Organizations Join Forces To Promote Tourism In Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard

Pattaya is well known for a wide range of attractions and activities including amazing cultural sights and temples, championship golf courses, top of the line marinas, water sports and of course shopping malls. Not to be overlooked is the presence of endless culinary delights; one of the reasons why tourists flock to Thailand.

According to Dr. Peerawat Chookhiatti of Siam Music Yamaha, there is also a musical side to the Pattaya region. The popular tourist destination is home to musical events that provide the perfect inspiration to both kids and adults to learn how to play musical instruments and enjoy performances. Yamaha Thailand Music Festival competition for music students all over Thailand attracts thousands of entries and inspires a lot of individuals.

Another example of an activity that is attracting people to Pattaya is polo. According to Naya Ketusingha, secretary general and manager of Thailand Equestrian Federation, polo including other equestrian sports provide high quality and interesting activities for families and spectators. People learn to take proper care of horses and build a lasting a relationship with the intelligent animals. Families are introduced to try new experiences and understand the range of skills required to play polo.

Leading luxury resort Movenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya located in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand has launched a program for family-oriented activities in partnership with Siam Music Yamaha, Siam Country Club Pattaya and Thailand Equestrian Federation to provide visitors with an engaging vacation experience.

Tourism Authority of Thailand is keen on promoting the Eastern Seaboard region as a family destination. Marketing campaigns are being run to highlight Pattaya as a diverse and appealing family destination. At present the region attracts 10 million domestic and international tourists per year. Major transport and infrastructure projects have been launched so that the region can be developed as a major tourist destination.

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