Solar Roof Tiles Introduced By Tesla

If you are living in Australia, you may want to contact roof tilers in Sydney because Tesla has just released their solar roof tiles. There are currently two firms planning to bring this new innovation to the country while they also plan to bring along the newest version of the home battery solution known as Power wall.

CSR Bradford also made an announcement wherein their housing program in Australia will be expanded in order to build properties that are equipped with Tesla Power wall batteries. This will serve as a standard house feature.

Tesla has already introduced to the public their latest roofing tiles that are equipped with solar panels. According to Elon Musk, the chairman of Tesla, they have four various kinds of Tesla roof tiles and all of them looked like they are traditional materials used in roofing. There is the modern style made of a smooth glass tile, a slate-looking tile with Tuscan style, a glass tile with texture and a glass tile with slate style.

Passersby on the street will look at the roof and think of them as traditional roofing materials but during the launching, Mr. Mush demonstrated that if you look closely you will be able to see the solar panels built-in inside. Aside from showing the tiles, Tesla also featured houses that have already been installed with the new solar tiles during their news conference held in California.

Journalists have no idea that the very property where the press conference was held was already equipped with the solar tiles along with the surrounding properties. The roof all looked beautiful and there is no sign that tells that a house is powered by solar panels from the roof.

The big question now remains, how much will these solar tiles cost? Soon we may be able to see roof tilers in Sydney installing this new innovation in people’s roof. The manufacturer is also unknown and there is no assurance that the venture will be profitable in the long run. There are talks that Solar City, where Mr. Musk is the chairman, will be manufacturing the panels starting this year at their plant located in Buffalo, New York.

HEBS Digital Wins Awards For Web Marketing

HEBS Digital, a subsidiary of Hotel 360, has recently just left the Web Awards with numerous accolades, having won five awards in the Hotel and  Lodging category as decided by the Web Marketing Association.

The Web Marketing Association sifted through entries in 96 industry categories selected from over 40 countries, with the entries being judged on design, proper copy writing, innovation, content, website interactivity, ease of navigation, as well as novel uses of technology.

The HEBS Digitalwas founded in New York back in 2001, and has since grown into a global brand with offices in London, Singapore and Auckland. During that time, the company has been receiving multiple awards for its exemplary performance in the industry. This recent set of accolades; WebAwards received from the Web Marketing Association through the numerous hotels that they handle.

HEBS Digital is contracted by the hotels, much like a firm such as Studio BKK, and then signed on based on the agreed-upon terms. HEBS Digital handles the websites in order to ensure that they meet the hotel’s goals for website and digital marketing.

The company’s many sites are built on the smartCMS website technology platform, designed to provide the firm’s subsidiary hoteliers with merchandising capabilities, and customization, among other features aimed at allowing them to provide the best online user experience possible.

The awards and their recipient HEBS Digital hotels are as follows:

  • Outstanding Website – Hotel and Lodging Award for:
    • Atton Hotels
    • Pure Salt Luxury Hotel
    • Hotel ZaZa
  • Standard of Excellence – Hotel and Lodging
    • The Maven
    • LUMA Hotel Times Square

The company released a statement regarding the awards, with Max Starkov, HEBS Digital’s President and CEO, saying that the company considers receiving such awards on behalf of their clientele as an honor. He says that the company is aimed at proving their clientele the best service they can, like any other web design firm such as Studio BKK, which, to them, translates to ensuring hoteliers reach as many customers as possible. He adds that the hotel’s website plays a key role in attracting guests, as it is the first view of the hotel experience they come into contact with.

Excellent Word Art Gift Giving Ideas

There are several ways to put a smile on your loved one’s face especially during special occasions and even on ordinary day. You can buy an expensive gift or you can make it simple yet meaningful such as giving a personalised Word Art that you personally designed and styled. If you think giving away a personalised gift is a perfect idea, here are some tips to make the project a successful one.

Consider the recipient’s personality

The good thing about personalised gift items is that you can apply details that will be appreciated by your recipient. For instance, if your target recipient is into poetry, you can lift a beautiful verse from one of his/her favourite poems and have it printed in canvas. You might also want to consider the person’s favourite colour and use it as a background. If the person is into movies or maps, you can personalise these items to create an impressive Word Art that will surely make your recipient smile.

Order ahead

The entire project process from ordering to proofing up to actual delivery can go for about two weeks although this can be shortened or lengthened depending on the number of revisions that you will apply on the emailed proof. To ensure that your target recipient will get the personalised gift in time for the occasion, place your order in advance.

Give a gift voucher

If you are not sure what word art to choose, you can instead order a gift voucher for your friend or loved one so for him/her to personally choose the design and order the type that perfectly fits his/her wishes.

Order from the right company

To ensure that your target recipient of personalised Word Art will love the gift, order the project from a reputable service provider or one with a long list of satisfied and happy customers. Choose a company that uses high quality materials such as 100% cotton canvas and UV resistant inks for a long lasting project result. To find out what customers have to say about the quality of the company’s craftsmanship, read customer reviews and testimonials on the provider’s website.

