Thailand’s Ambitious Initiative To Improve English Proficiency

If parents were given the choice, they will certainly enrol their children at International School in Bangkok for higher quality of education. Enrolling children at international schools is not a matter of status but to provide the child with an opportunity to explore their passion, ambition and interest. Besides that, with the number of expats in Thailand, they definitely need an international school where English is used as the medium of instruction.

In order to enhance English literacy among Thai children, the government of Thailand has planned an ambitious initiative to place foreign teachers in rural schools. Students in rural schools face a number of challenges aside from foreign language proficiency that restricts equality of opportunities. The project will be implemented during the 2019 academic year.

There is a certainly a dearth for better English skills in Thailand. This is the reason why during a meeting held in the middle of March, the Thai Ministry of Education expressed its intentions to work with Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) organizations as well as international schools for the recruitment of recent graduate teachers.

English is a very important language globally. Proficiency in the English language can open opportunities to students coming from depressed socio-economic backgrounds. National English standards in Thailand are shockingly low. English is a common language used in business. Most job interviews are conducted in English. Poor English skills lessen the chances of being able to land a job. On the other hand, proficiency in English tends to create a good impression.

According to the annual reports of English First, a Swiss-based education company and Thailand’s very own national assessment, O-net, the English language ability of Thais has severely stagnated compared to the ability of students from neighbouring Asian countries. In Vietnam, English language ability has dramatically improved.

Parents have a lot of options on the schools where they can enrol their children. There is an International School in Bangkok as well as government –run schools that ensure good quality education. However, in the international school children are exposed to diverse cultures at a very age. They learn that that there is a world outside their schools and homes.

Here’s What You Need to Know before Becoming a Painter or Decorator

Northampton – Although most people do not give a thought about it, numerous painters and decorators provide their services to residential and commercial clients on a daily basis. They play a very important role in society that is why if you are planning to start a career in painting and decorating, there are a few things that you need to know about.

First of all, the work done by painters and decorators are not as simple as you may think. It’s not just as easy as rolling paint into a wall. It is actually much more complex than that and often involves methods that would provide long-lasting and positive results. It’s not easy to be a painter or decorator. So if you are looking for an easy job that would involve sitting in an air-conditioned room, then you shouldn’t become a painter or decorator.

Remember, as a painter or decorator, you will be subjected into various jobs. This means you have to be flexible since you might be called upon to work on a residential house one day and a commercial building the next day.

But before you start a career in painting and decorating, you should first make sure that you have the necessary skills as well as sufficient or extensive knowledge about the kinds of work that painters and decorators do. First of all, you would need to learn how to paint with precision and skill. You would have to learn how to strip old wallpaper and hang new ones. You would need to prepare wood and other materials or surfaces which will be used for painting. It is also important that you learn how to install many different decorative materials and ornaments.

You would also need to learn the different techniques in painting especially the application of specialized paint texture.

Becoming a painter or decorator also means that you need to learn how to multitask while also being able to work using a number of tools and devices.

Lastly, you would need to be employed. This could be done either through a formal training route, or an apprenticeship with known painting and decorating companies such as Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating. To know more about becoming a painter or decorator, you can visit their website at

How Chinese Tech Giant Shapes Its Future

The company which grabbed the third spot for the world’s greatest digital advertising player is Baidu. This Chinese search engine comes after Google and Facebook. Like what Google does, Baidu also takes advantage of the revenues brought about by the search ads in order to fund its tech innovation and research and development department. Similar to Google, it also has big ambitions for itself.

There are also hundreds of professionals involved in digital advertising who are aspiring to become legends themselves. One rising digital advertising agency based in Australia is Digital Monopoly which is owned by Oliver Wood. There are plenty of other success stories in the digital industry and more are eager to trudge this path.

Baidu gas a learning lab situated in Silicon Valley and the chief scientist of the company Andrew Ng who is a former top researched for Google and at Stanford. With a new video to boost its branding, the company expects to make heaps of money in the next few weeks and months. The senior product manager also said that the newly released video aimed at conveying the warmth of their services amid technological advancements. The team creating the said video was inspired by the movie “Her” which is futuristic but at the same time personal and familiar. The manager of Baidu said that most of the advertisements and brand films in China have become too flashy and extravagant with so many special effects and over impressive performances in order to show off the new technology. Baidu on the other hand just wanted to show the audience that technology can be felt naturally just like oxygen.

The video was released within the week as Baidu launched its world conference. People from key areas around the globe were invited. They are from places where the tech giant is gaining ground and where it is already innovating. With regards to self-driving car technology, the tech company partnered with BMW. This year, Baidu expects to test the various vehicles in China. The video shows how the Google glass like technology is able to help people navigate in the retailing environment.

LINC Program At Cerritos College Helps Fostered Youth

The fostered youth may think that they are underprivileged; in fact, college was not even an option to them before. But the people at Cerritos College thought of the ways the fostered youth can cope up with college. The Leaders Involved in Creating Change or simply LINC was established to help fostered youth become more independent through counseling and tutoring in Cerritos College.

Everybody knows that being a fostered youth is difficult enough for them to be thinking about college but Cerritos College wishes to help them through the different services that they offer on and off campus.

Some of the services they are offering are academic counseling, tutoring, and access to food pantry, providing college materials, various workshops and emergency bus tokens.

The LINC program may not be known to most of the student population. That is because this program and all of its benefits is exclusive only for the current and former fostered youth.

Yvette Tafoya, the EOPS assistant director, said that LINC’s biggest benefit is that it allows the students to develop a goal that they thought was impossible for them to achieve.

Tafoya added that many of those fostered youth didn’t even think that they would be able to go to college and now that they’re at Cerritos College, they want to help them and make them understand the benefits of going to college and giving them hope.

In order to further prove LINC’s positive effect on the fostered youth, Zuleika Dixon, a fostered youth herself, said that LINC has helped her in many personal ways. They were the ones who helped her prepare her resume and had even given her tips on presentation and speaking so that she could land good interviews inside the campus and another company.

Dixon also said that the most helpful part of the program were the workshops and appointments because they were delivered in a more personal way and that they have an understanding of what students like Zuleika need. She also said that LINC had helped her whenever she felt like being singled out. They help the foster youth to avoid feeling lost in the crowd and disconnected from the others.