New Online Portal To Mitigate Corruption In Business Registration

It is important for companies and organizations to understand that Missouri Registration of business requires EIN Number or Employer Identification Number to identify a business for tax purposes. It will be very difficult for a business to open a bank account or line of credit in the absence of an EIN number. The state also requires the EIN number before a business is provided with a license.

In Ukraine, business registration only takes 20 minutes. Since March, business owners have been able to open and close a business through a new online portal established by the Ministry of Justice and the State Agency of E-governance. The new online portal immediately gained popularity. It was already used for 4,000 times during the first 6 months. An average of 20 applications is processed every day through the online system. According to the business community, the new portal is a positive step forward.

The introduction of the online portal is considered as a transparent tool that will mitigate the risks of corruption. Since entrepreneurs can go directly to the portal, it eliminates the need to transact with officials. Besides that, procedures are simplified and other bureaucratic aspects are minimized.

Business registration used to be one of the more popular administrative services in Ukraine making it highly susceptible to corruption. Entrepreneurs’ have to find alternative ways to avoid long lines and administrative backlogs in the state registration bodies. In order to resolve transactions faster and avoid queues, they make the effort to have direct face-to-face contact with the individuals responsible for registrations and can facilitate their applications.

There is so much opportunity for corruption in the old system. According to a Ukrainian, when there are long lines, there is always a shorter route that involves money. Registration spots are sold to entrepreneurs by illegally-created shadow registers.

Services that assist businesses in Missouri Registration for EIN are not a tool to avoid corruption but an option that provides unique benefits. The process of direct registration with IRS can take a lot of time but there are service providers that can locate what you need and get things done quickly.