Businesses In Ohio Using Their Collective Clout For The Passage Of Non-Discrimination Laws

Aside from the State Level Tax ID, a business that plans to open in Ohio also needs the Ohio EIN to identify the company with IRS for tax purposes. EIN or Employer ID Number is a unique 9-digit number that is essentially like the Social Security number that is very useful when opening a business. Application is easy because it is accessible online.

In Ohio, businesses range from the corner coffee shop to giant corporations like Procter & Gamble and Abercrombie & Fitch. These businesses are putting together their collective influence to ask for government regulations. They want sexual orientation and gender identity to be added to Ohio’s non-discrimination laws.

Businesses, non-profit organizations, universities and associations are behind Ohio Business Competes that value fairness, diversity and fostering inclusion. If Ohio lawmakers will ignore the pleas to join other states in removing discrimination against LGBTQ people in employment, housing and public accommodation opportunities, they are taking a $5 billion risk.

In fact, Columbus is one of the cities being considered as Amazon’s 2nd headquarters in North America. However, the giant retail corporation has a criterion that a city must have compatible cultural and community environment with presence and support of a diverse population. Aside from Amazon, there are other businesses including employees that consider a state’s social climate as the main reason in choosing where to locate.

According to Holly Gross, vice-president of government regulations for Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the absence of a state-wide anti-discrimination protection will put the region and state at a disadvantage. The passage of a bill will help Ohio in becoming competitive for mega economic development projects. Employers will find it difficult to hire and retain employees if Ohio does not have non-discrimination laws. It is very easy for businesses to be turned off by a state’s social climate.

It is the key responsibility of a business to obtain Ohio EIN to ensure that it will not suffer from delays during business licensing, and financing. As a business owner, you will need the EIN to when filing tax returns and creating company credit with suppliers, lenders, banks and leasing companies.

Thailand’s Spending Expected To Be Big, Except Flowers Are Losing Out

The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s Economic and Business Forecasting Center has recently just a paper which showed the expectations of the country’s spending for the holiday season covering Valentine’s and Chinese New Year. However, it’s seems that Thailand flowers supplier won’t be enjoying the profit, as it seems that, despite the good forecast, flower sales are expected to go down.

The Economic and Business Forecasting Center predicted, thanks to one of their recent surveys, that spending for the Chinese New Year festival, which will coincide with Valentine’s on Feb 14-16, will go up. Expectations for the spending are sitting at an approximate of Bt60B, with the EBFC having a more specific prediction of Bt56.86B, which would be a marked increase of 3.5% from 2017.

The problem for Thailand flowers supplier, is that most of the spending will be going to religious offerings, clothing, travel and Ang Pao cash gifts, with sales of Valentine’s Day roses predicted to go down compared to the prior year. Not only are sales dropping compared to 2017, prices are also going up, due to recent weather causing the plants to produce far less flowers.

Vendors across the Muang district’s Sirikorn flower market say that there have been far less interest in ordering Valentine’s roses for the holidays. According to vendors and other people in the industry say that it was due to younger Thai people preferring to send digital flowers.

One Thailand flowers supplier, owner of the Doi Florist Shop says that roses had their supplies go down due to the weather conditions that have hit the country, which were less than ideal for roses, which led to a lower bloom.

As a result, the pricing of roses have risen sharply, with a bouquet of small roses, sold for 200-300 baht in 2017, going up by 100 baht.

Another florist, Kaplaew Donnate says that the young population war traditionally the primary target for florists, but there has been a shift, which reduced interest in fresh roses, with focus on buying gifts and sending digital gifts.

She reiterated that the increase in rose pricing was due to the low supply brought in by bad weather, with grade A roses costing 40 baht a piece.

Online Property Transactions Becoming Popular In Thailand

The first question among people who have decided to move to Bangkok is where to live. There are many appealing neighbourhoods in Bangkok but many suggest a Single House in Sukhumvit because it is served by the Skytrain. There are only a few tourist attractions but there are an abundant number of restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.

Online shopping has come a long way ever since eBay was launched 20 years ago. Almost everything can now be purchased online including real estate. Thais are already active in trading goods and services through social media platforms. However, one start-up launched an online platform that connects sellers and buyers of real estate. Both parties can negotiate directly without worrying about the fees and commissions of an agent.

Last January 15, ZmyHome announced that it has successfully raised $400,000 from a KK Fund, a venture capital fund based in Singapore for the improvement of their website.  ZmyHomewas launched in 2016 but it boasts of 300,000 unique monthly visitors. According to company founder and CEO, NatthaponAsswisessiwakul, their website has seen more than 10,000 properties sold.

Young Thais are particularly active in online property deals. In a survey made on 25 economies, it was found out the Thai respondents were more active with informal online transactions. Dealing with strangers is not issue with Thais. It is not surprising to learn that Thais sell stuff online through exchange sites that allow buyers to communicate with sellers through messaging services.

Property transactions online can be risky particularly when dealing with strangers. However, it allows people to buy property more quickly at lower costs because it eliminates the agent’s fees. Many market analysts find the consumer-to-consumer platforms are gradually becoming the major conduit for Thailand’s real estate market but the middleman is eliminated in the process.

