A New Concept From Suzuki To Be Released

During the Tokyo Motor Show of 2017, Suzuki made an announcement regarding their plan to launch the development of concept made for the SV650 Rally which was first announced at the same event back in 2016. Many of the Suzuki bike dealers are already excited about this new offering.

The new design has a model name SVG50X and it as created on a foundation of concept that was warmly accepted by the public because of its originality.

The concept motorbike features a bikini fairing that is old-fashion in style which is the main goal – to bring nostalgia through the 70s vibe. The handlebars have sporty clip-on while the set pegs are higher than usual thus the result would be a comfortable riding position that will give the rider a racy feeling.

According to Paul de Lusignan, the General Manager of Suzuki GB, the concept received a lot of positive feedbacks during its announcement in 2016. This only backed the fact that machines with retro styles are more popular motorbike riders.

He also said that the same concept was developed and the result is the SV650X. The concept will be able to show in details regarding the process required in order to make the production of the machine possible.

There is a higher chance that the bike will be in production sooner than everyone expected because Suzuki devoted time and effort in order to create a second concept for the motorbike.

In comparison to the previous concept which is SV650 Rally, the latest version does not consist of parts that are of unique varieties. The entire vibe is muted compared to the previous version. This is evident in the black frame, the casings of the engine, the wheels and suspension forks used.

One of the motorbikes from Suzuki that is expected to be released in Ireland soon is the V-Strom 250 which is a very small type. This will surely attracts novice riders and those that are young consumers. It will be available in Suzuki bike dealers and riders will be able to test out its parallel double engine with 248 cc capacity.