Overcoming The Challenges Of Large Scale Windows For Musical Spaces

Large scale window systems are rather rare in musical spaces because of some acoustical challenges. However, by opting for low-iron glass with low roller wave and horizontal orientation, any acoustical and visual distortion will be significantly minimized. Large panes of glass on the windows can diffuse sound at varying rates on the shingled wall while tall and narrow windows can minimize vibrations throughout.

The University of Iowa School of Music celebrated its 100th anniversary in a new home at the Voxman Music Building. The design of the 190,000 square foot project was focused on sustainability, durability and highest acoustic performance. It features energy efficient windows and curtainwall systems that have been finished and improved through Linetec.

Linetec’s thermal improvement services and anodize finishes are considered to be the key contributors to the energy efficiency of the window systems including its aesthetic appeal and durability. The $152 million project aims to achieve LEED for New Construction Gold certification. Wausau Window and Wall Systems has worked closely with Architectural Wall Systems, a glazing contractor to ensure that public space within the building will be extended with glass.  Window systems play a major role in the creation of visual transparency between the public and the performers.

In addition to durable finishes and recyclable materials, Linetec supported the project’s sustainable and LEED goals to provide thermal comfort and energy efficiency through thermal barriers for Wausau’s window and curtainwall systems. Wausau systems recognized the importance of daylight and views which are the main visual features of the building.

The glass exteriors start underneath the concert halls and wrap around and up to main entrance. It continues over to the recital hall reaching heights of 50 feet. The construction of glass and metal units made it possible to create an undulating slope that appears to pour out from the building’s roof up to its base.

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