Hitachi Looking For Consulting Assets, Looking To Add At Least 6,000 Jobs

The Japanese electric company, Hitachi Ltd., responsible for a number of famous products such as the Hitachi body wand, is looking for companies and employees overseas. Particularly, the company is looking for consulting and system engineering related workers and companies to add at least 6,000 workers to boost product sales.

The Tokyo-based company has recently set aside approximately ¥800B/$7B for acquisitions to be made over the next two years, according to a statement made by MitsuakiNishiyama, the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

He says that overseas is where Hitachi is lacking in manpower, and that the company needs to add people to solve problems, introduce products or new iterations of old products such as the Hitachi body wand, as well as handle repair and maintenance work.

The company has been seeking out potential purchases abroad, putting units for sale and pared costs, all to improve the company’s competitiveness against their rivals such as Siemens AG. Part of its budgeted plan includes investing 1 trillion yet throughout a 3 year time span, up until March of 2019. Hitachi, however, hasn’t made much headway, but did manage to purchase several companies this year, including Accudyne Industries earlier in 2017. By the end of March, the company had ¥765B in cash and equivalents.

Hitachi’s shares fell to ¥683.9 as of 11:04 AM JST, Friday, a marked 0.9% decrease. However, the company’s stock has advanced by 8.2% this year, with a 4.7% gain in the Nikkei 225 Stock Average.

According to Nishiyama, the company wants to use its money to take advantage of good investment opportunities; focusing on growth. He says that Hitachi is not considering share buybacks.

He adds that the company is mostly finished in selling stakes in the firms that it owned. Hitachi has sold stakes in its distribution and finance subsidiaries, as well as merging its air-conditioning business. In the month of April, KKR & Co. offered to buy a controlling stake in Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc., which required the acquisition of the company’s majority shares.

During April, as well, Hitachi acquired the Sullair brand from Accudyne for access to a global sales networked primarily aimed at North America. The company and CVC Capital Partners has also set a joint offer for the purchase of Landis+Gyr from Toshiba Corp. and Innovation Network Corp., according to a confidential source privy to the interaction.

Hitachi is currently increasing its use of digital technology to help boost its product sales, and is looking to the consultancy field to think up new solutions for clients regarding repair and maintenance.

3 Top Considerations When Buying Honda In UK Motorcycles

Honda is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. This company was established in Japan and they started creating motorbikes in 1959.  Until now, Honda is still a leader in bike innovation and remains to be a popular choice among bike lovers all over the world. Honda motorcycles are on the top when it comes to reliability. Its designs are versatile, timeless and elegant. The units are also suitable for both men and women. There are a lot of models of Honda in UK motorcycles, both from online and offline sources. If you are wondering which model you are going to purchase, take a look at these ideas.


Before anything else, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend for your dream Honda motorbike. If you have a model in mind, search for it and determine its average selling price. If you have the money, buy the bike in cash so you won’t have to worry about monthly payments. However, if you are on a budget, ask the dealer for their available payment options. Aside from the unit, you also have to set aside budget for tax, insurances, motorcycle gears and optional accessories.


Conduct a research on the Honda model that you have in mind. Get important information such as its fuel consumption and built-in electronics. It would also be better if you would read Honda in UK motorcycles reviews to have an idea about the product. Aside from your preferred model, look for other units from Honda or even by other brands in order for you to have better and varied options. Pick a unit type that fits your lifestyle and your transportation needs.

Brand new vs. second hand

Another point of consideration when buying Honda in UK motorcycles is whether you are going to buy a brand new unit or a used one. You can rely on the quality of the brand new unit but it can be costly. If you would rather buy a used motorcycle, ask for money back guarantee and check the unit thoroughly before doing the purchase.

Choosing A Financial Adviser – Small Versus Big

For those who are looking for a financial adviser, the challenge lies in choosing someone from a big, popular firm compared to someone from a small, start-up company. Will the size of the firm matters?Or should you go with the person you think is compatible with you?

Based on experts in the industry, the size of the firm can create a big difference.

According to a certified financial advisor, Howard Pressman who is a partner at a firm in Vienna, Virginia, the size of the firm is one important factor that should be considered. There are many individuals who are not inclined to choosing large firms because they think their services are not personalized and they feel that the advices they are given are not catered specifically for them. This could not be more wrong because choosing a small firm entails that the needs of the client may not be met accordingly because of their limited coverage.

Clients who are looking for a professional to handle their financial lives have a hard time choosing because of the many options available to them. These professionals differ in their degree of education, their credentials, their focus such as insurance or investments and their specialties such as college savings or tax planning. The major difference is that there are financial advisors that work for a small firm with only one or two staffs or they could be working at a huge company that employ hundreds or thousands.

The major benefit of hiring someone from a smaller firm is the personal experience the investor gets. Industry observers said that smaller firms will be able to tailor their advice depending on the situation the client is in and their relationship is closer.

If you are considering of hiring a small firm with one person staff or handles very small operations then it is best to ask if they have any succession plan in case of sudden death or should the financial adviser decides to retire. According to wealth manager, CFP Evan Beach, in case something unfortunate happens to your advisor, you must be taken care of no matter what.

