Millennials Targeted By Entrepreneurs On Their Home Decor Venture

Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley are preparing for their first showroom of their e-commerce venture, Citizenry. The showroom will aid them in the sales of handcrafted and customized products. They made Citizenry to meet diversified needs of developing demographics.

Bentley said that there was rarely a company which is aimed at millennials. There are no products designed to meet their taste. She added that millennials want excellent products and they are concerned about the story behind them. They made Citizenry to be the house décor trademark of this generation.

Nance said that millennials have just started to invest in home decorations and buying homes. She said it was about time for the company to enter the scene. Since they started to launch their website, they already have been generating revenue. Almost every item was sold out. The company has just employed four workers.

When asked about how the company works, Bentley explained that they collaborate with the top artists using the top indigenous materials for each individual country. They aim to create products which are representative of the country’s culture. Peru and Argentina were the first nations they worked with. The initial batch composed of 35 products; then another 20 items from Uganda. By December last year, they reached their 1,000th customer.

The leading challenge of their trade was logistics according to Bentley. The operational process was difficult because every item is unique and they need to work with local artists which may have different views. On the other hand, Nance clarified that their country-by-country technique is ideal. They can concentrate on an area and learn the challenges so they can keep the business going.

Rachel and Carly met at Texas A&M during their first year in college. They initiated a conference together. Because of that activity, they realized that their assets and weaknesses complemented each other well. They promised to call each other if they ever had a business idea. They had different careers. They realized the gap in the market after trying to decorate their own homes. The citizenry is a blend of their passions- Pro Decor, making good contributions to the world and speaking out culture.