General Motor’s Commitment To Use Green Tyres Only

General Motors has made the commitment to use only “green” tyres that will not cause deforestation. GM makes use of at least 49 million tyres years annually. Based on its commitment, it will only purchase sustainable natural rubber to help small farmers and at the same time protect the company’s profits by ensuring that there is raw rubber available for long term production.

According to the world renowned auto maker, it is developing a set of purchasing requirements for sustainably harvested rubber and it expects that other automakers will follow the green practice so that deforestation will be reduced and human and labour rights upheld. Meanwhile, according to David Tulauskas, the director of sustainability for General Motors, it is not all about going green but to drive real business results.

GM said that it only wants to use sustainable natural rubber because it does not want to encourage deforestation. Rubber must be harvested in such a way that it will contribute to the economy and social development of an area. The harvesting method must also be managed in a transparent and traceable manner.

General Motors including its tire suppliers like Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear and Michelin are working together on the initiative. While they cannot yet fully replace natural rubber with synthetics, they assure customers that the tyre material is obtained responsibly. Natural rubber possesses certain properties that they have not replicated in the laboratory.

GM and tyre manufacturers are not yet aware of the costs of sustainable farming practices but they hope it will be equal to or less than what is being spent today. Encouraging the entire industry to help protect the resources is very critical because rubber trees grow only in a narrow band of the earth near the equator making them highly susceptible to disease. The issue is too big for only one company to address.

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