Two of the most appealing neighbourhoods for expats in Bangkok are Sukhumvit and Silom. There is a vibrant social scene for expats that is why there is high demand for Single House in Sukhumvit, the more popular of the two zones. Adding to the popularity of Sukhumvit is large shopping malls where you can literally buy anything.

4 Benefits Of Booking A Conference Room In Bangkok

Even if your office has ample space to hold an activity, there are more benefits if you would book for a conference room in Bangkok or anywhere within its popular commercial districts. A venue is an important element of an activity because without a suitable venue, your event will fail and your resources will be wasted. If you want to know the benefits of renting a conference room, take a look at the following ideas.


Event venues generally come with sound system and audio visual facilities with a ready technician to help you with your presentation. They also offer catering service for your food and beverage requirements. All in all, you no longer have to worry about the technicalities and important services for your event because the conference room in Bangkok has it all.

More emphasis on the event

Because you have everything that you need for your event, you and your staff can focus on ensuring that your participants will attend thru follow ups of invitation, preparation of kits and presentation materials, logistics and other event aspects. There may still be other facets to think about but with a conference room or venue eliminated from your to-do list, you have also crashed out one major challenge for the event.

Better business appeal

The good thing about having your event in an exclusive venue for meeting is you give the event a more professional and business-like appeal. This way, your target participants will be encouraged to attend the conference knowing that they will be comfortable during the activity. To encourage your participants more, choose a venue that is accessible or one that is located in the commercial district of Bangkok. Choose a venue with parking space for its guests.


Because you will not coordinate with several vendors and all you need for the event is available at the conference room in Bangkok, you get to save in the process. Ask for cost estimates from different service providers to determine which of them offers the most reasonably priced service. Read reviews and testimonials from previous guests for a better idea on the conduciveness of the venue.

Secondary Provinces In Thailand To Receive Tourism Boost

The Tourism Authority of Thailand decided to invest a large amount from its budget to secondary tourist provinces in the country in order to boost their tourism. The money will be used in upgrades to ensure that tourists, both from local and international, will be happy with their experience. In Bangkok, there is no shortage of great accommodation in Asoke and other parts of the city.

Yutthasak Supasorn, the governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand, announced that every province will receive 50 million baht. The total budget is 3.2 billion baht and 2.7 billion baht will be given to provinces for their promotional needs.

Campaign activities will also be organized throughout the year and 410 million baht was allotted for these.

The main goal of the agency is to improve the 55 provinces so that more tourists will be attracted to visit. These provinces are known as secondary because the number of tourists visiting annually is not more than 3.5 million.

The list of secondary provinces includes Narathiwat, UdonThani, Yala, Lampang, Trat, Lop Buri, Ratchaburi and Chai Nat.

These provinces are not the first choice among tourists from domestic and international areas. The agency is hoping that the popularity of Thailand will help these provinces become more profitable.

The scheme does not include major provinces like Chon Buri, Bangkok, Phuket, Surat Thani and Chiang Mai.

The budget given for these provinces will be a proof of the reinforced measure that they are doing for promotion. This came after the government awarded tourism tax rebate wherein Tourism Authority of Thailand predicts would attract over 10 million local tourists in 2018.

The scheme will give travelers visiting the 55 provinces on the list to keep their receipts when purchasing food, travel tickets and accommodation. After which, they have the option to include it in their tax deduction with a maximum limit of 15,000 baht.

Based on the predictions made by the Tourism Council of Thailand, the number of international tourists visiting Thailand this 2018 will be between 37.2 million and 37.9 million.

The TAT’s decision to focus on the secondary provinces is considered a good move for the country overall considering that Bangkok and other major provinces are already known internationally. Tourists in Bangkok prefer great accommodation in Asoke and therefore these secondary provinces should offer the same standard in accommodations.

4 Ways To Identify Reliable NRL Stores

You can find a lot of online shops that offer NRL merchandise but you may be challenged to determine which of the products are original. Buying online can be challenging especially that you only rely on the images posted by the supplier and you will never know of its authenticity and quality until the items are delivered to you. To ensure that you will be satisfied with the items that you are going to purchase from one of your chosen NRL stores, take a look at these four ideas.

Be meticulous

You can check the authenticity of products sold online in different ways. While it can be challenging because you don’t get to actually peruse the items personally, you can take a good luck at the images of the products. The products should have photos in different angles and they should be in high resolution. The products should also have clear and informative description.

Check the supplier’s background

Another way to determine the quality of the products is by looking at the NRL stores closely, especially their reputation in the market. The seller should be clear on what he offers and should be able to entertain professionally the enquiries of his customers. You might also want to refer to forums and discussion boards to find out what other buyers have to say about the seller.

Compare prices

Before you decide on a seller, check the prices of your target merchandise from different sources. Check from a number of online stores and afterwards, visit your local sports shop to find out which source offers more value for your money. Even if you seemingly found a good online store, check from other shops still before you place a purchase. Just bookmark the site and get back to it if you have not found a better supplier.

Too good to be true items

Since you have already compared prices from different NRL stores, you already have an idea on the average costs of the items that you want to buy. Avoid items that are unbelievably cheap or way below the average price unless they are explicitly advertised as Class A or replicas.