Chivas Partners Up For The First Time For An Exclusive Brand

Chivas Regal, the Scotland-based whiskey subsidiary of the French Pernod Ricard distilled beverage conglomerate, has just partnered up with Lebua Hotels and Resorts.

This unique partnership is the first time in the distillery’s 216 years of operation, that they have brewed a unique liquor blend exclusively for a partner. The eponymous Lebua Blend, is available at only one location in the entire world: The Alfresco 64 – A Chivas Bar, Bangkok and the world’s highest perched whiskey bar above the many rooftop bar in Sukhumvit that dot Bangkok’s skyline.

Located at the Dome at Lebua, in Bangkok’s 1055 State Tower on Silom Road, this new bar was recently opened early June this year, during the fifth anniversary of the partnership between Chivas Regal and Lebua Hotels and Resorts. The whisky blend exclusive to the bar is a celebration of both the bar’s opening and the partnership between the two groups.

The blend, handled by master blender Colin Scott and his team, was brewed with whiskies as aged for 3 decades, which were handpicked by the blending team, mixed, then left to age in a sherry butt barrel for a whole nine years, in sharp contrast to the more traditional two spend by most whiskey brands, all to develop the Lebua’s unique taste and character.

Colin Scott made a statement regarding the new blend, saying that him and his team have never really handed something quite like it, and had mixed it with the idea that it would have to stand up to the scrutiny of the people who would visit a place like the Alfresco 64 rooftop bar.

He describes the brew as unusually dark, which he says is a clear sign of age, and the unique flavour that comes with such age. He says that the sherry casks were like added cream; enriching and intensifying the blend’s flavour.

Only 96 bottles of the Lebua Blend is available, and no rooftop bar inSukhumvit serves it; all 96 bottles are exclusive to the Alfresco 64, available alongside a wide variety of pedigreed Chivas Regal editions, including the Chivas Regal Ultis, the company’s first blended malt whiskey.

The Growing Problem Of Fake Insurance Policies In Ireland

Fake motor insurance policies are being sold to unsuspecting motorists for €300 leaving them with no cover. According to the Irish Independent, this new breed of ruthless fraudsters is operating online and in pop-up stores. A number of complaints have been received by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau from victims of the scam.

Hundreds of fake policies have been issued by fraudsters promising discounted covers through a range of well known insurers. Insurer Liberty has already warned motorists about fraudsters that pose as legitimate middleman claiming that they can reduce insurance costs. However, these fraudsters are not regulated by the Central Bank because they only operate using home addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Most of the victims are young drivers and foreign nationals who are not familiar with the insurance market. When fraudsters offer discounts, it becomes very appealing to consumers. The ghost brokers are exploiting the fact that the average motor premium has increased by almost 60pc in the last year. More increases are expected for drivers even if there has been a slowdown in overall premiums.

Meanwhile, Deirdre Ashe the director of personal lines of Liberty Insurance has noted the sudden increase of ghost brokers in Ireland. It used to be a significant problem in the United Kingdom for a number of years but it now becoming prevalent in Ireland. High premium prices can pressure drivers to seek more affordable options but they are actually driving illegally.

In order to minimize the effect of the scam on unsuspecting motorists, it is important to educate consumers. If consumers require advice regarding insurance, they can engage the services of an insurance intermediary or directly seek the insurer for clarification. A spokesperson from the Central Bank encourages everyone who has plans of engaging with a financial firm to check the online register in order to ensure that the firm is authorized.

Expert brokers can teach you how to sell insurance effectively but in most cases, this is not enough. What insurance agents need is a website that can enhance their online presence. Many consumers are now going online to request for quotes so that they can compare prices before making a purchasing decision.

Asian Companies Focus On Keeping Customer And AI Domination

A research report was recently conducted by Innovation: All Eyes on Asia. Sales force Thailand, the leader when it comes to customer relationship management, published the findings regarding the view of Asia’s businesses when it comes to innovation. The study has various participants including businesses and IT professionals that are based on eight different countries in the continent.

According to 70 per cent of the responders, their top priority for the next one or two years is customer retention. Over half of the participants or 53 per cent said that they are planning to utilize new technology in order for their goal to achieve completion.

Around 77 per cent of them believe that global innovation in the next five years will be led by Asia while 64 per cent thinks that America will be the one to lead.

The top three countries in Asia that are influencing the trajectory of the growth in innovation are Japan, Korea and China.

Innovation is viewed in Asia as the method of developing new and unconventional solutions that will answer the needs of the customers. Seventy per cent of Asian businesses are giving more focus on innovation that will help them to attain their goal of customer retention while 53 per cent are expecting to utilize new innovation in order to achieve their goal.

There will be investments in technology in order to achieve customer retention and 93 per cent of the companies in India are planning to do so, for Singapore it is 88 per cent, 80 per cent for the Philippines while 82 per cent of the companies in Malaysia are also in line with this plan.

Technology is conserved as a very important tool in order to achieve higher production for 62 per cent of the companies while 38 per cent believes that it will be able to offer a better customer support.

