Guide In Choosing Bed Sheets

Humans spend one-third of their entire lives on their beds thus it is important to buy the best mattress possible. Once you have the best mattress, it wouldn’t be right to use just any bed sheet because the point of choosing a good quality mattress will then be negated. Many choose design bed sheets and not because of the quality. How do you know which bed sheet is best for you?

One of the things people look into when buying bed sheets is the thread count but experts have said that the thread count does not determine the quality or the softness of the sheet. Thread count is the woven threads that are found within a single square inch of the fabric. The number is the combined weft, horizontal threads, and warp, vertical threads.

The lowest is 150 which are commonly seen in cheap beddings for kid’s beds and the highest could reach over a thousand for silk and satin fabrics. This is not the case with cotton though. In reality, only a certain amount of threads can be fitted through the loom. According to majority of experts, the ideal is between 400 and 600 threads for every inch.

Additional threads are twisted as part of the weft just to make the thread count higher which is a common marketing strategy by manufacturers of bed sheets. These extra threads do not help in making the fabric stronger nor does it make it any softer. Sometimes this is the reason why cotton sheets are easily ripped and easily snags or pills.

Instead of looking at the thread count, check out the fabric. Go for combed cotton, extra long staple Egyptian cotton or Supima cotton made in the US. For quality cotton sheets, choose Sateen or Percale because they are the softest and most durable. The costs may be higher compared to standard cotton with short-weave because these types make use of long staple cotton. A more casual option is the linen manufactured using flax stem.

Don’t simply go for design bed sheets but more importantly focus on the fabric to make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

Sailing World Anticipating The 2017 Euromed Regatta

One of the most recently concluded event in the world of racing is hosted by Royal Malta Yacht Club. They sponsored the Rolex Middle Sea Race which is on its 38th year. A total of 102 yachts coming from 30 different countries came and Malta was given the prestigious attention it wanted to gather from the international yachting network. The event was as enjoyable as sailing holidays from La Gomera where sailors enjoy their time in the sea.

For this month, all eyes from the sailing world will once again be focused on Malta as the Malta Young Sailors Club will be the official organizer of the MapfreMiddleseaEuromed Regatta on its 18th year. This is an annual event that is looked forward to in the international sailing scene because it features dinghies from Optimist and Laser category.

One of the most well-knowndinghies is the Optimist. It is small and intended for single handed sailing. It was designed for young sailors 15 years and younger. According to the International Sailing Federation, the Optimist is already considered as an international Class. Its classification falls under pram because the bottom is flat and it has shallow draught.

During the event there will be three Classes for Optimist event – Senior Division, Cadet Division and Beginners’ Division.

Fleets under Radial and Laser 4.7 will also be present at the event. They will participate in a single series but the course will be different from that of the Optimists.

For the 18th edition of the event, a total of 142 sailors have already registered from 20 nations – Australia, Greece, United Kingdom, Croatia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Turkey, Estonia, Switzerland, Malta, France, Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Ireland, Italy, Russia and Latvia.

The racing arena will be at the Mellieha bay while the official hotel for the regatta is Seabank Resort and Spa. Euromedis timed with the Christmas holidays to make sure that young sailors are free from school obligations and will be able to travel to Malta for the competition. The families of the sailors will be able to enjoy much like the sailing holidays from La Gomera which is a well deserved treat after the competition.