New Businesses Expected To Open Soon In Scotland

Inverness, a city in Scotland is associated to nature and parks. You can explore Loch Ness or immerse yourself in natural landscapes while you tour the Scotland Highlands. There are also Inverness hotels where every room is fitted with luxurious furnishings, free Wi-Fi, TV and many more. In Hom osassa, there is a new Asian restaurant, drive-through, ice cream parlour and an auto supply store in the offing.

Taco Bell in Homosassa is an Asian Restaurant that that has a drive-through and an indoor seating for 54 people. Unlike the other restaurants in the chain, the new Taco Bell has no outdoor patio. It displays the current “Live Mas” design with a brown exterior façade. It will be accessible through US 19 and from a cut-through at the adjacent Dollar General to the south.

Aside from Taco Bell, there is also a new ice cream parlour that received approval at 3802 US19 right at the intersection of Homosassa Trail in the parking lot of Winn-Dixie shopping centre. It will be very easy to find Twistee Treat ice cream store because it stands out from the road due to its 25-foot tall Fiberglas cone-shaped building. The chain specializes in soft ice cream.

There is good news for lovers of Asian food because the city has received permit applications for Flavour C, an Asian restaurant that will be located at the old Rustic Ranch building on 104 US 41 south. The site used to be occupied by La Cantina de Mexico. The site is currently under renovation but people can expect the new restaurant to open soon.

Auto Zone, a Tennessee-based auto supply store was reported to have requested a building permit for a new site at 2310 W. Coast Path. The auto supply store has more than 6,000 stores nationwide. It also has stores in Brazil and Mexico with plans for a new store in Beverly Hills.

There are many unconfirmed reports of businesses that have requested for building permits. If you opt for Inverness hotels during your vacation in Scotland, it is very likely that you will experience the products and services offered by the new businesses.