Cannes Lions’ Names Marketer Of The Year

Good marketing is important for any business; they can make or break any business venture. As a result, marketers need a certain innovativeness and creativity to help set what their trying to market apart, generating attention to their product, staying ahead of marketing trends, etc.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is an annual advertising festival celebrating creative efforts in the field of communications industry and advertising, regarded to be the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. The awards are respected in the field, with recipients including big names like Toyota, and Burger King. The latter is notable, having racked up a total of 76 Lions since the awards festival’s first iteration in 1954. And it seems like this year, Burger King is slated to continue that trend.

The fast-food chain is slated to receive at least one award this year, having already been named as Marketer of the Year. The brand had already won numerous awards, including last year’s Grand Prix in several categories, including Print & Publishing and Media. When the awards ceremonies are held this June, the chain is guaranteed to receive the Marketer of the Year award, with others possibly following based on the decision of the awards committee.

Jose Papa, the Cannes Lions’ managing director, has made a statement regarding the win, stating that Burger King is a brand that has solidly established itself as possessing creativity in the advertising field, with marketing campaigns that are daring, innovative, and memorable.

Burger King has expressed its side, with CMO Axel Schwan stating that this win is a reflection of the company’s principles of utilizing creativity to help them in staying ahead of marketing trends and stand out from their competition. Mr. Schwan has stated that this principle is ubiquitous in the company’s practices.

According to statements and releases from the brand, the awards are for their ad campaigns, like Proud Whopper, McWhopper Proposal, among others.

The company’s head of brand marketing, Fernando Machado, has expressed that the award is a reflection of the consistent creativity and high-quality work delivered by the Burger King brand.

Bathrooms As The Barometer Of A Nations’ Economy

Bathrooms are the basis of measurement of a nation’s economy, fashion, taste and mood. Today’s bathrooms are all about elegance and style with good design and quality materials. Bathroom décor is diverse with frameless shower enclosures to create that spa-like effect.

In the 1950’s which was characterized by post-war austerity, bathrooms have cold linoleum floors, threadbare towels and wall-mounted electric heaters. In the 60’s bathrooms were painted with flashy power colors with some using psychedelic vinyl. In the 70’s bathrooms became sophisticated and started to be painted with avocado and burgundy shades. Bathrooms were fitted with carpets and accessorized with gold swan neck taps, toilet seat covers and outrageous toilet dispensers.

In the 80’s bathrooms became glamorous and designs of vanity unit mirrors, corner baths and dramatic sunken baths were Hollywood-inspired. In the 1990’s people could no longer luxuriate for hours in baths and showers were suggested. Separate shower enclosures became must-haves along with European-inspired bidets and decorative wall tiles with beautiful borders.

When the millennium age was reached, bathroom sizes doubled and became personal sanctuaries. The trend turned to calming tones of beige, cream and taupe and homeowners spent fortunes on Jacuzzis, whirlpool baths, luxurious bath towels and designer toilets.

Today, bathroom barometer indicates that good design and quality materials are very important. In the average newly built 4-bedroom homes, there are two en-suite bathrooms or shower rooms. However, main bathrooms will be replaced with en-suite bathroom facilities for all the bedrooms.

When this generation has to downsize, the spacious master suites will become bedrooms; otherwise the property will not appear when home buyers search for 4-bedroom homes. Baths will still be in vogue as a place for relaxation after a stressing day. To allow comfort even for those who are physically restricted, barrier-free bathroom designs will be the trend.

When frameless glass shower screens are used, it creates an illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it really is. Through the use of glass, the barrier between the shower room and the rest of the bathroom is virtually non-existent to the human eye. An ambiance of luxury and class is also created.

Software Vendor Continuum Builds New Office In Australia

Continuum, a US-based software vendor has recently sent one of its co-founders to help manage the company’s recently launched Australian operations. Continuum provides the SaaS-based platform that allows providers to backup, monitor, troubleshoot and maintain their PC’s, servers and other endpoints that are used by small and medium-sized businesses.

Frank Bauer who was appointed as Continuum’s senior channel development manager will manage the operations of the Asia Pacific region from the Sydney office. As the managing director of the Asia Pacific operations of Continuum, Bauer will build a strong regional foundation. He will also work closely with MSPs, IT service providers and dealers of office equipment.

According to Continuum, their move was in line with the company’s growth in the region for the last two years. With the new office and team created in Australia, the commitment of the company is solidified in the region. The investment also highlights the growing importance of the Asia Pacific market to Continuum that is driven by the significant demand for Continuum software in Australia and New Zealand.

The new Continuum office represents the company’s first step in the expansion of its footprints in the highly competitive tech market. One of the local partners of Continuum is Adelaide-based service provider and 2016 CRN Fast50 Company Geek. Geek has an aggressive growth strategy and its induction into the CRN Fast50 list of fastest growing companies in the APAC region will continue to scale business without compromising the company’s reputation for excellence in customer service and immediate response.

According to Geek consultant Jon Paior, the company will be utilizing the HTG Peer Group to conduct due diligence on multiple third-party offerings. From the perspective of Geek, Continuum tops every perspective. The ease with which they ensure client on-boarding and seamless interaction with their 24/7 help desk is unparalleled.

