Limousine-Like Drive Comfort Without Paying An Exorbitant Price

People who are passionate about cars understand the importance of suspension systems for efficient handling and ensuring a comfortable ride. Besides the brand and model, they want to be informed on the type of suspension system that was used that will allow a smooth ride on bumpy and unpaved roads. Meanwhile, Dorman Products is your best option when to it comes to suspension systems as well as other car parts and accessories.

The new C4 Cactus of Citroen boasts of a design that focuses on comfortable ride and glide experience. Citroens of old have always been associated with magic carpet ride but the new system they are using today on the C4 is guaranteed to soak up bumps in a splendid fashion. With the current state of most roads today, the new suspension system will be most welcome for drivers who have experienced pothole damage.

Citroen has reinvented the shock absorber and combined it with a new seat design that is more supportive in the C4 Cactus. The end result is a car that offers a level of comfort similar to a limousine but in a model that is priced for only £17,965. The technology used by Citroen is referred to as the new dampers progressive hydraulic cushions. The new seats are part of a highly advanced system designed for comfort and will be part of new models.

You can have an idea of the whole picture when you imagine cushions as two hydraulic sponges at either end of the damper travel that will absorb the first wave of shocks. The seats that feature an extra layer of foam provide additional cushioning to insulate the bottom from the biggest bumps. The difference is already noticeable from the driver’s seat. Serious jolts will be felt as light vibrations and passengers will get better support from the chunkier seats.

If you are not satisfied with the comfort of your drive, you can easily search for a replacement of your suspension system through Dorman Products that offers a wide range of suspension systems, car parts and accessories. Thousands of Americans who are passionate about cars know where they can get the best deals for their money.