Mastercard To Embed Fingerprint Reader On Their Debit And Credit Cards

In order to enhance security and minimize administration costs, many businesses outsource their ID printing requirements to the experts that have a more advanced plastic card printer. Aside from identification cards, businesses frequently require printing of visitor’s pass for events while financial institutions need secured printing services for their debit and credit cards.

Payments in stores that accept contactless payments have never been quicker, easier and more private than with Apple Pay. In a move intended to make physical payment cards relevant in the age of Apple Pay, Mastercard has started to undertake pilot trials of their credit and debit cards that are embedded with a fingerprint card reader.

According to Mastercard, the cards do not require power because power is drawn from existing terminals. Neither do the cards require hardware or software modifications to use the technology. A consumer does not need a PIN, signature or new payment terminal. The debit or credit cards are just as thin as existing plastic cards.

However, it appears that the Mastercard plastic debit and credit cards with fingerprint readers do not offer the same level of efficiency or security as Apple Pay. Cardholders are required to visit their bank so that their fingerprint can be read after which the card company will program an encrypted version of the fingerprint data into the chip contained in the plastic card.

With Apple Pay, there is no outside party that will be able to access fingerprint data not even their operating system. In Apple Pay, when the Touch ID is used, a query will be sent by iOS to the Secure Enclave which will check the legitimacy of the fingerprint before it sends a YES or NO response.

On the other hand, Mastercard is working on a contactless version of their cards. The first version requires the debit or credit card to be inserted into a card reader. Zwipe, a Norwegian company is working on the technology since 2014, the year when Apple Pay was launched. After South Africa, Mastercard will hold further trials in Europe and Asia with an expected launch in the US early next year.

Cannes Lions’ Names Marketer Of The Year

Good marketing is important for any business; they can make or break any business venture. As a result, marketers need a certain innovativeness and creativity to help set what their trying to market apart, generating attention to their product, staying ahead of marketing trends, etc.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is an annual advertising festival celebrating creative efforts in the field of communications industry and advertising, regarded to be the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. The awards are respected in the field, with recipients including big names like Toyota, and Burger King. The latter is notable, having racked up a total of 76 Lions since the awards festival’s first iteration in 1954. And it seems like this year, Burger King is slated to continue that trend.

The fast-food chain is slated to receive at least one award this year, having already been named as Marketer of the Year. The brand had already won numerous awards, including last year’s Grand Prix in several categories, including Print & Publishing and Media. When the awards ceremonies are held this June, the chain is guaranteed to receive the Marketer of the Year award, with others possibly following based on the decision of the awards committee.

Jose Papa, the Cannes Lions’ managing director, has made a statement regarding the win, stating that Burger King is a brand that has solidly established itself as possessing creativity in the advertising field, with marketing campaigns that are daring, innovative, and memorable.

Burger King has expressed its side, with CMO Axel Schwan stating that this win is a reflection of the company’s principles of utilizing creativity to help them in staying ahead of marketing trends and stand out from their competition. Mr. Schwan has stated that this principle is ubiquitous in the company’s practices.

According to statements and releases from the brand, the awards are for their ad campaigns, like Proud Whopper, McWhopper Proposal, among others.

The company’s head of brand marketing, Fernando Machado, has expressed that the award is a reflection of the consistent creativity and high-quality work delivered by the Burger King brand.