London Illustrated: A Different View

Maps are graphic representations of areas and regions. It shows information and details of a chosen area as well as a picture of what a viewer can expect to see. These maps capture and label the different physical features of the area that is to be displayed such as the ranges of a mountain, bodies of water, and even streets and alleys if the artist drew a city. There are a number of people who are now famous for their artwork in creating these map illustrations. However, whoever the artist is, there are some basic but important components that remain similar in all of their artwork, the geography, details, and architecture.

Map illustrations are created with creativity and skill differing in the techniques used in its creation. There are illustrations that give focus on their intended subject or locations highlighting it clearly with bigger pictures and labels. The color and density of the illustrations can also differ as per the artist’s preference. The most common trait is that they use a bird’s eye view to show these graphical images.

One notable artist for this kind of artwork is Cathy Lathy, who is proud of her hand-drawn map illustration of London City. She grew up in these streets and studied in one of the world’s leading art and design center, Central Saint Martins. This background may be one of the reasons why even areas and places in London which are not famous, like the Fulham Palace and Parsons Green, are depicted on the map together with known attractions such as the Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Growing up in the capital is her inspiration to be able to create the artwork and it took five (5) months to complete this London City illustrated map. Other locations are also clearly shown in these map like the London Zoo and parks. Harry Potter fans will also be thrilled to note that Platform 9 and ¾ is featured in the map with King’s Cross Station.

This London City illustrated map provides information on London’s museums and, pie and mash shops. Note though that it does not only show places that are real, it also features song lyrics and fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes. The artist is hoping that people will learn more about London every time that they check out the maps.