Check That Fresh Christmas Tree Before You Bring It Home

The most efficient way to undertake effective pest control is to prevent the pests from invading and breeding on your property. Complete pest inspections are offered by pest control in Newcastle to ensure that all risks and trouble spots are eliminated. If left unchecked, the home or office can be the perfect breeding ground for pests and tiny invaders that find their way indoors during the cold season.

Yes, indeed, it is the holiday season and people are starting to pick out the best tree that they can use for Christmas décor. Late November and early December is busy time for stores that offer a wide range of Christmas trees and other décor. However, the recently cut tree that you brought home come with more than just needles and flocking. It is very likely that the tree comes with giant conifer aphids from the genus Cinara.

Conifer aphids are the most common insects that you will encounter on the fresh Christmas trees. While outdoors, the aphids have already formed small colonies and light infestations which was not noticed in the tree farm. It is common for tree buyers to mistakenly identify the conifer aphids as 8-legged ticks. Aphids are not harmful to humans because they feed on plants. They do not live long once the tree has been cut which means that they will not be laying eggs or infesting the multicoloured décor.

However, a warm weather can encourage a higher population of conifer aphids. When you bring the newly cut tree home after it has been sitting in the cold farm, there is the possibility for the aphids to become active and invade the home. They can crawl over the fireplace, kitchen and bathroom counters. Insecticides are not necessary. Instead, make sure to shake the tree well and vacuum off the offending aphids before you start hanging the Christmas lights, garlands and coloured balls.

The most practical and effective solution when you notice pests in the home is to call pest control in Newcastle for inspection and eradication. Safe and eco-friendly treatments will be provided for the most reasonable prices. You will sleep better knowing that the home is free from disease-carrying insects and rodents.