Opiates Business By GSK, Bought By Sun Pharma

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries decided to purchase Opiates business by GlaxoSmithKline in Australia. Analysts are interpreting this move as Sun Pharma’s way of making their company name known in the controlled substance niche.

A statement was released by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries which explains how the Opiates business owned by GSK, along with its manufacturing sites located in Latrobe, Tasmania and Port Fairy, Victory, Australia, as well as the portfolio of all opiates products and inventories, will now be a property of Sun Pharma’s subsidiary.

This big move done by Sun Pharma is a clear message of how the company wants to be seen in the controlled substance business.

The business is on its fourth acquisition. Sun Pharma did not reveal any numbers regarding the deal made with GSK Opiates business but analysts are aware of how strategic the location is. Australia being an island state is one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials used in manufacturing narcotics around the globe. This is the very reason why painkillers such as codeine and morphine are obtained straight from Tasmania.

The above reasons are clear indications of why Sun Pharma is keen to acquire the Opiates business. Though they have tried their hand in growing such controlled substance, the attempt is seemed to have not flourished into something significant for the business.

Sun Pharma bought a facility located in Hungary back in 2005 and was developed to manufacture controlled substance active pharmaceutical ingredients. The facility was used to grow poppy from initial stage. After that, a New Jersey site was acquired within the same year but this time to manufacture finished dosages of the controlled substances.

Chattem Chemicals Inc. was acquired by Sun Pharma’s subsidiary in the US in the year 2008. 100% ownership was given to Sun Pharma and the business is used to import narcotic raw material. Of the acquired controlled substance businesses, Chattem Chemicals is the third for Sun Pharma. The acquisition was decided in order for the company to have a more active part in the development of pain management locally in the US.

These series of acquisitions are surely Sun Pharma’s way of getting into the business with more visibility.

Bathrooms As The Barometer Of A Nations’ Economy

Bathrooms are the basis of measurement of a nation’s economy, fashion, taste and mood. Today’s bathrooms are all about elegance and style with good design and quality materials. Bathroom décor is diverse with frameless shower enclosures to create that spa-like effect.

In the 1950’s which was characterized by post-war austerity, bathrooms have cold linoleum floors, threadbare towels and wall-mounted electric heaters. In the 60’s bathrooms were painted with flashy power colors with some using psychedelic vinyl. In the 70’s bathrooms became sophisticated and started to be painted with avocado and burgundy shades. Bathrooms were fitted with carpets and accessorized with gold swan neck taps, toilet seat covers and outrageous toilet dispensers.

In the 80’s bathrooms became glamorous and designs of vanity unit mirrors, corner baths and dramatic sunken baths were Hollywood-inspired. In the 1990’s people could no longer luxuriate for hours in baths and showers were suggested. Separate shower enclosures became must-haves along with European-inspired bidets and decorative wall tiles with beautiful borders.

When the millennium age was reached, bathroom sizes doubled and became personal sanctuaries. The trend turned to calming tones of beige, cream and taupe and homeowners spent fortunes on Jacuzzis, whirlpool baths, luxurious bath towels and designer toilets.

Today, bathroom barometer indicates that good design and quality materials are very important. In the average newly built 4-bedroom homes, there are two en-suite bathrooms or shower rooms. However, main bathrooms will be replaced with en-suite bathroom facilities for all the bedrooms.

When this generation has to downsize, the spacious master suites will become bedrooms; otherwise the property will not appear when home buyers search for 4-bedroom homes. Baths will still be in vogue as a place for relaxation after a stressing day. To allow comfort even for those who are physically restricted, barrier-free bathroom designs will be the trend.

When frameless glass shower screens are used, it creates an illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it really is. Through the use of glass, the barrier between the shower room and the rest of the bathroom is virtually non-existent to the human eye. An ambiance of luxury and class is also created.

Searching For “Office Furniture Sydney”?

Whenever you are searching for a nice set of furniture, whether it’s for your home or office, it’s always important that you have a wide variety of choices to choose from and don’t just stick with one store just because your neighbor recommended it or your friend has the same set of furniture. It’s also essential that you know what the needs of your house or office and not buy a furniture just because it’s beautiful in your eyes. Just don’t. In searching for a good and high quality set of furniture, you definitely have to look at everything. For example, you are working in Sydney, Australia and your big boss suddenly asked you to look for a store which offers affordable furniture. You don’t just open up your Google Chrome and type “office furniture Sydney” in the Google search bar. Searching for furniture requires more than just the ability to use Google.

