Bathrooms As The Barometer Of A Nations’ Economy

Bathrooms are the basis of measurement of a nation’s economy, fashion, taste and mood. Today’s bathrooms are all about elegance and style with good design and quality materials. Bathroom décor is diverse with frameless shower enclosures to create that spa-like effect.

In the 1950’s which was characterized by post-war austerity, bathrooms have cold linoleum floors, threadbare towels and wall-mounted electric heaters. In the 60’s bathrooms were painted with flashy power colors with some using psychedelic vinyl. In the 70’s bathrooms became sophisticated and started to be painted with avocado and burgundy shades. Bathrooms were fitted with carpets and accessorized with gold swan neck taps, toilet seat covers and outrageous toilet dispensers.

In the 80’s bathrooms became glamorous and designs of vanity unit mirrors, corner baths and dramatic sunken baths were Hollywood-inspired. In the 1990’s people could no longer luxuriate for hours in baths and showers were suggested. Separate shower enclosures became must-haves along with European-inspired bidets and decorative wall tiles with beautiful borders.

When the millennium age was reached, bathroom sizes doubled and became personal sanctuaries. The trend turned to calming tones of beige, cream and taupe and homeowners spent fortunes on Jacuzzis, whirlpool baths, luxurious bath towels and designer toilets.

Today, bathroom barometer indicates that good design and quality materials are very important. In the average newly built 4-bedroom homes, there are two en-suite bathrooms or shower rooms. However, main bathrooms will be replaced with en-suite bathroom facilities for all the bedrooms.

When this generation has to downsize, the spacious master suites will become bedrooms; otherwise the property will not appear when home buyers search for 4-bedroom homes. Baths will still be in vogue as a place for relaxation after a stressing day. To allow comfort even for those who are physically restricted, barrier-free bathroom designs will be the trend.

When frameless glass shower screens are used, it creates an illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it really is. Through the use of glass, the barrier between the shower room and the rest of the bathroom is virtually non-existent to the human eye. An ambiance of luxury and class is also created.