Swimwear Industry Changed By Swimsuits For All

You may have a chance to buy a bikini online but never heard of the world fatkini until recently. The fact is that it was May 2012 when Gabi Gregg, a blogger, urged women to post their plus-size bodies while wearing a two piece swimwear. The term is quite common to bloggers advocate of the body positive campaign. The word, up to this day, is considered a taboo. During that time, it is not common to see size 12 women wearing two-piece swimwear while swimming in public because it is considered invasive.

According to statistics, around 67 per cent of women are considered to be plus size. Why is it then surprising that there are women who wears two-piece looking at the numbers. Gregg made a slideshow out of the submissions of women wearing their plus sized swimsuits.

It was then that Gregg received an offer from Swimsuits For All, a swimwear company dedicated in making plus-sized swimwear. They asked Gregg if she is willing to design and release her own collection. During the time of the offer, they were only a startup company that creates conservative suits similar to Lane Bryant.  They onlyhave black one-piece on their products along with swim skirts offered at affordable price range. There are plus-sized brands in boutiques but they are quite pricey selling at a minimum $100.

Talks of the design started and Gregg’s first collaboration with the company resulted into a vibrant collection including bikinis covered in galaxy prints, one-pieces with lips on the print and designs that comes with zippers as well as cutouts. Plus-size women who wore the collection are not only covering up but they are showing off at the same time.

As expected, the collection took flight and in just two days after the release, they were already sold out. The website of Swimsuits For All could not handle the traffic and crashed. The website received 74 per cent more visitors wanting to buy a bikini online and it was more than the expected website traffic. The collection was also featured in huge media publishing including the Huffington Post and New York Post.


Sailing World Anticipating The 2017 Euromed Regatta

One of the most recently concluded event in the world of racing is hosted by Royal Malta Yacht Club. They sponsored the Rolex Middle Sea Race which is on its 38th year. A total of 102 yachts coming from 30 different countries came and Malta was given the prestigious attention it wanted to gather from the international yachting network. The event was as enjoyable as sailing holidays from La Gomera where sailors enjoy their time in the sea.

For this month, all eyes from the sailing world will once again be focused on Malta as the Malta Young Sailors Club will be the official organizer of the MapfreMiddleseaEuromed Regatta on its 18th year. This is an annual event that is looked forward to in the international sailing scene because it features dinghies from Optimist and Laser category.

One of the most well-knowndinghies is the Optimist. It is small and intended for single handed sailing. It was designed for young sailors 15 years and younger. According to the International Sailing Federation, the Optimist is already considered as an international Class. Its classification falls under pram because the bottom is flat and it has shallow draught.

During the event there will be three Classes for Optimist event – Senior Division, Cadet Division and Beginners’ Division.

Fleets under Radial and Laser 4.7 will also be present at the event. They will participate in a single series but the course will be different from that of the Optimists.

For the 18th edition of the event, a total of 142 sailors have already registered from 20 nations – Australia, Greece, United Kingdom, Croatia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Turkey, Estonia, Switzerland, Malta, France, Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Ireland, Italy, Russia and Latvia.

The racing arena will be at the Mellieha bay while the official hotel for the regatta is Seabank Resort and Spa. Euromedis timed with the Christmas holidays to make sure that young sailors are free from school obligations and will be able to travel to Malta for the competition. The families of the sailors will be able to enjoy much like the sailing holidays from La Gomera which is a well deserved treat after the competition.

How To Enhance The Appearance Of Your Custom Canvas Prints?

A person who follows poster art and admires larger displays of pictures anticipates working with custom canvas prints too. A great number of artists aren’t happy with canvas prints, as they provide fine-looking artistic work which may add savings rather than paintings. Nowadays, canvas printing is preferred by many. People who used to be poster lovers are now preferring canvas prints.

Do you have an idea how people have turned to canvas prints? Posters may cost less as compared to canvas prints; however, they provide exceptional quality product where the materials used is somewhat expensive.

The best and most attractive way to create a digital image is through canvas print. It’s actually a simple process where you just choose the most loved picture, use printing services to get it printed on an exceptional canvas. For many centuries, artists have used canvas due to its persistence on their occupation and set out benefits.

Frames and Materials Used

There is a big difference of a variety of materials applied to custom canvas prints and craft posters. Posters are usually framed to last a few years only. Canvas prints are enhanced around a hard frame to ensure longer life. The frame is actually placed to protect the canvas print.

What Inks Are Used

There is a huge difference comparing inks used in canvas prints and posters. Posters actually don’t last very long, and the printers use cheaper inks making the lines and colors. Canvas prints are made to last for several years; hence long-lasting inks are used to remain noticeable.

Custom Canvas Prints

These are reproduced from a beautiful image and later printed on one part of a canvas. The prints are limitless so you can put various concepts into the canvas. Things are easily achievable like editing pictures, writing poems, stories, and songs. A custom canvas prints provide you freedom to make a first-class piece of work. It can magnify your home and make great gifts to give on birthdays, anniversaries and ceremonies.

