Organizations Join Forces To Promote Tourism In Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard

Pattaya is well known for a wide range of attractions and activities including amazing cultural sights and temples, championship golf courses, top of the line marinas, water sports and of course shopping malls. Not to be overlooked is the presence of endless culinary delights; one of the reasons why tourists flock to Thailand.

According to Dr. Peerawat Chookhiatti of Siam Music Yamaha, there is also a musical side to the Pattaya region. The popular tourist destination is home to musical events that provide the perfect inspiration to both kids and adults to learn how to play musical instruments and enjoy performances. Yamaha Thailand Music Festival competition for music students all over Thailand attracts thousands of entries and inspires a lot of individuals.

Another example of an activity that is attracting people to Pattaya is polo. According to Naya Ketusingha, secretary general and manager of Thailand Equestrian Federation, polo including other equestrian sports provide high quality and interesting activities for families and spectators. People learn to take proper care of horses and build a lasting a relationship with the intelligent animals. Families are introduced to try new experiences and understand the range of skills required to play polo.

Leading luxury resort Movenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya located in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand has launched a program for family-oriented activities in partnership with Siam Music Yamaha, Siam Country Club Pattaya and Thailand Equestrian Federation to provide visitors with an engaging vacation experience.

Tourism Authority of Thailand is keen on promoting the Eastern Seaboard region as a family destination. Marketing campaigns are being run to highlight Pattaya as a diverse and appealing family destination. At present the region attracts 10 million domestic and international tourists per year. Major transport and infrastructure projects have been launched so that the region can be developed as a major tourist destination.

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Coast-To-Coast Railway In South America – The Project Of The Century

Siemens including dozens of German companies have attended meetings in Bolivia to discuss the construction of a coast-to-coast railway that will run through Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. According to officials from Germany and Bolivia, if plans push through, it can speed up exports of corn and soybeans to Asia.

The extraordinary $10 billion project involves the construction of a 3,700 kilometre (2,299 miles) rail line across the South American continent. The rail line will link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and will pass through mountains and jungles. According to Rainer Bomba, Germany’s State Secretary of German Transport, Building and Urban Development, the rail line will be the project of the century.

Representatives from Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia including Germany and Switzerland are still considering whether the train route is feasible particularly since it will drastically shorten the shipping routes of prime commodities from Brazil’s coast to Asian markets.

Siemens’ one of Europe’s top engineering groups is present in the meetings to gain as much information as possible regarding the project. In an email, Dennis Hoffman, spokesperson for Siemens, said that since the project is on its early stages, many questions have to be clarified.

The March discussions come after a similar Chinese-led project to construct a South American railway ran into roadblocks because of concerns regarding costs and the environment. Since 40 German companies attended the meetings, it demonstrates that Germany is highly involved in the planning phase and eventually the realization phase.

According to USDA, Brazil expects to export 28 million tons of corn and about 61 million tons of soybeans from the 2016-17 crop year. Land-locked Bolivia has long planned for a corridor to the Pacific because Chile took its coastline in a war in the late 19th century. Political issues have been resolved so that technical work can now move forward.

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Natural Gas Project’s Employees Stood Down

People from all over Australia, from residents in Sydney to electricians in Perth, were glad to hear of the new project located in Darwin, aimed in providing natural gas for the country to utilize, seeing it as a promising venture.

Recent news however, has not been as promising.

Over 800 workers from the project are being stood down from the $36 B Ichthys gas venture, led by Inpex, in Darwin, Australia. JKC Australia LNG, head contractor for the project has confirmed: 640 direct employees were laid off from the natural gas venture, followed by an additional 200 subcontractors soon after.

Laing O’Rourke, the man in charge of it all, possesses the contract and authorization, as the representative of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, needed for the construction of cryogenic tanks on the site. This contract is one of the largest involved with the Ichthys project, which aims to acquire the natural gas located in the Western Australia coasts, and deliver it across 900km of underwater piping to a processing plant located in Darwin Harbour.

The achievement of this aim, however, has been hampered by recent contractual disputes involving Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and Laing O’Rourke, was caught in the hotseat, forced to handle the aftermath of the issue, which led to it withdrawing from the project. As a result, over 800 employees on the project were laid off, sent back to their homes after a surprise announcement made by the construction company.

Josh Burling, spokesperson for the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union stated that the layoffs were sudden and unexpected, and that he was simply informed of them via a phone call on the morning of March 15.

According to Mr. Burling, employees were suddenly being shipped off-site on buses and promptly sent home without work. The employees were undoubtedly shocked, with some stating that their work suddenly disappeared overnight. Some, however, state that there have been murmurs leading up to the mass layoff.

Laing O’Rourke has made their statement, saying that the problem lies with KHI, not with them, stating that the Japanese company had failed to pay for work on the project for some time now, and that the company had attempted to rectify the issues plaguing the site. Regardless, Laing O’Rourke has properly compensated all employees for any work during the tumultuous timeframe.

Electricians in Perth and people all over Australia remain hopeful for the project.