There are many things to consider when searching and buying a new set of office furniture. Aside from the obvious which is the budget, you have to answer questions such as: “Does the office need this? Or “Can the office’s space accommodate this?”. Sure, you can type “office furniture Sydney” in your Google search bar and Google will provide you a list of furniture stores within the vicinity of Sydney. To furthermore help you, below are some of the things you need consider when searching for a new set of office furniture:

  • Get the best value for the money that you are going to pay. Keep in mind that it’s your company’s money and not yours. Getting an expensive set of furniture isn’t always the best thing you can do because expensiveness doesn’t equalize to quality.
  • You don’t need those fancy, cartoonish decorations for your office. Offices are formal and they are for people who work and do business. Keep those decorations to a minimal level.
  • Choose the furniture that will add functionality to your office. Always be aware that your office isn’t always big so you need to choose a sofa that will allow enough space for people to sit comfortably.

Before you type “office furniture Sydney” in your Google search bar, be sure to consult your boss or officemates before any furniture. Remember, buying a nice set of furniture for your office isn’t the same thing as doing your weekly grocery.

Software Vendor Continuum Builds New Office In Australia

Continuum, a US-based software vendor has recently sent one of its co-founders to help manage the company’s recently launched Australian operations. Continuum provides the SaaS-based platform that allows providers to backup, monitor, troubleshoot and maintain their PC’s, servers and other endpoints that are used by small and medium-sized businesses.

Frank Bauer who was appointed as Continuum’s senior channel development manager will manage the operations of the Asia Pacific region from the Sydney office. As the managing director of the Asia Pacific operations of Continuum, Bauer will build a strong regional foundation. He will also work closely with MSPs, IT service providers and dealers of office equipment.

According to Continuum, their move was in line with the company’s growth in the region for the last two years. With the new office and team created in Australia, the commitment of the company is solidified in the region. The investment also highlights the growing importance of the Asia Pacific market to Continuum that is driven by the significant demand for Continuum software in Australia and New Zealand.

The new Continuum office represents the company’s first step in the expansion of its footprints in the highly competitive tech market. One of the local partners of Continuum is Adelaide-based service provider and 2016 CRN Fast50 Company Geek. Geek has an aggressive growth strategy and its induction into the CRN Fast50 list of fastest growing companies in the APAC region will continue to scale business without compromising the company’s reputation for excellence in customer service and immediate response.

According to Geek consultant Jon Paior, the company will be utilizing the HTG Peer Group to conduct due diligence on multiple third-party offerings. From the perspective of Geek, Continuum tops every perspective. The ease with which they ensure client on-boarding and seamless interaction with their 24/7 help desk is unparalleled.

When there is a need for office fitouts in Canberra for an IT service provider or a software vendor, business equipment and machinery have to be taken into account. IT offices differ from standard workplaces because there are several factors that have to be considered in structural design like lighting, electrics and cabling.

The Launch of Uber Freight That Will Likely Change Trucking

Last month, Uber launched its website for a new service named Uber Freight. There is only little information revealed regarding its expansion from the ride hailing services. However, if Uber’s announcements during 2016 are an indicator, the chances are Uber Freight is there to prepare everyone for the autonomous delivery trucks.

Self driving cars from Uber

Uber acquired Otto, a startup that planned to start self driving cars in the market, last August. Ever since, the company made use of its trucks in order to deliver a cargo of 50,000 cans of beer and Christmas trees in California.

Uber Freight is not going to use these self driving cars, well not yet. Instead, it is going to work the same way as Uber’s current platform. Some people are going to sign up for them to drive items all over the country, while others are going to join in order for them to send the packages without the need to sign contracts with the traditional shipping companies. The service is going to probably increase pricing to the trucking also.

Uber Freight may assist Otto’s trucks, too, with data gathered from the drivers using the new service. This is going to let self driving vehicles learn from experienced drivers while the regulators are figuring out ways to govern these autonomous trucks, including its technology.

