What Pest Control In Brisbane Can Do With Flying Termites

Some pest control in Brisbane has been flooded with phone calls from customers finding out what these strange little insects are that is flying around the outdoor lights, crawling on the floors, and inside their homes. Looks like winged termites have invaded their home and will need to be eradicated.

Usually, termites dwell beneath the tunnels of the ground. But between November till February or March, termites reproduce massively, especially in the Southeast Queensland. The wetness of the season is very attractive and necessary for them.

At this period of the year, termites leave their nesting place to fly and begin new colonies. And since it has been extremely wet in Brisbane for the past few weeks, you notice them yourself.

The termites you have been familiar with are somewhat pale, nearly transparent and wingless. They are also blind. Abundant termites however are especially bred reproductively, where its only purpose is to find a mate, dwell in decayed logs or stumps, and lay hundreds of eggs, raise them and allow a new brood to care and maintain the colony. The queen goes about producing thousands of eggs in the next coming years until they are uncontrollable.

What You Should Do?

It can be upsetting for a homeowner to unexpectedly find their homes surrounded by several winged termites. It alarms you whether you are being attacked by termites and transformed into a mulch. However, there is no need to panic as the flying termites are horrible flyers. They will fly away from their original nests and may harm your property. Somehow, you will want to spray Mortein to do away with the pests. If this is the case, contact a pest control in Brisbane for help.

If you notice flying termites emerging from your home, this can be an alarming concern for everyone. It means that there is an active, large colony of termites working somewhere in your home. You need to contact a pest control in Brisbane for inspection. A reputable technician can recommend methods on eradicating them. Also, you need to be extra careful as termites can destroy a great part of your home.

Swimwear Industry Changed By Swimsuits For All

You may have a chance to buy a bikini online but never heard of the world fatkini until recently. The fact is that it was May 2012 when Gabi Gregg, a blogger, urged women to post their plus-size bodies while wearing a two piece swimwear. The term is quite common to bloggers advocate of the body positive campaign. The word, up to this day, is considered a taboo. During that time, it is not common to see size 12 women wearing two-piece swimwear while swimming in public because it is considered invasive.

According to statistics, around 67 per cent of women are considered to be plus size. Why is it then surprising that there are women who wears two-piece looking at the numbers. Gregg made a slideshow out of the submissions of women wearing their plus sized swimsuits.

It was then that Gregg received an offer from Swimsuits For All, a swimwear company dedicated in making plus-sized swimwear. They asked Gregg if she is willing to design and release her own collection. During the time of the offer, they were only a startup company that creates conservative suits similar to Lane Bryant.  They onlyhave black one-piece on their products along with swim skirts offered at affordable price range. There are plus-sized brands in boutiques but they are quite pricey selling at a minimum $100.

Talks of the design started and Gregg’s first collaboration with the company resulted into a vibrant collection including bikinis covered in galaxy prints, one-pieces with lips on the print and designs that comes with zippers as well as cutouts. Plus-size women who wore the collection are not only covering up but they are showing off at the same time.

As expected, the collection took flight and in just two days after the release, they were already sold out. The website of Swimsuits For All could not handle the traffic and crashed. The website received 74 per cent more visitors wanting to buy a bikini online and it was more than the expected website traffic. The collection was also featured in huge media publishing including the Huffington Post and New York Post.


How To Enhance The Appearance Of Your Custom Canvas Prints?

A person who follows poster art and admires larger displays of pictures anticipates working with custom canvas prints too. A great number of artists aren’t happy with canvas prints, as they provide fine-looking artistic work which may add savings rather than paintings. Nowadays, canvas printing is preferred by many. People who used to be poster lovers are now preferring canvas prints.

Do you have an idea how people have turned to canvas prints? Posters may cost less as compared to canvas prints; however, they provide exceptional quality product where the materials used is somewhat expensive.

The best and most attractive way to create a digital image is through canvas print. It’s actually a simple process where you just choose the most loved picture, use printing services to get it printed on an exceptional canvas. For many centuries, artists have used canvas due to its persistence on their occupation and set out benefits.

Frames and Materials Used

There is a big difference of a variety of materials applied to custom canvas prints and craft posters. Posters are usually framed to last a few years only. Canvas prints are enhanced around a hard frame to ensure longer life. The frame is actually placed to protect the canvas print.

What Inks Are Used

There is a huge difference comparing inks used in canvas prints and posters. Posters actually don’t last very long, and the printers use cheaper inks making the lines and colors. Canvas prints are made to last for several years; hence long-lasting inks are used to remain noticeable.

Custom Canvas Prints

These are reproduced from a beautiful image and later printed on one part of a canvas. The prints are limitless so you can put various concepts into the canvas. Things are easily achievable like editing pictures, writing poems, stories, and songs. A custom canvas prints provide you freedom to make a first-class piece of work. It can magnify your home and make great gifts to give on birthdays, anniversaries and ceremonies.

Canvas prints are used to embellish and decorate. Just like some photography in some prints, artists add some texts too. It unleashes your artistic personality and make a grand painting for inspiration and desire.

