Garbage In Koh Larn A Burden For Pattaya Officials

Tourists who are enjoying their holiday at Pattaya beach hotel might not be aware that the city is currently having issues with the garbage crisis in Koh Larn. As of the moment, the officials in Pattaya have not come up with a long-term solution to the problem. For the meantime, they have decided to choose between two options – to purchase new barges that will move the garbage to the mainland or to burn them where they are.

Chaichan Iamcharoen, the deputy governor of Chonburi, spearheaded the most recent brainstorming session regarding the garbage problem of the resort island. The meeting took place on December 13 and Pattaya officials admitted that the better part of 2017 has been spend in discussing the surveying the best solution to the problem. In the midst of it all, they have taken no action to answer the problem.

The last meeting was a good one because they were able to come up with an agreement but it was only a short-term solution. This will do until such time that they have developed a long-term solution. They need immediate action because of the prediction made by the advisor of the former and current government, Pracha Taerat. According to her prediction, there is a big possibility that at the start of 2018 Koh Larn will no longer have space to accommodate new garbage.

Anan Ankanawisan, the chairman of the Pattaya city council, said that the earlier survey they conducted revealed that the island holds a total of 30,000 tons of dump. The available barges on the island are already worn out that these are not capable of travelling in order to move the garbage to the mainland where it can be disposed properly.

Pinit Maneerat, the spokesman of the city, said that the garbage is overflowing due to the increasing number of tourists coming to the island on a daily basis which is between 10,000 and 12,500.

Itthiphol Netiyakup Singkornkaew, the sanitation chief of the island, said that the problem with the garbage has been happening for many years and it is only escalating. Despite the tourism brought by Pattaya beach hotel, this problem has been weighing on the island.