When there is a need for office fitouts in Canberra for an IT service provider or a software vendor, business equipment and machinery have to be taken into account. IT offices differ from standard workplaces because there are several factors that have to be considered in structural design like lighting, electrics and cabling.

The Launch of Uber Freight That Will Likely Change Trucking

Last month, Uber launched its website for a new service named Uber Freight. There is only little information revealed regarding its expansion from the ride hailing services. However, if Uber’s announcements during 2016 are an indicator, the chances are Uber Freight is there to prepare everyone for the autonomous delivery trucks.

Self driving cars from Uber

Uber acquired Otto, a startup that planned to start self driving cars in the market, last August. Ever since, the company made use of its trucks in order to deliver a cargo of 50,000 cans of beer and Christmas trees in California.

Uber Freight is not going to use these self driving cars, well not yet. Instead, it is going to work the same way as Uber’s current platform. Some people are going to sign up for them to drive items all over the country, while others are going to join in order for them to send the packages without the need to sign contracts with the traditional shipping companies. The service is going to probably increase pricing to the trucking also.

Uber Freight may assist Otto’s trucks, too, with data gathered from the drivers using the new service. This is going to let self driving vehicles learn from experienced drivers while the regulators are figuring out ways to govern these autonomous trucks, including its technology.

Growing interest in trucking

The launch of Uber Freight also occurs simultaneously with the increasing interest in trucking by a lot of tech companies. Nikola Motor Company intends to make use of technology to have trucking be more environment friendly, as well as attractive to millennials; Tesla is working on self driving trucks; the list goes on.

Uber mentioned to Inverse that it will wait until this New Year to further provide information regarding how this new system is going to work. Uber’s spokesperson mentioned that they do not have information yet, but they hope to have more this 2017.

It seems that the future related to trucking, or even one possible future, will take more time to have its debut. Regardless, this new system from Uber is likely going to increase the need for truck driver jobs soon.

Time To Sort Out Professional Indemnity Insurance

There is nothing certain in this world but taxes and death. For David Gordon from The Register, people need to start thinking the same as a business. Anyone can be subjected to lawsuits, liable to legal fees and compensation costs which is why a professional indemnity insurance has to be sorted out.

Nick Breton, the Head of Direct Line for Business, wrote an FAQ regarding professional indemnity insurance.

About professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is often called PI insurance. It covers the legal costs and expenses incurred during a defence, including the costs or damages which may be awarded, if one has been alleged to have given sufficient advice, ideas or services that caused clients to lose their money.

People needing PI coverage

The professions that need a PI cover include (but not limited to): business and management consultants; IT professionals including developers, programmers, consultants and contractors; HR and training consultants; freelance marketing and media consultants; and accountants.

PI insurance’s relevance to small businesses

A PI insurance is extremely relevant to any small business. A client may rely on an advice from a small business. When this is found as faulty or an incorrect process is followed, a client can come back with a claim for the losses suffered. It is important that a small business owner looks into a PI insurance.

According to Breton, a PI insurance gives a business its competitive edge. Any service based business that pitches themselves in order to secure contracts are definitely deemed more attractive – a PI insurance shows a business being responsible.

Public liability insurance vs PI insurance

Public liability provides a cover for claims started by people during accidents, injuries or illnesses. PI insurance provides coverage for advice, ideas or services. It is best for businesses to have these two kinds of cover.

Summing up

While professional indemnity insurance has different names – accountant insurance for CPAs, or medical malpractice insurance for physicians – depending on an industry, the idea is the same. It covers the legal costs when sued and costs from damages which is why it is very important for individuals and businesses to have tax audit insurance coverage.

Marketing Innovation, A Challenge To Chief Marketing Officers

There is a kind of vibe to the top marketers who attended the recent Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Marketing Innovation Summit held in Singapore for 2016. This is because of the fact that technology is not just an effective tool for marketers to accomplish their task but it has also developed a kind of respect coming from the people who are responsible in decision making in the corporate world.

There are many speculations as to the importance of the role that the CMO plays or if it is needed in the current times. According to the Manulife Singapore’s senior vice president and CMO, Wendy Walker, the issue is now at a full circle.

She said that data analytics is now easily accessed by CMOs at the tips of their fingers and there is also the availability of recording in real time which is why business needs them more than ever. They have gained a more powerful role and secured a position when it comes to operating business strategies.

In order to maintain the trust that was given to them by these top companies, it is now expected for CMOs to give back by adapting their roles to the growth of the business. During the summit, Walker participated in a panel discussion together with the CMOs of Microsoft and Citi, Jolaine Boyd and Sanjeev Kapur respectively. They talked about how marketing plays a role in the overall goals of a business.

During the discussion, many things were presented such as the need for marketers to adapt with the goals of the company regarding revenue and growth. This entails that they should have knowledge about the sales part of the business and must work alongside the company to get positive results.

Kapur said that knowing firsthand about sales is important especially if it is the goal the company wants to achieve. Because of marketing innovation, data makes it now possible for marketers to optimize their products in real time thus achieving the target revenue of the company. Boyd added that they are able to present the accountability they have with the company because of the data they possess.