp focus of costs.

No matter what type of product you produce, it is important to have an effective supply chain management. Container Transport in Perth will organize the transport of your products including packing and unpacking to ensure that it is promptly delivered regardless of destination.


Sacrificing Trees And Local Biodiversity For The Development Of A Terminal

Moorebank Intermodal project will create a freight link between Moorebank at Liverpool and Port Botany to reduce the number of freight trucks on Sydney roads. However, the potential impact of the intermodal terminal would be costly to drivers due to increased traffic and local biodiversity because of substantial tree removal.

If the development of the terminal proceeds, it is expected to generate 1,458 truck trips and 2,670 car trips every weekday. Since the terminal will be operating 24 hours a day, 95% of truck movements are expected to occur between 6 in the morning and 10 at night. However, according to the Planning Department, local traffic is estimated to increase by more than 16% by 2019 because roads cannot handle an extra amount of traffic.

Traffic is not the only problem because more than 45 hectares of vulnerable and endangered tree species will have to be removed when the development proceeds. Among the tree species are hard-leaved scribbly gums, Parramatta red gums and forest red gums. In addition, all vegetation has to be cleared from the development site which can be a threat to ecological communities. When vegetation is cleared, it will result in the loss of specific fauna habitat components like live trees, tree hollows, foraging resources and ground layer habitat like ground timer and leaf litter.

Of the trees that are scheduled for removal, 43 are hollow-bearing trees that are the habitat of different types of fauna. The development of the terminal will also impact on a rare shrub called nodding geebung and the vulnerable grevillae. Residents say that the potential outcome of the development is not favorable. Emissions from trucks and cars will be unhealthy to both humans and animals. It is sad but it seems nobody cares because their focus is corporate agenda. 45 trees to be removed will be quite okay for progress but not 45 hectares of trees and vegetation.

Many are against tree lopping but if it is performed by trained and experienced tree lopping in Perth, the health and aesthetics of the tree can be preserved. The job will be complete safely without any damages to surrounding properties.

Rajasthan Tentwallahs Refused To Supply Wedding Tents For Child Marriages

One might think that a wedding tent supplier might be in favour of weddings of any form because it will boost their business but it is not the case with Rajasthan. They are joining in the battle to fight the tradition of child marriages in India. Rajasthan decided to become part of the movement in order to put a stop to the highest rates when it comes to early marriages in their homeland.

Currently, the Tent Dealers Welfare Samiti Association of Rajasthan has over 9,000 members. They are now requiring brides and grooms to present their birth certificates before they agree with supplying wedding tents.

In the country, the legal age for marriage is 18 years old for women while for men it is 21 years old. According to the estimates provided by the charity called Girls Not Brides, the rate of child marriages occurring in Rajasthan is as high as 65 per cent while in Bihar it is close to 70 per cent.

In a statement by the president of the association of tent dealers, Ravi Jindal, they have already prevented around 80 child marriages from occurring in Rajasthan within the last two years. In an interview with Thomson Reuters Foundation, he expressed that they wanted to awaken the people that the practice is wrong and it should not be implemented. The association goes to the police in order to complain as well as the headman of the village. They are the ones who are in power to intervene. Pressure is placed on these officials if they do not do their job.

Jindal admitted that despite what they are doing, even if thousands of suppliers all over the state have already practiced the same requirement, the practice continues to grow.

Rajasthan is a state known for its palaces and forts and the number of weddings are on the rise especially during the festival of Akshaya Tritiya which is held in the months of April and May. This is when they are most careful in renting.

If you are of legal age and living in Australia, you can opt for an outdoor wedding by looking for Marquee for Hire in Sydney.