Christmas Shopping In August

When do you start shopping for Christmas ornaments and gifts? In less than 5 months, Santa Claus will be coming to town and well known retailers are starting to prepare their holiday merchandise. For many retailers, Labor Day is the unofficial starting date to sell items for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but Hobby Lobby has made it their tradition to offer Christmas merchandise as early as summer. According to a survey made by National Retail Federation, about 40% consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween.

Some retailers consider it taboo to display Christmas merchandise when the weather is very favorable; however, many stores are already preparing the Christmas items to meet the demand of consumers. For example, Hobby Lobby begun offering winter holiday items last July 1 and it is nothing new to their loyal customers. For 2016, the store will display 8,000 unique holiday products which translate into tens of thousands of individual items. If they bring the merchandise early, it will help the store accommodate the influx of new merchandise. Before Christmas ends, the shelves will be full of spring merchandise.

Hallmark is closely associated with holidays and the store has been selling Christmas ornaments as early as July because they have customers who want to first priority on the limited items. Consumers want to plan early so that they will have adequate time for Christmas celebrations. Home Depot has already launched the Halloween and Christmas sections on its websites for consumers who want to plan their holiday décor in advance.

The US Postal Service has announced the designs of its 2016 Christmas stamps which will be offered for sale starting October 6. Stamp collectors can have their pick from the Holiday Windows featuring a candle, wreath, star and a lighted Christmas tree. They try to work in advance as much as possible to avoid the holiday rush.

Women’s Christmas sweaters are popular gifts you can give to your family and friends. Ever since the craze for ugly Christmas sweaters, people have started to wear the ugliest sweaters they can buy from online and physical stores. Start choosing the ugly sweater now so that you can still sew on additional décor.