Artist Transforming Neglected Furniture On The Streets

Homeowners who no longer want their used but well-loved furniture will put them up for sale at listing sites such as free classifieds L.A. while there are those that chose to leave the furniture at the side of the street. This is a very common setup in Los Angeles. One can see neglected refrigerators, old sofa and even a mattress that is more likely to be left there than to be picked up by anyone else. In Koreatown, there is an uncommon sight that is greeting the locals. These old furniture are seen to be painted with a face, bowtie or even a hat.

The entire year, an artist who wants to remain anonymous has been painting people’s neglected trash. The artist goes by the name Lonesome Town and he loves to adorn household pieces that are already outdated and neglected. The most common thing he paints on them is a cartoon clown with a crying face.

Majority of the local adored the work done by Lonesome Town and this has been the talk of the town. People living in Koreatown as well as those in Silver Lake are looking all over the street for items that are used to be neglected in order to see if the artist has left his painting on them. It eventually turned into something similar to a treasure hunt.

According to M, the artist who wanted to remain unnamed, he found the entire setup to be tragic in a beautiful way. He started painting when he found a rejected fridge on the side of the street. He came back from travelling in Spain and there was the refrigerator. He shared that the fridge seems to be looking straight at him. The household item are used by homeowners almost every day and one day they just decided to abandon it.

This is when he felt the need to paint a face on it. When he passed by the next day, it was still there so he added buttons. This is when he started painting and the pattern continued. Locals who still find their furniture to be worth something will use free classified L.A. to find them a new home but these neglected ones have been given a new life because of the artist.