How An Accounting Company In Bangkok Works?

Thailand has improved its economy tremendously from 1985 to 1996. During this period, the economy of Thailand rose to an average of 12.2% annually. However, it has also experienced some crisis that helped modify the processes for industrial growths. In recent years, the country has emerged to become an industrial hub catering to many opportunities for industrialists and its people. And to improve the processes, it will need a high quality accounting company in Bangkok to record and monitor the growth.

Presently, the accounting and auditing standards in Thailand are created by the ICAAT (Institute of Certified Accountants and Auditors in Thailand). The guidelines for accounting and auditing especially for government taxes and financial statements abide by the ICAAT standards.

Up till today, the ICAAT have issued a number of accounting standards to regulate accounting policies, income statements, EPS, government taxes and various accounting modifications which have developed in recent years. The accounting system is regulated by the board of supervision for auditing practices, which oversee the accounting and auditing standards implemented and may make alternations when required. So here’s how some accounting company in Bangkok does the processes:

  • Accounting for a newly incorporated company

All companies operating in Thailand must have a TIN within sixty days of its incorporation.

  • Personal and corporate income tax falls under the direct tax

Accounting in Thailand is somehow different from other countries. Here you’ll notice that the CIT and PIT are parts of direct taxes. The corporate income taxes are charged to a partnership firm or company, which has been formed under the Company Act of Thailand. The same rules apply even if they are owned by foreign investors. However, foreign companies must accomplish a quarterly profit and loss statements and submit it to the regulating bodies.

  • The need to prepare accounts

All companies operating in Thailand will have to prepare transaction records. It can either be credit or debit transactions. The companies also need to prepare a list of transactions done in purchasing things outside Thailand. This rule is applicable to all types of business entities.

  • All records must be reviewed by an accountant

Business obligations and transactions must be carefully monitored by a certified accountant to ascertain any type of errors. These records must be submitted within few months after the end of a financial year.

Garbage In Koh Larn A Burden For Pattaya Officials

Tourists who are enjoying their holiday at Pattaya beach hotel might not be aware that the city is currently having issues with the garbage crisis in Koh Larn. As of the moment, the officials in Pattaya have not come up with a long-term solution to the problem. For the meantime, they have decided to choose between two options – to purchase new barges that will move the garbage to the mainland or to burn them where they are.

Chaichan Iamcharoen, the deputy governor of Chonburi, spearheaded the most recent brainstorming session regarding the garbage problem of the resort island. The meeting took place on December 13 and Pattaya officials admitted that the better part of 2017 has been spend in discussing the surveying the best solution to the problem. In the midst of it all, they have taken no action to answer the problem.

The last meeting was a good one because they were able to come up with an agreement but it was only a short-term solution. This will do until such time that they have developed a long-term solution. They need immediate action because of the prediction made by the advisor of the former and current government, Pracha Taerat. According to her prediction, there is a big possibility that at the start of 2018 Koh Larn will no longer have space to accommodate new garbage.

Anan Ankanawisan, the chairman of the Pattaya city council, said that the earlier survey they conducted revealed that the island holds a total of 30,000 tons of dump. The available barges on the island are already worn out that these are not capable of travelling in order to move the garbage to the mainland where it can be disposed properly.

Pinit Maneerat, the spokesman of the city, said that the garbage is overflowing due to the increasing number of tourists coming to the island on a daily basis which is between 10,000 and 12,500.

Itthiphol Netiyakup Singkornkaew, the sanitation chief of the island, said that the problem with the garbage has been happening for many years and it is only escalating. Despite the tourism brought by Pattaya beach hotel, this problem has been weighing on the island.

Artist Transforming Neglected Furniture On The Streets

Homeowners who no longer want their used but well-loved furniture will put them up for sale at listing sites such as free classifieds L.A. while there are those that chose to leave the furniture at the side of the street. This is a very common setup in Los Angeles. One can see neglected refrigerators, old sofa and even a mattress that is more likely to be left there than to be picked up by anyone else. In Koreatown, there is an uncommon sight that is greeting the locals. These old furniture are seen to be painted with a face, bowtie or even a hat.

The entire year, an artist who wants to remain anonymous has been painting people’s neglected trash. The artist goes by the name Lonesome Town and he loves to adorn household pieces that are already outdated and neglected. The most common thing he paints on them is a cartoon clown with a crying face.

Majority of the local adored the work done by Lonesome Town and this has been the talk of the town. People living in Koreatown as well as those in Silver Lake are looking all over the street for items that are used to be neglected in order to see if the artist has left his painting on them. It eventually turned into something similar to a treasure hunt.

According to M, the artist who wanted to remain unnamed, he found the entire setup to be tragic in a beautiful way. He started painting when he found a rejected fridge on the side of the street. He came back from travelling in Spain and there was the refrigerator. He shared that the fridge seems to be looking straight at him. The household item are used by homeowners almost every day and one day they just decided to abandon it.

This is when he felt the need to paint a face on it. When he passed by the next day, it was still there so he added buttons. This is when he started painting and the pattern continued. Locals who still find their furniture to be worth something will use free classified L.A. to find them a new home but these neglected ones have been given a new life because of the artist.

