Ban On Sun Loungers Relaxed At Thailand Beach Villas

Due to the fact that almost 80% of the Planet Earth is made up vast and deep bodies of waters like the oceans and the rivers, there should be no surprise if you are able to spot a beautiful beach in every tourist destination that you know. In fact, according to verified statistics, there are 682 known beaches with majority of those beaches are located in tropical countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia in the South East Asia and, some states in the United States and countries in the South America. Now, when you are in one of those beaches for your well-deserved vacation, there are other fun activities which you can enjoy aside from taking a dip in the ocean, lay down on the soft sand while bathing yourself under the sun or, party like you’re back in the 90’s. Now, among the countries which you can visit because of their awesome line-up of beaches is the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. In fact, the Royal Family has its share in terms of owning one of the Thailand beach villas which are famous even among local tourists.


There is a good news for beach lovers especially those who are frequently staying at any of the Thailand beach villas that are scattered all around the kingdom. Just last February of this year, tourism officials and authorities especially in Phuket have announced that sun bathers are now allowed in some of the beaches in the province after the 3-year ban on sun bathers, which was imposed the Thai army back in 2014, has been relaxed. During the peak of the implementation of the said ban, local authorities had raided several beach resortsto confiscate chairs that were found in the beachfront areas. According to the military, the ban’s objective was to better regulate the vendors renting such loungers and chairs and, to consequently reduce the amount of clutter that had been happened on the beachfront especially during night-time. Now, more and more vendors have been able to rent out beach products such as loungers, chairs, mats and even beach umbrellas in all sizes that paying customers that can use while enjoying the beach.