Swiss Company Offers To Use Cremation Ashes As Diamonds For Keepsake

When it comes to creativity, human beings have no limit thus the continued innovation that we are experiencing. The same goes when it comes to the celebration of life for the deceased loved ones. This is because of many reasons and one of them is the growing desire in people to choose cremation over the burial ceremony. There are now many options to remember our loved one who have passed away such as mixing the ashes into paint so that a portrait of the deceased can be made from it or the ashes can be sent into space if desired. A new discovery is further eliminating the need for traditional burial because of the option to memorialize the one who passed away after its human body has been cremated.

This new service promises to make diamonds out of the ashes of the loved ones after cremation. Back in the day, common keepsakes would be keeping a lock of hair or a simple photograph of the deceased wherever they may be. This is not enough anymore as we can turn the ashes into diamond and set them into different jewelleries such as ring or pendant for a necklace. It can also be kept as is if desired.

The company that is offering this service is called Lonite and it is located in Zurich, Switzerland. The name of the company, Lonite, is originally from Longevite which is a Swiss word. The word means “to live a long life”. This is only suitable because diamonds are known to be one of the toughest materials in the world which is derived naturally and can last a long time. This is also why diamonds are considered as a symbol of eternity – both in love and devotion. This is why many couples are choosing this service so that they can have a part of the ones they love even after they have passed on.

Diamond making out of human remains for funeral jewellery in Perth is possible because of the high concentration of carbon which is required in creating diamonds. The beautiful thing is that the colour of the diamond will depend on the nitrogen that is left in the carbon. Colourless ones can also be achieved but the process is longer and will cost more.

Perth House Prices Still Falling

For the perspective homeowner, there are a lot of things to take into account when buying a house. For those looking for a home, worrying about the price of a carpet cleaner in Perth, is just another cost to take into account, which, in recent years, have been rising. The Perth housing market has been stuck in a funk recently, and has taken another blow with recent data showing a notable decline in housing values across the city.

According to data released by CoreLogic, an Irvine-based analytics corporation specializing in financials, properties and consumer information, the value of houses across the city dropped by a considerable 2.4 percent. This tumble combined with previous year’s declines means that the value of homes across the city of Perth have fallen, by a total of 4.4%, in spite of the small rise in value that occurred this January.

The units of Perth show a similar trend, with values that dropped down 2.8% this February, resulting in a total drop of 5% over the past year.

This declining performance in recent months from the city of Perth is a stark contrast to the East Coast cities of Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne. The former experienced a 2.7% growth last February, resulting in a growth of 19.1% since the February of 2016, whilst the latter experienced a 1.5% growth last month resulting in a 14.2% total growth over the same timeframe.

According to Tim Lawless, CoreLogic’s head of research, the annual growth rate for capital cities across the globe was now at the high point of the cyclical trend it usually follows. He states that the yearly growth rate across the capitals are at their highest since the 12-month period that ended on the June of 2010.

For the past decade, the annual growth in house values in Perth have bogged down, slowing to a mere .3% every year. For comparison, Sydney experienced an average of 7.5%, whilst Melbourne had a marginally higher growth. Mr. Lawless has stated that he and his company has noticed the indicators that showed that the homes in Sydney were being priced in such a way that most prospecting homeowners could not afford them. However, the conditions that made house prices reach such high levels have benefitted the home owners, providing them with some good news and a good amount of money over the years.

The homeowners, not worrying about the cost of a carpet cleaner in Perth because they don’t live in the area but plan to move, might want to consider pricing trends.

The Launch of Uber Freight That Will Likely Change Trucking

Last month, Uber launched its website for a new service named Uber Freight. There is only little information revealed regarding its expansion from the ride hailing services. However, if Uber’s announcements during 2016 are an indicator, the chances are Uber Freight is there to prepare everyone for the autonomous delivery trucks.

Self driving cars from Uber

Uber acquired Otto, a startup that planned to start self driving cars in the market, last August. Ever since, the company made use of its trucks in order to deliver a cargo of 50,000 cans of beer and Christmas trees in California.

Uber Freight is not going to use these self driving cars, well not yet. Instead, it is going to work the same way as Uber’s current platform. Some people are going to sign up for them to drive items all over the country, while others are going to join in order for them to send the packages without the need to sign contracts with the traditional shipping companies. The service is going to probably increase pricing to the trucking also.

Uber Freight may assist Otto’s trucks, too, with data gathered from the drivers using the new service. This is going to let self driving vehicles learn from experienced drivers while the regulators are figuring out ways to govern these autonomous trucks, including its technology.

Growing interest in trucking

The launch of Uber Freight also occurs simultaneously with the increasing interest in trucking by a lot of tech companies. Nikola Motor Company intends to make use of technology to have trucking be more environment friendly, as well as attractive to millennials; Tesla is working on self driving trucks; the list goes on.

Uber mentioned to Inverse that it will wait until this New Year to further provide information regarding how this new system is going to work. Uber’s spokesperson mentioned that they do not have information yet, but they hope to have more this 2017.

It seems that the future related to trucking, or even one possible future, will take more time to have its debut. Regardless, this new system from Uber is likely going to increase the need for truck driver jobs soon.