Launch Of Mountainside High School In Beaverton

The Beaverton School District recently welcomed their latest high school in the area called Mountainside High. It is their sixth comprehensive high school in the district and it opened on Tuesday. The freshmen were able to lay their eyes on the new buildings and grounds of the school which is worth $185 million.

The following day, the sophomores will be coming in to join the launch of the school year which will be happening at the building close to the South Cooper Mountain located in the southwest part of the large school district.

According to the principal, Todd Corsetti, the facility is very amazing. It comes with a common area, an immense interior courtyard, a studio for recording, huge wood shop, solar panels installed on the rooftop, four turf fields located all over the school ground, main gym, theatre and an extra space for dancing.

Erik Reinholt, the activity director, spearheaded the activities team building that was organized in the gym for the freshmen during the launch. The activities aim to build a sense of community among the students who are all considered to be new kids in the school for this school year.

He gave a speech to the class of 2021 and said that they should not act like one of those students who think they are too cool to be attending school. He added that they should not accept the cool card but rather have fun in the school and make the most of their high school years.

Tuesday, the following day after the launch, is the official first day of school for Beaverton as well as majority of the schools in the districts covered by Portland such as Sherwood, Hillsboro, Tigard-Tualatin, Forest Grove, North Clackamas, Oregon City, David Douglas and Reynolds. Many of these schools will start school for their grades seven and eight students as well as those in sophomore in high school until the senior year.

The new high school in Beaverton has a total space of 300,000 square feet but this year they will only be teaching two grades with goals of adding two more freshmen in the coming two years. They will continue to offer activities team building as it fosters friendship among students.