Smart Glass To Reduce The Need For Curtains And Blinds

The typical applications of glass in the home can be found on the windows but recently glass is being used in kitchens in the form of mirror splashbacks to reflect light around the room and create an illusion of more space. The glass used is not your ordinary glass that has a tendency to break when exposed to heat; it is toughened or tempered glass that has been treated with heat and rapidly cooled.

Aside from tempered glass, smart glass is now the trend for windows to basically reduce the need for curtains and blinds in the home. Smart glass automatically dims and brightens to ensure an environment that is suitable to existing light conditions. Aside from reducing the energy needs of a building, smart glass can control the building’s ambiance and temperature. Tint settings can be manually controlled through mobile apps, wall switches and more recently through the voice.

Smart glass is not only intended for exterior building’s façade; it can also be used in different areas inside the building so that light can travel from one room to the other rooms as required. Light can also be partially blocked depending on the situation.

For example, in order to improve the clarity of a wall-mounted LCD TV and to provide some privacy, existing glass in the central skylight at the employee lounge can be replaced with opaque smart glass partitions. The windows can be dimmed or undimmed depending on the amount of light or visibility needed.

One of the most responsible smart tinting glasses on the market is Halio electrochromic smart tinting glass by San Francisco-based Kinestral Technologies. The company claims that their smart glass can be switched from clear to dark within seconds or deliver the darkest tint in less than 3 seconds to suit the outdoor light conditions.

Innovative techniques are also undertaken to create optical effects in homes through mirrors. One of the popular applications is splashback mirror to create an entirely new look for the kitchen. Aside from aesthetics, the splashback mirror can also provide protection against splashes while cooking. Because of the exceptional techniques used in the manufacture of mirrors, any safety concerns are eliminated.

A Place To Dispose Your Vintage Furniture Online

It is very common to see office furniture online for sale but there is not marketplace yet for vintage furniture online. In today’s era wherein everything can be bought online, from groceries to clothes, home décor is one area that cannot keep up with the rest of the industry.

This is the reason why Gregg Brockway along with his wife, Anna, decided to launch Chairish. This is an online marketplace wherein everyone is welcome to put their vintage but high quality home décor and furniture and this is also where users can buy them.

According to Brockway, it is not difficult to visit a catalogue and purchase an entire room of décor and furniture but this could have a very generic effect. For those who are looking to find unique and special pieces, they have to explore in order to enjoy the experience and the whole process at the same time. Brockway has an office in the 12th floor of a building located in the Financial District of San Francisco.

They recognize that there are other marketplaces online where people can list their unwanted stuff and decide their own price such as Craigslist but the difference that Chairish offers is that they are the ones in charge of the delivery process for both the buyers and the sellers.

The process is also selective which means that there are employees in charge of evaluating the items before they are put on listing on the site. According to Brockway, it is estimated that about one-third of those putting items for sale are being rejected.

He added that they hope to make Chairish a place where everyone will be able to appreciate the uniqueness of the products listed on the site and not just attracts those who are lovers of vintage and contemporary designed furniture.

If the price of the item is $2,500 or less, Chairish gets a 20 per cent commission. If the price of the items ranges from $2,500 to $25,000, the company takes 12 per cent commission while 2 per cent is subtracted from the sales of furniture that costs over $25,000. While the marketplace for vintage furniture is not as popular yet as office furniture online, they hope that it will follow the trend of the online travel industry where it started slowly but not considered a major channel for travellers all over the globe.

How To Place Your Order For Wall Art Online

If you want to keep special memories for the longest time, you have the option to print the images on canvas and frame then have it packaged by a reliable digital printing company that specialize in wall art online. One of the good things about photos that are digitally processed is that they can be easily shared and uploaded at your most convenient time as long as you have the internet and an internet-ready electronic device. You don’t have to personally go to the printing shop to have the image processed when you can do the uploading and enhancement and design application at home. Another special feature of digital canvas photo printing is it can be done within a few minutes. After you have customized the image and placed your secure payment, the printing shop will frame the image and deliver it to your preferred address.

Having your order online is straightforward and convenient. The only thing you need to do is go to the service provider’s website where you can upload the photo, apply the necessary enhancements, review it and finally place your payment for the image to be framed and delivered to your address. The process may differ from one digital printer to another. If you do not have an image in mind, you can check from the stock photos available at the digital printer’s website. Choose awall art online that will look perfect to where you intend to hang it.

When you have already applied the design of your choice including the framing and other important aspects, review the image to ensure that all your ideas were applied on the image. When you are already done with the necessary changes, you can then go aheadto the secure payment process. Check thoroughly to ensure that you have the design, style, size, layout including the framing design.

After paying for the project, give the printing shop forwall art online a few days to package and deliver the framed images to your address. You can also have it delivered to a loved one’s address.

