An Insight Into The Global Market Of Electrical Conduit Systems

The electrical conduit system is a piping system or raceway used to carry electrical wirings for power or communication. Electrical conduits are made from various materials like metal, plastics or fibres. The most popular electrical conduits are made from galvanized steel, electrical metallic tubing (EMT), intermediate metal, aluminium or PVC. If you are using electrical metallic tubing, there is EMT connector for sale that can be used for connectors and couplings.

The electrical conduit system forms a subset of cable management systems used for carrying wires and cables. In 2014, the global electrical conduit market was valued at US$3,954.1 million. It is estimated to expand with a CAGR of 9.2% from 2015 to 2022. The market for electrical conduits is driven by the growth of the construction industry.

There are different construction activities in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. It is forecasted that demand for electrical conduit systems will remain consistent in the coming years. Another reason for the growth of electrical conduit systems is its superiority over other wiring techniques. However, the market is also facing some serious challenges because electrical conduit systems are more expensive than traditional systems. It is also important to consider the availability of other alternatives that can be used for the protection and routing of electrical cables and wirings.

The electrical conduit system consists of the tubing or conduit and fitting components like elbows, clamps, EMT connectors and others. In areas that experience large amounts of movements and vibrations, the best option is flexible EMT connectors that will absorb movements. The flexible connectors are also waterproof meaning they can be installed for above ground applications.

Right now, the galvanized steel rigid conduits have the largest in terms of revenue in the global market. However, in terms of penetration, the PVC electrical conduit systems account for the largest share of the global market.

If you are going to install electrical conduit systems using electrical metallic tubing, there is EMT connector for sale that is available in more popular trade sizes of ½-inch and ¾-inch for both connectors and couplings. There is an insulated and non-insulated version to meet different customer requirements.