Bangkok Guide To Be Published By Michelin

It is no secret that many tourists come to Thailand because of the cuisine and its world famous street foods. Visiting Thailand will never be complete without having to experience dining in Bangkok especially high rated places known to locals and tourists alike. With the recent announcement of Michelin that they are publishing a guide for the country, many are curious with how it will turn out to be considering the subtle difference of Thai cuisine which is unlike any other in the world.

The Michelin Guide is said to be published before 2017 and the plan by the company is supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT. The agency promised financial support for a period of five years with the promise that the Michelin will further grow the tourism in the country as well as legitimize the culinary industry of the nation.

For first time visitors in Thailand, one may be overwhelmed with the idea of dining in Bangkok because there are street foods everywhere and shop houses installed in almost every corner. One will be able to judge the most popular ones by the number of seats sprawled out reaching even the pavements. Not to mention that there cheap snacks available wherever you may be roaming around.

The dining scene in the metropolitan city also includes chefs that have been employed by restaurants that were awarded stars by Michelin. The spice levels of the Thai cuisine is different from European ones and the service is different in many ways that it is a question to the public as to how the critics, who are currently eating in places in Bangkok anonymously, will judge the establishment that deserves the stars.

It is a challenge for Michelin to represent accurately the experience of dining in Bangkok because failure to understand the cuisine and their culture might end up to disappointments for both the company and the readers who are banking on their credibility. Aside from the local street shops and food stalls, there are also notable dining spots located inside hotels in Bangkok which is one of the reasons why tourists chose to stay in those places. We will have to see the guide as it is released at the end of this year and judge if it is a valuable resource or not.