Issues In File Sharing And Security In Cloud Computing

In the latest newsletter published by the OCR cyber security, there is a great importance given to the security of cloud computing healthcare as well as file sharing. These risks should be given attention in both business and entities use.

Organizations are able to take advantage of the collaboration tools but there is a chance that security and privacy can be put at risk and this is something that should not be taken for granted. Policies for risk management along with BAAs or business associate agreements, should take time to review options with regards to cloud computing and file sharing to make sure that the security of the PHI and the OCR is retained.

According to the newsletter, if the collaboration tools and the file sharing process is not configured properly along with cloud computing services then there is a big chance that common problems will arise such as disclosure of private data. It is often seen that default settings are left untouched when it comes to various security controls, access, encryption and authentication and this is one of the reasons why there are unauthorized access happening which discloses data as a result.

During the risk analysis management approach, the errors or any configurations not done properly should be taken into consideration and it should become a part of the evaluation process of the entity and should reflect in the changes in operation of a certain organization.

It is also best to conduct a vulnerability scan in order to point out any issues in the technical side including outdated software or missing patches.

These should all be considered before an organization decides to use software for file sharing or before implementing technology of cloud computing in healthcare because these will e responsible for transmitting, receiving, creating and maintaining the ePHI.

According to the agency, they have released a guide for 2016 that has been recently updated and is best suited for cloud computing healthcare to make sure that their technology is properly utilized. The major focus of the guide are the providers of the cloud computing services and they are currently being considered to be a business associate as per the regulations set by HIPAA.

Tax Investigation Against Medical Consultants Resulted To €61M Worth Of Collection

In a report by the Revenue Commissioners, the agency was able to gather about €61 million worth of taxes, interest as well as penalties. This is following the ongoing investigation that they are conducting against the financial involvements of over 800 medical consultants. After this news, many professionals including accountants are making sure that they are covered by insurance against tax investigation.

According to Niall Cody, the chairman of Revenue Commissioners, they were able to gather the cash from the existing cases they have against 276 consultants. They were found to have private medical practices that have been incorporated and there are some of them who created one or more companies.

The total amount that was collected also counts the future uplift or the approximate value of the tax they have evaded which is to be gathered now after the intervention was conducted.

As of writing, around 36 cases against medical consultants have already been posted at the list of tax defaulters by the Revenue.

In an update provided by Mr. Cody regarding the progress of the ongoing investigation, he said that these individuals belong to the category of high-wealth. These individuals are known because of their significant incomes but they are also guilty of not paying a significant amount of taxes under their profession.

The chairman of the Revenue Commissioners also added that majority of the consultants have claimed to have forgotten their legitimate boundaries thus they decided to pay the settlement. He also issued a warning against tax planning schemes because many are too good to be true which is indicator that the process could not be legal.

Many professionals are now looking into insurance against tax investigation including accountants. The investigation started back in 2010 when the Revenue got wind that tax advisers are providing tax schemes to many medical consultants. The first cases were all in Dublin and they have eventually moved on to include the whole country’s medical consultants. Now there are 825 that have been investigated but only 552 are finally closed. Around 84 cases are now undergoing an appeal.

30% Discount On LASIK Laser Eye Surgery To Be Offered By Advanced Vision Care

When it comes to poor eyesight, LASIK laser eye surgery is probably one of the most effective ways to help solve it that is why it is heavily recommended by doctors as well as in the Internet by websites like LASIK laser eye surgery can accurately correct poor vision and as time goes on, numerous people are discovering the miraculous benefits of the eye treatment.

People are so often afraid of the costs of LASIK laser eye surgery but in the UK, a lot of people will probably be happy to learn that Advanced Vision Care, one of the leading vision correcting clinics in the UK, is offering a 30 percent discount on their advanced wavefront LASIK laser eye surgery for the whole month.

For those who are unaware of what the advanced wavefront LASIK laser eye surgery is, the procedure used in this LASIK surgery is much more sophisticated than the regular LASIK eye surgeries. It is considered a safer method and another great thing about it is that it provides better results. Now, patients all over the UK, and even the world, may benefit from the 30 percent discount promo being offered by Advanced Vision Care.

