Double Wedding Dress Not Possible For Ordinary Brides

It is the dream of almost every little girl to get married wearing a beautiful dress. You can see them dressing up and playing pretend as if they are on their wedding day. The trend in the wedding industry changes over time including the increase in demand for marquee hire in Melbourne which is not as common decades ago.

Celebrities are always talk of the town when they get married because of the lavish ceremony which includes the best venue, a guest list comprised mostly of famous people and two different wedding dresses.

Gone are the days when a single wedding dress is enough for the whole day. It is common to see celebrities where a different gown for their wedding ceremony and the reception after.

The list of celebrities following this trend is growing including Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian wearing Versace and Alexander McQueen, Kate Middleton wore two dresses, ChrissyTeigen changed three times in Vera Wang and Giovanna Battaglia who wore four gowns.

Celebrities have the money to spend on different wedding dresses while others receive some as free promotion for the brand but the question is if the trend is going to stick with ordinary brides.

This is not a new concept since brides at the beginning of the 20th century have been using multiple outfits especially if they are going away straight to their honeymoon after the wedding reception.

What used to be an outfit change at the end of the party is now an outfit change at the start of it. Not everyone has the money to spare though.

It is expected for brides to want to have two in order to have a grand dress for the ceremony and something they can dance in during the reception. For those who can’t afford, prioritizing is important.

This new trend is proving to be an additional pressure to future brides. Many are already pressured to get a marquee hire in Melbourne, book the best venues and now they must think about not one but multiple wedding dresses.Let us not forget that the essence of a wedding gown is finding the one you love and will wear the entire day because the choosing alone is a memorable experience.

Sailing World Anticipating The 2017 Euromed Regatta

One of the most recently concluded event in the world of racing is hosted by Royal Malta Yacht Club. They sponsored the Rolex Middle Sea Race which is on its 38th year. A total of 102 yachts coming from 30 different countries came and Malta was given the prestigious attention it wanted to gather from the international yachting network. The event was as enjoyable as sailing holidays from La Gomera where sailors enjoy their time in the sea.

For this month, all eyes from the sailing world will once again be focused on Malta as the Malta Young Sailors Club will be the official organizer of the MapfreMiddleseaEuromed Regatta on its 18th year. This is an annual event that is looked forward to in the international sailing scene because it features dinghies from Optimist and Laser category.

One of the most well-knowndinghies is the Optimist. It is small and intended for single handed sailing. It was designed for young sailors 15 years and younger. According to the International Sailing Federation, the Optimist is already considered as an international Class. Its classification falls under pram because the bottom is flat and it has shallow draught.

During the event there will be three Classes for Optimist event – Senior Division, Cadet Division and Beginners’ Division.

Fleets under Radial and Laser 4.7 will also be present at the event. They will participate in a single series but the course will be different from that of the Optimists.

For the 18th edition of the event, a total of 142 sailors have already registered from 20 nations – Australia, Greece, United Kingdom, Croatia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Turkey, Estonia, Switzerland, Malta, France, Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Ireland, Italy, Russia and Latvia.

The racing arena will be at the Mellieha bay while the official hotel for the regatta is Seabank Resort and Spa. Euromedis timed with the Christmas holidays to make sure that young sailors are free from school obligations and will be able to travel to Malta for the competition. The families of the sailors will be able to enjoy much like the sailing holidays from La Gomera which is a well deserved treat after the competition.