Asian businesses, according to Sales force Thailand, have ranked the their priorities when it comes to innovations and the top three among the companies are enterprise apps with 83 per cent of the responder, 82 per cent for cloud computing while CRM is also included in the top three.

Securing Your Home In Perth During Winter

During the winter season, it is important for homeowners to secure their homes. This is when power outages usually happen and preparedness is the key to safety. Having reliable home alarms in Perth is also a good investment for residents.

The managing executive of Fidelity ADT, Stuart Clarkson, said that majority of homeowners think that as soon as their power supply is cut off, their home alarm system will no longer be operating.

He clarified that as long as the system was programmed correctly and it has a stable system that is connected to a good condition battery then it will be able to continue safeguarding the property even in events where power outage occur. It is important for residents to conduct a test of their home alarm system on a regular basis to make sure they are working properly.  The system will not be able to function as designed if the battery is low on power or if the system is experiencing technical glitches. Majority of home alarm system sold on the market comes with an extra battery pack in case the first one runs out of power. The backup is automatically activated as soon as power failure is detected.

There are also a number of steps that homeowners can do in case load-shedding happens. The first one is to make sure that the home alarm has enough battery supply at all times. All automated doors in the house as well as automated gates should be secured. Finally, if you see anything suspicious, it should be reported to authorities right away.

If the power supply is cut during nighttime, it is best to have handy alternatives such as touch-lights, candles and torches. It is recommended for homeowners to have their home alarm system incorporated with LED technology that will automatically turn on as soon as power is cut off. This will remain on for 16 minutes until you can find alternative light source. This additional feature is recommended for home alarms in Perth and can be used as an alternative light if the system comes with a battery packthat can handle the LED lights.

Bangkok Guide To Be Published By Michelin

It is no secret that many tourists come to Thailand because of the cuisine and its world famous street foods. Visiting Thailand will never be complete without having to experience dining in Bangkok especially high rated places known to locals and tourists alike. With the recent announcement of Michelin that they are publishing a guide for the country, many are curious with how it will turn out to be considering the subtle difference of Thai cuisine which is unlike any other in the world.

The Michelin Guide is said to be published before 2017 and the plan by the company is supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT. The agency promised financial support for a period of five years with the promise that the Michelin will further grow the tourism in the country as well as legitimize the culinary industry of the nation.

For first time visitors in Thailand, one may be overwhelmed with the idea of dining in Bangkok because there are street foods everywhere and shop houses installed in almost every corner. One will be able to judge the most popular ones by the number of seats sprawled out reaching even the pavements. Not to mention that there cheap snacks available wherever you may be roaming around.

The dining scene in the metropolitan city also includes chefs that have been employed by restaurants that were awarded stars by Michelin. The spice levels of the Thai cuisine is different from European ones and the service is different in many ways that it is a question to the public as to how the critics, who are currently eating in places in Bangkok anonymously, will judge the establishment that deserves the stars.

It is a challenge for Michelin to represent accurately the experience of dining in Bangkok because failure to understand the cuisine and their culture might end up to disappointments for both the company and the readers who are banking on their credibility. Aside from the local street shops and food stalls, there are also notable dining spots located inside hotels in Bangkok which is one of the reasons why tourists chose to stay in those places. We will have to see the guide as it is released at the end of this year and judge if it is a valuable resource or not.

Having A Proper Prince2 Training In Sydney: Among The Hottest Job Magnets For 2017

The IT industry has never been this alive since it came into existence. The sudden emergence of the said industry can be attributed to the mere fact that there are more and more of the newest technologies that are coming out hot in the market and are readily available for the public to purchase and use. With the rise of new technologies such as smartphones, more powerful computers and even talking robots, there’s also a rise in the need of people who assist the public how to properly purchase and use the said technologies and if needed, repair the damaged products and teach people how not to damage them the next time they getthem back. Also, there’s a significant rise in the number of IT professionals working for IT companies who design, install and manage various IT systems. That’s why when you’re working in the IT industry especially if your line of work involves working on head-banging amounts of codes, it’s recommended that you continuously and consciously update your skills set by undergoing a variety of trainings such as a Prince2 training in Sydney.


The IT workforce has been one of the most active and busiest workforces in the world right now. And, IT professionals are basically everywhere due to the mere fact that this specific industry ranks among the highest paying industry in the world. To be able to get the best career path in this industry, you have to show to the company that you are applying to that you are the best in the pack. You have to show certain certifications that will make your potential employers choose you. Among the IT-related certifications that most IT employers are looking from applicants are the Prince2 foundation certificate and the Pirnce2 practitioner certificate. Both certificates can be attained by undergoing an appropriate Prince2 training in Sydney because doing so will enable you to get a better understand of the structural project management methodology which has been constructed from thousands of projects, academics, trainers and consults. The demand for Prince2 practitioners is still rising and in fact, the need for Prince2 practitioners, mainly project managers, will grow up to 15.7 million worldwide by the year 2020.