New Packaging Launched BY Mocktails Beverages

Mocktail Beverages are known to be all-natural and is offered in a ready to drink state. Add the fact that these are just non-alcoholic cocktails then you have the beverage that is sought for by many millennial. In an attempt to further suit the changing trend of this generation when it comes to alcohol, they have launched their beverages in bottles that are good only for a single individual. According to the president of the company, Bill Gamelli, it is a step in improving their service to the millennial generation.

According to a statement from Gamelli, millennials are now changing the trend when it comes to drinking as they are more focused on consuming less alcohol and more awareness. They wanted to be in control. This is mainly due to the influence of the social media and an increase in awareness that everything that are doing can possibly be documented in many ways and then be posted online for the world to see.

Despite the fact that they are now more careful and want to be in control, millennials are still excited by the idea of celebrating and joining parties wherein they can enjoy a beverage that offers more fun than water and in a way different from the regular soda or the mainstream drinks that are mixed and poured over ice.
For this reason, Gamelli said, Mocktails Brand was developed. It offers a line of premium type of drinks that can be enjoyed while they are having alone time. It can be taken with ice or combined with other alcoholic beverages.

The bottles are now available in sizes suitable for individual serving and can be bought in a pack of fur. This will give consumers other options rather than taking a six pack of beer in their way to a celebration or a party. It can be shared with other people as well which is a better packaging compared to the previous original one. The original packaging is a working glass in larger size that resembles a martini shaker.

Packaging of different products evolves over the years to accommodate the demand of the consumers. In the same way, also offers the most recent choices when it comes to packaging solutions.