Canvas prints are used to embellish and decorate. Just like some photography in some prints, artists add some texts too. It unleashes your artistic personality and make a grand painting for inspiration and desire.

3 Reasons To Choose Hotels In Yangon Myanmar

Myanmar was formerly known as Burma. It is a country in Southeast Asia with Yangon as its biggest city. Yangon was formerly known as Rangoon. Apart from Yangon, there are other interesting areas in Myanmar such as its capital, Naypyidaw and Mandalay. They are some of the most popular cities in Myanmar with more tourists and tourist destinations. If you want to visit the country, you can find a lot of hotels in Yangon Myanmar where you can enjoy and be comfortable. Although you can stay in a friend’s house, here are some of reasons why you should book in a hotel.

Great location

Myanmar’s biggest city, Yangon is where major commercial centres and business establishments can be found. It used to be the former capital of the country right before Naypyidaw was declared to be the country’s capital. Even if Yangon is no longer the country’s capital, it remains more progressive compared to other areas in the country. Booking your reservations in one of the hotels in Yangon Myanmar can be advantageous because the area has all the utilities that you would need such as major transportation systems and tourist spots. Aside from that, you can easily get to vibrant markets and shopping malls in the city.

Fascinating buildings and historical sites

Myanmar was colonized by the British Empire in the 18th century. The country gained independence only in 1948. With the long British occupancy in Burma, Britain has made a great impression and influence in Burma’s structures. In fact, a stroll along the streets of Myanmar would let you see a lot ofcolonial buildings which stands to this day. Aside from that, there are alsoa lot of ancient temples from old dynasties that you can find in Yangon.

Luxurious and exclusive hotels

Since Yangon is a busy district, you will never run out of hotels in Yangon Myanmar for you to choose from. You can find budget hotels to standard ones up to luxurious accommodation. Find out which of these hotels offer the services and amenities that you need. Search online to find the best deals in hotels along the area.

Check That Fresh Christmas Tree Before You Bring It Home

The most efficient way to undertake effective pest control is to prevent the pests from invading and breeding on your property. Complete pest inspections are offered by pest control in Newcastle to ensure that all risks and trouble spots are eliminated. If left unchecked, the home or office can be the perfect breeding ground for pests and tiny invaders that find their way indoors during the cold season.

Yes, indeed, it is the holiday season and people are starting to pick out the best tree that they can use for Christmas décor. Late November and early December is busy time for stores that offer a wide range of Christmas trees and other décor. However, the recently cut tree that you brought home come with more than just needles and flocking. It is very likely that the tree comes with giant conifer aphids from the genus Cinara.

Conifer aphids are the most common insects that you will encounter on the fresh Christmas trees. While outdoors, the aphids have already formed small colonies and light infestations which was not noticed in the tree farm. It is common for tree buyers to mistakenly identify the conifer aphids as 8-legged ticks. Aphids are not harmful to humans because they feed on plants. They do not live long once the tree has been cut which means that they will not be laying eggs or infesting the multicoloured décor.

However, a warm weather can encourage a higher population of conifer aphids. When you bring the newly cut tree home after it has been sitting in the cold farm, there is the possibility for the aphids to become active and invade the home. They can crawl over the fireplace, kitchen and bathroom counters. Insecticides are not necessary. Instead, make sure to shake the tree well and vacuum off the offending aphids before you start hanging the Christmas lights, garlands and coloured balls.

The most practical and effective solution when you notice pests in the home is to call pest control in Newcastle for inspection and eradication. Safe and eco-friendly treatments will be provided for the most reasonable prices. You will sleep better knowing that the home is free from disease-carrying insects and rodents.

3 Reasons To Read Baby Product Review Before Buying

Having a baby can be exciting for parents. Some would-be parents are so excited they even purchase supplies even if they are not sure yet if the baby would be a boy or a girl. The excitement is understandable because, who wouldn’t want a cute little bundle of joy? However, in your excitement, you might buy haphazardly and end up with expensive but low quality products. To avoid that, read    baby product review before making a purchase. If you are wondering what you can get by reading reviews, here are some of the benefits.

Ideas on buyer’s experience

By reading reviews, you will know what other buyer’s experiences were with the products. You will know if the mothers were satisfied with the baby products or you should look for another product instead. You will also know if the transaction was easy, if the items arrived on time as guaranteed and other aspects that contributed to the overall experience of the buyer. By reading reviews, you will also know the best features of the product and other details that buyers like you should know.

Saves you from potential trouble

The good thing about reading baby product review is you get to be warned against a particular product especially if the buyer had a negative experience with it. This way, you spare yourself from spending on an item which may not be good for your baby or something that has poor quality. If there are several people who are writing negative feedback on the product, you know that it is defective so you will not continue buying it.

Ideas from actual users

When you read reviews before buying a baby product, not only will you know more about the quality of the product, you will also know which suppliers are credible and which should be avoided. In addition to readingbaby product review, check on forums and discussion boards for more ideas and tips from other buyers. Find out where you can buy high quality baby products on discount. To lower your expenses, buy more items and save on shipping or delivery fees.