The Positive Impact Of Green Protocol Wedding

There are many benefits enjoyed when a couple decides to hire wedding catering in Sydney that will provide the extra hands during the wedding reception. Catering services offers to cook to food, prepare and serve drinks and food at the location of the reception according to the requirements of the couple. Food is well presented and service will exceed expectations.

For the very first time, an events management group conducted a green protocol wedding because it was the choice of Nithin, the groom and Neethu, the bride. The couple wanted their wedding to be environmentally friendly that is why they requested the events management group to avoid using disposable and non-biodegradable items like plastic plates and glasses and thermacol decorations.

Nithin who is a petroleum engineer and Neethu a doctor believed that they made a huge achievement with the environmentally friendly concept. The event turned out to be a success and the people’s participation was very encouraging. The concept of “going green” is becoming popular particularly at events where there is large people participation.

Implementing the concept at weddings can have a huge impact. Nithin and Neethu’s wedding that avoided plastic completely gained a seven star rating. Previous weddings that used the concept only got a minimum of 5 star rating from the district administration. In weddings where participants number 1,300, food wasted will be about 300 kilograms. The Green Protocol Wedding has reduced waste to less than 70 kilograms.

According to the event manager, the cost of conducting a green wedding is the same as the traditional wedding. The only difference is caterers avoid plastic glasses and plates. It was difficult for the caterers because they need more staff to wash utensils. According to Albin Kuriakose of Red Wine Event Management group, switching to a green wedding can be difficult because of the lack of disposable materials but the impact created as really positive.

It is important for couples to sit and down with wedding catering in Sydney to discuss their plans and requirements. The catering service is prepared to follow all the requests of the wedding couple to make sure that the event will be successful and well appreciated by the guests.