Asian Companies Focus On Keeping Customer And AI Domination

A research report was recently conducted by Innovation: All Eyes on Asia. Sales force Thailand, the leader when it comes to customer relationship management, published the findings regarding the view of Asia’s businesses when it comes to innovation. The study has various participants including businesses and IT professionals that are based on eight different countries in the continent.

According to 70 per cent of the responders, their top priority for the next one or two years is customer retention. Over half of the participants or 53 per cent said that they are planning to utilize new technology in order for their goal to achieve completion.

Around 77 per cent of them believe that global innovation in the next five years will be led by Asia while 64 per cent thinks that America will be the one to lead.

The top three countries in Asia that are influencing the trajectory of the growth in innovation are Japan, Korea and China.

Innovation is viewed in Asia as the method of developing new and unconventional solutions that will answer the needs of the customers. Seventy per cent of Asian businesses are giving more focus on innovation that will help them to attain their goal of customer retention while 53 per cent are expecting to utilize new innovation in order to achieve their goal.

There will be investments in technology in order to achieve customer retention and 93 per cent of the companies in India are planning to do so, for Singapore it is 88 per cent, 80 per cent for the Philippines while 82 per cent of the companies in Malaysia are also in line with this plan.

Technology is conserved as a very important tool in order to achieve higher production for 62 per cent of the companies while 38 per cent believes that it will be able to offer a better customer support.

Asian businesses, according to Sales force Thailand, have ranked the their priorities when it comes to innovations and the top three among the companies are enterprise apps with 83 per cent of the responder, 82 per cent for cloud computing while CRM is also included in the top three.