How Facebook Can Make You Watch Football Live

Everyone’s eager and thrilled for an interesting game,as you ดูบอลสด with New England Patriots facing off against New York Giants. The Patriots may be a team to hate, so you want to know who’s winning the game. You remain seated on the couch while holding a beer in one hand, and instead of pressing the remote, you picky our laptop. You open your unit and log to Facebook and there you go – the football game begins. Your friends are around you as they cheer for their favourite team.

It’s now possible to ดูบอลสด in America, as it’s available on Facebook where you get to watch the real thing. However, as the game changes yearly, Facebook has all its intentions to buy the streaming rights of the Thursday Night Football, so its users can watch the live event.

A Facebook spokesperson told media that the company is willing to buy the rights for the live video content. It’s now discussing terms with the NFL on obtaining the rights to streaming live the football game. He also mentioned that they are inviting athletes, actors, music artists and other celebrities to take part in the live streaming.

For Facebook, the live streaming of the football game and paying for the rights can be a tremendous change to the company. It has been serving its platform for quite some time to various individuals and businesses as they share videos, photos and comments, while the social media site does advertisements for user-generated content. If the company is able to buy the rights to Thursday’s Night Football and get celebrities included in the live video streaming, it would make the social media site a platform and a content provider. However, it’s yet to be seen on how it will affect the News Feeds.

One cannot really expect that Facebook can win the rights of the Thursday Night Football. However, the company is now experimenting on featuring live videos. Andto have live sports on its platform will make one ดูบอลสด as the grandest of grand experiments. If Facebook can start streaming the football games, then you can initiate a major change on televised sports. This can be best defined as the future of TV.