Double Wedding Dress Not Possible For Ordinary Brides

It is the dream of almost every little girl to get married wearing a beautiful dress. You can see them dressing up and playing pretend as if they are on their wedding day. The trend in the wedding industry changes over time including the increase in demand for marquee hire in Melbourne which is not as common decades ago.

Celebrities are always talk of the town when they get married because of the lavish ceremony which includes the best venue, a guest list comprised mostly of famous people and two different wedding dresses.

Gone are the days when a single wedding dress is enough for the whole day. It is common to see celebrities where a different gown for their wedding ceremony and the reception after.

The list of celebrities following this trend is growing including Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian wearing Versace and Alexander McQueen, Kate Middleton wore two dresses, ChrissyTeigen changed three times in Vera Wang and Giovanna Battaglia who wore four gowns.

Celebrities have the money to spend on different wedding dresses while others receive some as free promotion for the brand but the question is if the trend is going to stick with ordinary brides.

This is not a new concept since brides at the beginning of the 20th century have been using multiple outfits especially if they are going away straight to their honeymoon after the wedding reception.

What used to be an outfit change at the end of the party is now an outfit change at the start of it. Not everyone has the money to spare though.

It is expected for brides to want to have two in order to have a grand dress for the ceremony and something they can dance in during the reception. For those who can’t afford, prioritizing is important.

This new trend is proving to be an additional pressure to future brides. Many are already pressured to get a marquee hire in Melbourne, book the best venues and now they must think about not one but multiple wedding dresses.Let us not forget that the essence of a wedding gown is finding the one you love and will wear the entire day because the choosing alone is a memorable experience.

How To Enhance The Appearance Of Your Custom Canvas Prints?

A person who follows poster art and admires larger displays of pictures anticipates working with custom canvas prints too. A great number of artists aren’t happy with canvas prints, as they provide fine-looking artistic work which may add savings rather than paintings. Nowadays, canvas printing is preferred by many. People who used to be poster lovers are now preferring canvas prints.

Do you have an idea how people have turned to canvas prints? Posters may cost less as compared to canvas prints; however, they provide exceptional quality product where the materials used is somewhat expensive.

The best and most attractive way to create a digital image is through canvas print. It’s actually a simple process where you just choose the most loved picture, use printing services to get it printed on an exceptional canvas. For many centuries, artists have used canvas due to its persistence on their occupation and set out benefits.

Frames and Materials Used

There is a big difference of a variety of materials applied to custom canvas prints and craft posters. Posters are usually framed to last a few years only. Canvas prints are enhanced around a hard frame to ensure longer life. The frame is actually placed to protect the canvas print.

What Inks Are Used

There is a huge difference comparing inks used in canvas prints and posters. Posters actually don’t last very long, and the printers use cheaper inks making the lines and colors. Canvas prints are made to last for several years; hence long-lasting inks are used to remain noticeable.

Custom Canvas Prints

These are reproduced from a beautiful image and later printed on one part of a canvas. The prints are limitless so you can put various concepts into the canvas. Things are easily achievable like editing pictures, writing poems, stories, and songs. A custom canvas prints provide you freedom to make a first-class piece of work. It can magnify your home and make great gifts to give on birthdays, anniversaries and ceremonies.

Canvas prints are used to embellish and decorate. Just like some photography in some prints, artists add some texts too. It unleashes your artistic personality and make a grand painting for inspiration and desire.

Home-Based Rehabilitation For Patients Who Have Recently Undergone Joint Replacement

Many people would argue that for a patient who has undergone a surgery for the replacement of their joints, the best form of rehabilitation to get them back on their feet would be to get them to a private rehabilitation center where they stay and slowly get rehabilitated back to a normal life. However new reports from other countries are suggesting that this may not be the best option for those who are living on the weaker side of the median annual income. With rising costs of hospital care, this option for the rehabilitation of patients in the comfort of their own homes will come as a boon to many.

In Australia especially, the number of cases where patients who have undergone joint replacement are given the option to pursue home-based remedies for their rehabilitation are being shunned away to the best rehab services in order to try and speed up the process. However, a three year study in the field has just recently concluded that there is no difference in the time taken for patients to recover from joint replacement surgeries regardless of whether they were rehabilitated at home or in the hospital. However, there was up to a 20 times cost difference, indicating the need for people of poorer income to avail the option of home rehabilitation.

The Medibank group of companies has suggested this new step in the healthcare market of Australia, to invest in home rehabilitation. This is for the numerous surgeries that happen on knee and hip replacements. Exact numbers show that in a one year period, there may be more than 50,000 replacements and that the number has actually increased from previous years. With Medibank responsible for nearly 27% of this number, and with nearly 20% of these cases curable by home remedies, Medibank is looking to capitalize on this and provide customers and patients with the best rehab services for home rehabilitation. Reports also note that health insurers in Britain and Canada have tried these methods and that they have proven to be extremely successful, with no appreciable difference in the clinical outcome of the people under study.