Hitachi Looking For Consulting Assets, Looking To Add At Least 6,000 Jobs

The Japanese electric company, Hitachi Ltd., responsible for a number of famous products such as the Hitachi body wand, is looking for companies and employees overseas. Particularly, the company is looking for consulting and system engineering related workers and companies to add at least 6,000 workers to boost product sales.

The Tokyo-based company has recently set aside approximately ¥800B/$7B for acquisitions to be made over the next two years, according to a statement made by MitsuakiNishiyama, the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

He says that overseas is where Hitachi is lacking in manpower, and that the company needs to add people to solve problems, introduce products or new iterations of old products such as the Hitachi body wand, as well as handle repair and maintenance work.

The company has been seeking out potential purchases abroad, putting units for sale and pared costs, all to improve the company’s competitiveness against their rivals such as Siemens AG. Part of its budgeted plan includes investing 1 trillion yet throughout a 3 year time span, up until March of 2019. Hitachi, however, hasn’t made much headway, but did manage to purchase several companies this year, including Accudyne Industries earlier in 2017. By the end of March, the company had ¥765B in cash and equivalents.

Hitachi’s shares fell to ¥683.9 as of 11:04 AM JST, Friday, a marked 0.9% decrease. However, the company’s stock has advanced by 8.2% this year, with a 4.7% gain in the Nikkei 225 Stock Average.

According to Nishiyama, the company wants to use its money to take advantage of good investment opportunities; focusing on growth. He says that Hitachi is not considering share buybacks.

He adds that the company is mostly finished in selling stakes in the firms that it owned. Hitachi has sold stakes in its distribution and finance subsidiaries, as well as merging its air-conditioning business. In the month of April, KKR & Co. offered to buy a controlling stake in Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc., which required the acquisition of the company’s majority shares.

During April, as well, Hitachi acquired the Sullair brand from Accudyne for access to a global sales networked primarily aimed at North America. The company and CVC Capital Partners has also set a joint offer for the purchase of Landis+Gyr from Toshiba Corp. and Innovation Network Corp., according to a confidential source privy to the interaction.

Hitachi is currently increasing its use of digital technology to help boost its product sales, and is looking to the consultancy field to think up new solutions for clients regarding repair and maintenance.

Coles And Deliveroo Partners For Home Delivery

This is not the first time that Coles decided to experiment with their services and the latest is online delivery service through their partnership with Deliveroo, a service that utilizes bicycle. The team up between the two companies provides consumers with an option to have their groceries delivered at home within 30 minutes. This is another example that the online services is expanding as evidence by the number of Melbourne courier companies that are venturing into the industry.

Deliveroois known to mainly deliver food orders from restaurants to their customers. At the beginning of this year, the company started to offer a delivery service of food packs that contain a variety of option for entertainment snacks or barbecue items. They are delivering the food packs to the customers locate in the inner eastern part of Melbourne.

The partnership decided to add another offering to their service last month. Now, customers can purchase basic groceries they need at home such as vegetables, milk, cheese, breads, spread, fruits and meal packs which will be delivered directly to their homes. The meal packs option may include risotto or a pork noodle soup.

Coles decided to use the existing network of Deliveroo in marketing their latest service to the customers. They advertise their new service of home delivery within 30 minutes on the listed products. The network by Deliveroo is composed mostly of contractors that employ scooters or bicycle for their delivery.

This is not the first time that Coles decided to partner with a share economy service. The company is trying to offer a wide variety of their online service as well as home delivery. This is to rival their retail giant competitor, Amazon, which is planning to launch in Australia in the following year.

In the previous month, the supermarket decided to test the service provided by Uber, a company from Silicon Valley, by providing the same day delivery but it was only available at the store in Richmond South. As the online industry continues to flourish, it is expected that more and more Melbourne courier companies will be vying to be the lead in the industry.

How To Set Your Home For Carpet Cleaning In Perth

To allow professional carpet cleaning in Perth to be effectively conducted at your home, it would be best to do the right preparations. Here are some tips.

  • Provide an easy access for the professional carpet cleaners into your house. You can use your garage as an entry way so make it a point to free the area or the driveway. Carpet cleaners come with tools, solutions and cleaning equipment and you might want to receive them through the garage instead of the main entrance to your house.
  • Remove the items that could obstruct the professional cleaners from doing their job faster and efficiently. Consider taking obstructive items when doing carpet cleaning in Perth such as toys, magazine racks, small tables, indoor plants and similar items to another room so for the cleaners to vacuum the area thoroughly. This will also allow them to work right away thereby saving time and money especially if they are paid on an hourly basis.
  • Find out if moving furniture and appliances are already included in the carpet cleaning rate or if there is an additional charge for moving or lifting heavy items. Clarify this with the service provider to avoid confusion. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the carpet cleaning company before you sign up for the service. There are carpet cleaners who refuse to perform tasks no matter how related they are to carpet cleaning when they are not indicated in the contact.
  • Move valuable and breakable items to another room such as large vases, frames, chinaware or collectible items. Carpet cleaners would not be liable for the items if you fail to remove them and if moving items is not included in the service contract.
  • When you have a scheduled carpet cleaning in Perth and you have pets around the house, make sure to keep them in a cage or move them to a different area. This will prevent them from getting stressed and also from disturbing the carpet cleaners in your house. Inform the cleaners for areas that require more attention.