Bangkok To Welcome Eco-Hotel

The hospitality industry is currently plagued with issues of sustainability and it has become the focus of many. This is the reason why many hotels are trying to change their policies to meet the changing expectations of the customers as well as delegates. Many travellers consider the best hotel in Sukhumvit by their conscious efforts in caring for the environment.

Akaryn Hotel Group in Thailand is trying to lead the way by employing eco-friendly measures in their daily management and operation. Now the brand is aiming to reach a higher standard by being the first hotel in Asia to stop buying plastic materials that will only be used once. The company aims to employ this practice to all their hotels by 2020 but for this year they are starting with the aykra TAS Sukhumvit Bangkok which will open its doors to guests starting next month.

When the hotel opens, this will be the first hotel in Asia to practice not using disposable plastic. Instead guests will be offered water bottles made of stainless steel material so they can refill them during their entire stay inside the hotel. Every floor of the hotel will have a water dispensing machine for self-service use.

For the bathroom amenities, pottery containers made of celadon will be used. These containers will have products that are essential oil-based. Bin bags, on the other hand, will be made from biodegradable material and will be strictly implemented in every room. Al the dry amenities of the hotel such as shower caps, combs and toothbrushes are produced using corn starch and then paper packaging is used rather than the usual plastic.

Thomas Singenberger, the manager of the hotel, said that the biggest challenge for the entire industry is to get rid of disposable plastic as it is still commonly used. They also had to think about alternatives for straws as well as take-away boxes since plastic production in China and Thailand is very cheap therefore quite hard to find a suitable option.

Problems regarding the environment are surrounding today’s issues therefore the best hotel in Sukhumvit that will encourage guests to stay in is one that is sustainable.