All of the LASIK surgeries that are occurring at Advanced Vision Care are being handled and spearheaded by Dr. CT Pillai, a world renowned doctor who is also one of the people who pioneered in the laser eye surgery. He has been in the field of ophthalmology for over 25 years now and his experience has shown excellent results throughout his career. He has an outstanding record and most of his patients are now enjoying a 20/20 vision.

Advanced Vision Care has been helping numerous people for over ten years now. It is based in London, particularly at Harley Street and even though it is based in a single location, it still manages to gather a number of patients all around the UK and even the world. Aside from the LASIK laser eye surgeries, the clinic also provides a number of other eye-related services that patients are sure to benefit from.

Endo Is Selling Men’s Health Businesses

Following Endo International PLC’s aim to dedicate its resources to its core businesses which is in the pharmaceuticals area, the company decided to sell some of its business. For $1.6 billion, the businesses concerning men’s health and prostate owned by Endo International will be turned over to Boston Scientific Corp.

Premarket trading shows a less than 1 per cent decrease in the shares owned by Endo International, a company based in Dublin. Meanwhile, shares owned by Boston Scientific have increased to 1.2 per cent.

According to a representative from Endo International, the sales between them and Boston Scientific has paved way for the company to focus more on their pharmaceuticals businesses and its core financially. Another $50 million will be paid to Endo as milestone payments based on predicted sales by 2016.

The urology and women’s health department of Boston Scientific will be merged with men’s health and prostate businesses by the American Medical System. The men’s businesses which have delved on finding treatment for erectile dysfunction, inconsistency when urinating and other issues related to urology has generated $400 million last year in sales while the income was revealed to be around $130 million.

Mike Mahoney, Chief Executive of Boston Scientific, shared how after this deal, the annual sales are expected to rise to $1 billion after creating further businesses. Those treatments will be able to complement the existing ones done on the disorders experienced by female gynecology and urology. It also one way for Boston Scientific to gain more diverse product portfolio and be separated from the cardiac devices – products responsible for half the sales made by the company.

Earnings from the deal are expected to be even in the year 2015 while another three cents will be added on every share come 2016. Before 2018 ends, pretax synergies will have risen to $50 million. The deal is expected to be final by the third quarter.

Endo International is reported to be suffering from a decrease of 35 cents per share or $53 million in losses during the fourth quarter. Year prior to that, the company has also experienced a loss of $776 million the entire year, bringing the share to $6.74 each.

Recommended Food While On HCG Supplement Diet

One of the keys to a successful diet plan is eating the right type of food. No matter how effective your HCG supplement is if you will not accompany it with the right diet, your weight loss endeavor will still fail. An HCG diet is comprised of low carb of 500 to 550 per day so you need to cut back on sugar, starchy and fatty food especially during high intensity intake of HCG drops or supplement.  Here are some of the recommended food and drinks for HCG dieters.

Drinks: green tea and coffee

Fruits: strawberries, apples, grapefruits, lemons, oranges

Vegetables: asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, fresh garlic, cabbage, green onions, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach

Meat: white fish, chicken breast, lean ground beef

Snacks: bread sticks and toast

Spices: sea salt, cumin, basil, rosemary, onion powder, parsley, cayenne, chili and garlic powder, coriander

Tips for an Effective Diet Plan

  • When taking HCG supplement, avoid all kinds of oils including vegetable oils. Prepare your food with other cooking methods that do not use oil in the process such as boiling or poaching. You can also go for grilled dishes as they remain to be sumptuous without the use of oil and other unhealthy spices.
  • Do not combine different vegetables and fruits in one meal. If you are going to strawberries for lunch, save the apples for dinner. You can find several HCG recipes online to provide variety on your meals.
  • Remove bones from the chicken breast before cooking them.
  • Although fish is highly nutritious, there are certain fishes that are restricted from your diet. Fatty fishes such as salmon, eel, tuna and herring should not be consumed while you are on an HCG diet.
  • The secret to an effective diet is counting calories and measuring your food intake. Make sure that your meat consumption does not exceed to 100g in every meal. Measure the meat while in raw form and not when it is already cooked.
  • Make sure that your coffee and other beverages are low in fat content to make your HCG supplement even more effective.