After market Toyota Auto Seat Covers Recalled Due To Defects

If you have a nice looking car, it makes sense to create a classy and sophisticated interior. There is a wide range of Car Sear Covers made from different materials to exactly suit the feel you desire when you sit down. Aside from improving the aesthetic appeal of your car interior, the seat cover provides extra protection against spills and stains.

However, it is important to ensure that the aftermarket auto seat covers have high quality without any defects. The State’s peak monitoring body has recently issued a warning to drivers of Toyota Hilux or Toyota Rav4 to check their vehicles after it was found out that some aftermarket seat covers were defective.

The Tradies Custom Fit front seat covers as well as the Sperling Made to Order front seat covers that were sold at Autobarn, Auto One and other specialty automotive retailers between April 2015 and April 2018 could prevent the in-seat airbag from correctly deploying.

According to Product Safety Recall, the side panel of the seat cover may not come apart when the airbag has to be deployed. Failure to deploy correctly may endanger the driver and passenger in the front seat. Furthermore, RACQ’s Principal Technical Researcher Russell Manning said that the issue with the front seat covers presents a serious threat to drivers in case of a crash.

The design of airbags is to deploy in a specific manner. If the front seat cover prevents or alters the way the bag has to be deployed, safety benefits are potentially reduced and it could result into unexpected consequences for the driver and passengers.

Identifying car accessories like seat covers could be exasperating for car owners because some products do not include readily visible branding. It also common for auto seat covers to be sold under different brands by various retailers.

Cost must not be the basis for choosing a particular front seat cover. One area that you do not want to skimp on is the quality of your Car Seat Covers that is why you should choose from the more trusted brands. When you shop around for the seat covers, make sure it is designed for the exact year, make and model of the car.