Growing interest in trucking

The launch of Uber Freight also occurs simultaneously with the increasing interest in trucking by a lot of tech companies. Nikola Motor Company intends to make use of technology to have trucking be more environment friendly, as well as attractive to millennials; Tesla is working on self driving trucks; the list goes on.

Uber mentioned to Inverse that it will wait until this New Year to further provide information regarding how this new system is going to work. Uber’s spokesperson mentioned that they do not have information yet, but they hope to have more this 2017.

It seems that the future related to trucking, or even one possible future, will take more time to have its debut. Regardless, this new system from Uber is likely going to increase the need for truck driver jobs soon.

Unique Online Music Marketing Strategies For 2017

On a post by Eventbrite’s Rachel Grate in Hypebot, they talked with around 20 industry experts regarding online music marketing strategies which can modify the game this year. Here are what she had listed.

“Mystery marketing” using no-phone zones

There are a lot of venues which are very enthusiastic to have the fans do marketing in behalf of them, however several artists want their audience to put phones away.

Even if the fans’ posts seen in various social media platforms become a form of marketing, Eventbrite’s John Riccardi calls the phone-free zones a type of “mystery marketing.”

Riccardi mentioned events and activities which are off limits to cameras and phones build a ‘you had to be there’ event, lived solely by word of mouth by those that have bragging rights.

Using livestreams to focus fan perspective

Technology, such as Facebook Live, is getting it easier for the fans to share experiences real-time. This leads to many unique and personal perspectives which can promote a show.

Neal Cohen, Superfly’s Marketing Director, said that the entire range of a festival’s story is now told in a different level, with Facebook Live and Snapchat making storytelling instantaneous.

This results to a more exact portrayal of a festival or show compared to a recap video – with endorsement coming from a multitude of fans in social media.

Relying on online influencers for spreading the word

The live music promoters have an online presence in several social networks, with 95 percent using Facebook, 87 percent using Instagram, 85 percent using Twitter and 20 percent using Snapchat. The next huge thing is how the fans are going to use these platforms to share their stories.

A lot of venues are working with influencers to assist in their online music marketing strategies. Forty-four percent of the venues surveyed like to know which fans are the top social media influencers.

In order to get the influencers involved, several music promoters highlight the fans through social media posts. Cohen mentioned that one of the successful posts are performance shots which include an audience, as this urges people to say that they were at the event.


Recommended Food While On HCG Supplement Diet

One of the keys to a successful diet plan is eating the right type of food. No matter how effective your HCG supplement is if you will not accompany it with the right diet, your weight loss endeavor will still fail. An HCG diet is comprised of low carb of 500 to 550 per day so you need to cut back on sugar, starchy and fatty food especially during high intensity intake of HCG drops or supplement.  Here are some of the recommended food and drinks for HCG dieters.

Drinks: green tea and coffee

Fruits: strawberries, apples, grapefruits, lemons, oranges

Vegetables: asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, fresh garlic, cabbage, green onions, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach

Meat: white fish, chicken breast, lean ground beef

Snacks: bread sticks and toast

Spices: sea salt, cumin, basil, rosemary, onion powder, parsley, cayenne, chili and garlic powder, coriander

Tips for an Effective Diet Plan

  • When taking HCG supplement, avoid all kinds of oils including vegetable oils. Prepare your food with other cooking methods that do not use oil in the process such as boiling or poaching. You can also go for grilled dishes as they remain to be sumptuous without the use of oil and other unhealthy spices.
  • Do not combine different vegetables and fruits in one meal. If you are going to strawberries for lunch, save the apples for dinner. You can find several HCG recipes online to provide variety on your meals.
  • Remove bones from the chicken breast before cooking them.
  • Although fish is highly nutritious, there are certain fishes that are restricted from your diet. Fatty fishes such as salmon, eel, tuna and herring should not be consumed while you are on an HCG diet.
  • The secret to an effective diet is counting calories and measuring your food intake. Make sure that your meat consumption does not exceed to 100g in every meal. Measure the meat while in raw form and not when it is already cooked.
  • Make sure that your coffee and other beverages are low in fat content to make your HCG supplement even more effective.