Where To Find Power Tools In Australia

Buying power tools in Australia is not a difficult thing to do. As a matter of fact, you can find numerous suppliers and sellers both from online and offline sources. The only thing you need to do is be more prudent in order to get your required pistol drillers and grinders, rivets, air compressors and other tools at a reasonable price and also at a better quality. Here are some ideas on where you can buy a power tool around Australia.

Offline sources:

  • Hardware stores. Even with the advent of technology and the proliferation of online shops, traditional stores such as hardware remain to be a viable source of various commodities such as hand tools, power and industrial equipment and many others.
  • Second hand or thrift shops. You can visit stores that sell second hand items for a chance to get good finds for high quality tools and equipment for your project.
  • Local trade shops. Another excellent source of power tools in Australia are local shops such as furniture shops, automotive shops, repair centres, handicraft stores and similar local trade establishments. Find out if these shops have spare tools that they want to dispose of so long as they are still in excellent condition. Test the tool to ensure that it is still working properly before buying it from the shop.

Online sources

  • E-commerce sites. Online sources are highly popular especially those e-commerce sites were sellers and buyers converge to buy or sell items. While transactions can be faster in these sites, you can never be sure on the reliability of the seller. To be sure, read customer feedback on the seller before proceeding with your transactions.
  • Official supplier’s websites. One of the best sources of power tools in Australia are official sites of suppliers. Buying from a reputable supplier gives you the guarantee that you will get authentic products at a much reasonable price. Choose a supplier with a physical address so you would know where to go if ever you have complaints about the products. Read reviews to get better idea about the supplier.

Chivas Partners Up For The First Time For An Exclusive Brand

Chivas Regal, the Scotland-based whiskey subsidiary of the French Pernod Ricard distilled beverage conglomerate, has just partnered up with Lebua Hotels and Resorts.

This unique partnership is the first time in the distillery’s 216 years of operation, that they have brewed a unique liquor blend exclusively for a partner. The eponymous Lebua Blend, is available at only one location in the entire world: The Alfresco 64 – A Chivas Bar, Bangkok and the world’s highest perched whiskey bar above the many rooftop bar in Sukhumvit that dot Bangkok’s skyline.

Located at the Dome at Lebua, in Bangkok’s 1055 State Tower on Silom Road, this new bar was recently opened early June this year, during the fifth anniversary of the partnership between Chivas Regal and Lebua Hotels and Resorts. The whisky blend exclusive to the bar is a celebration of both the bar’s opening and the partnership between the two groups.

The blend, handled by master blender Colin Scott and his team, was brewed with whiskies as aged for 3 decades, which were handpicked by the blending team, mixed, then left to age in a sherry butt barrel for a whole nine years, in sharp contrast to the more traditional two spend by most whiskey brands, all to develop the Lebua’s unique taste and character.

Colin Scott made a statement regarding the new blend, saying that him and his team have never really handed something quite like it, and had mixed it with the idea that it would have to stand up to the scrutiny of the people who would visit a place like the Alfresco 64 rooftop bar.

He describes the brew as unusually dark, which he says is a clear sign of age, and the unique flavour that comes with such age. He says that the sherry casks were like added cream; enriching and intensifying the blend’s flavour.

Only 96 bottles of the Lebua Blend is available, and no rooftop bar inSukhumvit serves it; all 96 bottles are exclusive to the Alfresco 64, available alongside a wide variety of pedigreed Chivas Regal editions, including the Chivas Regal Ultis, the company’s first blended malt whiskey.

Asian Companies Focus On Keeping Customer And AI Domination

A research report was recently conducted by Innovation: All Eyes on Asia. Sales force Thailand, the leader when it comes to customer relationship management, published the findings regarding the view of Asia’s businesses when it comes to innovation. The study has various participants including businesses and IT professionals that are based on eight different countries in the continent.

According to 70 per cent of the responders, their top priority for the next one or two years is customer retention. Over half of the participants or 53 per cent said that they are planning to utilize new technology in order for their goal to achieve completion.

Around 77 per cent of them believe that global innovation in the next five years will be led by Asia while 64 per cent thinks that America will be the one to lead.

The top three countries in Asia that are influencing the trajectory of the growth in innovation are Japan, Korea and China.

Innovation is viewed in Asia as the method of developing new and unconventional solutions that will answer the needs of the customers. Seventy per cent of Asian businesses are giving more focus on innovation that will help them to attain their goal of customer retention while 53 per cent are expecting to utilize new innovation in order to achieve their goal.

There will be investments in technology in order to achieve customer retention and 93 per cent of the companies in India are planning to do so, for Singapore it is 88 per cent, 80 per cent for the Philippines while 82 per cent of the companies in Malaysia are also in line with this plan.

Technology is conserved as a very important tool in order to achieve higher production for 62 per cent of the companies while 38 per cent believes that it will be able to offer a better customer support.

Asian businesses, according to Sales force Thailand, have ranked the their priorities when it comes to innovations and the top three among the companies are enterprise apps with 83 per cent of the responder, 82 per cent for cloud computing while CRM is also included in the top three.