How To Save On Express International Courier

Sending packages and parcels abroad naturally pay higher than local shipping. An express international courier service also collects higher rate compared to standard shipping. But if you know of ways, you can actually pay lower costs for international shipping even if it is an express delivery. Here’s how:

  • The wrapping or packaging of the parcel affects the weight and overall cost of shipping. While you want to secure the parcel, you don’t want to pay excessively just because of your intention. Thus, choose light materials to secure your item. If you are sending a breakable or fragile item, use packaging peanuts, Styrofoam or bubble wrap to tightly secure the item. The mentioned materials are light weight and do not cost much but its protective capabilities are impressive. If you will send parcels regularly, consider buying packaging materials in bulk to save money.
  • Find out if the courier company offers free pick up from your home or preferred address and take advantage of this. This will save extra money for your gas and will prevent additional wear and tear of your vehicle for sending the parcel to express international courier service provider. This will also save your valuable time and effort.
  • Although express delivery allows your recipient to obtain the parcel faster than standard mode, the cost may be higher than the latter. There might also be some surcharges that may warrant additional amount on the overall delivery rate. If you are not in a hurry or the package is not urgently needed, you might as well choose the standard delivery option to reduce the costs especially if you are sending a valuable or heavy item. However, if the package needs to be delivered immediately, find a courier company that offers a lower rate than other service providers.
  • Another way to lower the rates to be paid to express international courier is by using the right weighing scale for weighing your package. A shipping scale is more accurate than a bathroom scale. Take note that packages that are heavier than the weight declared in the quote issued by the courier can incur surcharges.