Where To Find Power Tools In Australia

Buying power tools in Australia is not a difficult thing to do. As a matter of fact, you can find numerous suppliers and sellers both from online and offline sources. The only thing you need to do is be more prudent in order to get your required pistol drillers and grinders, rivets, air compressors and other tools at a reasonable price and also at a better quality. Here are some ideas on where you can buy a power tool around Australia.

Offline sources:

  • Hardware stores. Even with the advent of technology and the proliferation of online shops, traditional stores such as hardware remain to be a viable source of various commodities such as hand tools, power and industrial equipment and many others.
  • Second hand or thrift shops. You can visit stores that sell second hand items for a chance to get good finds for high quality tools and equipment for your project.
  • Local trade shops. Another excellent source of power tools in Australia are local shops such as furniture shops, automotive shops, repair centres, handicraft stores and similar local trade establishments. Find out if these shops have spare tools that they want to dispose of so long as they are still in excellent condition. Test the tool to ensure that it is still working properly before buying it from the shop.

Online sources

  • E-commerce sites. Online sources are highly popular especially those e-commerce sites were sellers and buyers converge to buy or sell items. While transactions can be faster in these sites, you can never be sure on the reliability of the seller. To be sure, read customer feedback on the seller before proceeding with your transactions.
  • Official supplier’s websites. One of the best sources of power tools in Australia are official sites of suppliers. Buying from a reputable supplier gives you the guarantee that you will get authentic products at a much reasonable price. Choose a supplier with a physical address so you would know where to go if ever you have complaints about the products. Read reviews to get better idea about the supplier.

Issues In File Sharing And Security In Cloud Computing

In the latest newsletter published by the OCR cyber security, there is a great importance given to the security of cloud computing healthcare as well as file sharing. These risks should be given attention in both business and entities use.

Organizations are able to take advantage of the collaboration tools but there is a chance that security and privacy can be put at risk and this is something that should not be taken for granted. Policies for risk management along with BAAs or business associate agreements, should take time to review options with regards to cloud computing and file sharing to make sure that the security of the PHI and the OCR is retained.

According to the newsletter, if the collaboration tools and the file sharing process is not configured properly along with cloud computing services then there is a big chance that common problems will arise such as disclosure of private data. It is often seen that default settings are left untouched when it comes to various security controls, access, encryption and authentication and this is one of the reasons why there are unauthorized access happening which discloses data as a result.

During the risk analysis management approach, the errors or any configurations not done properly should be taken into consideration and it should become a part of the evaluation process of the entity and should reflect in the changes in operation of a certain organization.

It is also best to conduct a vulnerability scan in order to point out any issues in the technical side including outdated software or missing patches.

These should all be considered before an organization decides to use software for file sharing or before implementing technology of cloud computing in healthcare because these will e responsible for transmitting, receiving, creating and maintaining the ePHI.

According to the agency, they have released a guide for 2016 that has been recently updated and is best suited for cloud computing healthcare to make sure that their technology is properly utilized. The major focus of the guide are the providers of the cloud computing services and they are currently being considered to be a business associate as per the regulations set by HIPAA.

Swedish Restaurant: Now Among The Restaurants In Sukhumvit

In any given country whether it’s a country in the Asia Pacific Region or one of those countries located in Europe, you can a bunch of restaurants that offer a wide variety of meals for their respective hungry customers who are looking forward a fancy dining experience whether it’s grilled steak or some Japanese curries and sushi. You see, every restaurant has its own theme or its way of doing business which includes their unique ways of preparing dishes to keep customers coming back for more. In addition to this, some of the well-recognized restaurants around the world are now experimenting new things to keep their clients interested. This is owing to the surge in the number of restaurants that are competition against each other. In fact, in the Kingdom of Thailand alone, specifically in its capital city of Bangkok, there are many restaurants in Sukhumvit district which can give tourists, both local and foreign, the luxury of having multiple choices.  Thai cuisine is in fact, is among the most beloved cuisines in the world right now owing to the fact that the Thai chefs are among the creative chefs there are in this world.

Last September of 2016, a Swedish restaurant officially joined the ranks of the restaurants in Sukhumvit, consequently joining the competition that has been making it more difficult for eaters to choose. The said restaurant is located near Sol 18 in the busy shopping Sukhumvit district. The restaurant is called Restaurant Cajutan which is mainly run by its welcoming staff and has a very warm atmosphere inside out. The grand opening of Cajutan was marked by offering welcoming drinks to first comers and a buffet which was filled with a wide variety of traditional Swedish dishes which you can now indulge when you are in Bangkok. According to the owners of the restaurant, they decided that since they had purchased the building where the restaurant stands, they opted to open the said restaurant because they needed a bigger space for the kitchen where the in-house production of Swedish food. So now you can eat Swedish meals and buy food from Sweden at one place.