Mastercard To Embed Fingerprint Reader On Their Debit And Credit Cards

In order to enhance security and minimize administration costs, many businesses outsource their ID printing requirements to the experts that have a more advanced plastic card printer. Aside from identification cards, businesses frequently require printing of visitor’s pass for events while financial institutions need secured printing services for their debit and credit cards.

Payments in stores that accept contactless payments have never been quicker, easier and more private than with Apple Pay. In a move intended to make physical payment cards relevant in the age of Apple Pay, Mastercard has started to undertake pilot trials of their credit and debit cards that are embedded with a fingerprint card reader.

According to Mastercard, the cards do not require power because power is drawn from existing terminals. Neither do the cards require hardware or software modifications to use the technology. A consumer does not need a PIN, signature or new payment terminal. The debit or credit cards are just as thin as existing plastic cards.

However, it appears that the Mastercard plastic debit and credit cards with fingerprint readers do not offer the same level of efficiency or security as Apple Pay. Cardholders are required to visit their bank so that their fingerprint can be read after which the card company will program an encrypted version of the fingerprint data into the chip contained in the plastic card.

With Apple Pay, there is no outside party that will be able to access fingerprint data not even their operating system. In Apple Pay, when the Touch ID is used, a query will be sent by iOS to the Secure Enclave which will check the legitimacy of the fingerprint before it sends a YES or NO response.

On the other hand, Mastercard is working on a contactless version of their cards. The first version requires the debit or credit card to be inserted into a card reader. Zwipe, a Norwegian company is working on the technology since 2014, the year when Apple Pay was launched. After South Africa, Mastercard will hold further trials in Europe and Asia with an expected launch in the US early next year.

Storage Company In Australia Helping Victims Of Domestic Violence

Being a victim of domestic violence is not something anyone can easily forget and move on from mentally but physically they can move away to start a new beginning. This is why a unique partnership was developed in Australia in order to help those who are planning to have an easier transition and move on without thinking about other matters.

Mobile storage in Sydney is not a cheap service thus the partnership between Supercheap Storage which is based in Brisbane and DVConnect, an organization devoted to help against domestic violence, aims to help victims as they move. They will be offering free moves as well as storage as part of their trial period.

Stephen Voss, the general manager of Supercheap Storage, shared that the concept was brought into light by Chris James who is the franchisee of the storage company located in north Brisbane. James’ family used to help victims of families who have been subjected to domestic violence.

Voss said that James has a background in the situation since he grew up witnessing his parents as they help children who are caught in the unfortunate scene. The mobile storage in Sydney decided to discuss with DVConnect about a possible partnership since they are still on the trial stage of the offer.

DVConnect and Supercheap Storage will be working hand in hand as they check people who should be given priority especially those who require urgent attention. DVConnect will be providing two of their staff to do the removal process. Voss explained that people will approach them regarding their case, check on what they will be able to do before booking and then the process will start from there.

Once the trial is over, Voss is planning to make this initiative a long-term one because they desire to continuously helpdomestic violence victims. They are also planning to open the service to all the franchise of Supercheap Storage located all over the country.

Dianne Mangan of DVConnect shared that it is common for victims who have escaped to have no access to mobile storage in Sydney where they can store their belongings and they don’t have enough funds to pay for a removalist or even the storage.

South African Firms Now Using Mindfulness

One of the ways a company keeps itself in good standing is to take exceptional care of its employees, and it seems that a number of South African firms are deciding that mindfulness techniques are a way to do just that.

Several companies are using mindfulness techniques and introducing them to their employees as a way to help them reduce stress, cope with anxiety, sharpen focus and increase productivity, with South African companies following that trend, according to a leadership expert.

The CEO of Jack Hammer, one of the SA’s top executive search companies, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, has stated that mindfulness has moved out of the reserved domain of yoga practitioners and motivational internet memes, and that the idea has been gaining ground in people all over the world, including South Africa.

She states that people are finding the concept as appealing, and are grateful for it, leading to the developments that result in mindfulness becoming a more mainstream concept, and mindfulness techniques are treated with seriousness and validity, backed up with data, research and empirical information from multiple sources which show the personal and commercial benefits of mindfulness.

She states that mindfulness is becoming more and more mainstream, with leaders from industries across the world, such as Google, Intel, Target, and the like incorporating the principles and practices of mindfulness in their workings.

Goodman-Bhyat, understanding the value of mindfulness, recently published her book, titled ‘InTheFlow – Taking Mindfulness to Work’, which is the culmination of years of research regarding the ramifications of implementing mindfulness techniques in the workplace. The books outline a six-prompt formula that forms the core of its guidelines, and seems to have picked up quite a following in business leaders across SA, becoming one of the 10 Best South African Business Books for the year of 2016.

The CEO of Raizcorp, Allon Raiz, stated that the book takes the idea of mindfulness, of the serenity of existing in the moment, and brings it closer to the hectic business environment. He states that the books take a somewhat intangible concept, and creates a practical outline for understanding and applying it.

Global studies show a noted decrease in stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, as well as increases in productivity, focus, and emotional control in companies where mindfulness techniques have been practiced.

Goodman-Bhyat stated that whilst implementing mindfulness practices in a work environment doesn’t need a considerable investment in time, strategy or money, it does require someone to act as an example, someone who is open to new perspectives and methods of getting work done.