A1 Flue Systems Boosted By Investment

A proper investment can mean a lot for any business, like APH Heating LTD Exeter. The new resources provided by any good investment can allow a company to upgrade equipment, renovate its facilities, and expand its reach, among other things.

Which is exactly what A1 Flue Systems did with a £ 250,000 investment made recently by the company for itself.

The Nottinghamshire based manufacturer, which operates locally and globally, used the sizable investment to great effect, boosting company productivity by 30% over a 12-month time span, which lead to 8 new jobs being created at the start of this year as a result in the improvements of the companies efficiency and productivity. The jobs are in the manufacturing, sales, installation and estimating departments.

The investment was used by the company to acquire new and improved equipment, such as machinery, make important upgrades to the infrastructure of its Ollerton factory, and tweak the company manufacturing assembly line, which reconfigured the system to have more-sequential sections. These recently made changes were part of a larger, overarching company program of ongoing improvements.

A1 Flue System’s Director, TJ Duncan-Moir, stated that the changes were brought upon by a desire to improve the flow of production in the manufacturing process within the factory.  According to him, the company’s sheer volume of work, ranging from boilers in the Devon area to flue systems all over the world, and was done after a company’s analysis of its manufacturing process.

He states that the changes have paid themselves off, since they have allowed the company to produce more in less time, which Duncan-Moir points out is very important during this time, following Brexit. Since the leave, local businesses, such as APH Heating LTD Exeter and A1 Flue Systems, have been experiencing more patronage due to global competitors having to deal with an importing price hike due to Brexit.

Fellow company director, John Hamnett, has reinforced Duncan-Moir’s statement, stating that a complete rewiring of the factory’s electrical system has allowed them to create new manufacturing zones.

The family-run company remains proud that all of its investments were made with money coming from the company itself, instead of other companies that have had to ask for loans.