G.E. Faces Another Problem With Accounting Investigation

On the 24th of January, General Electric made an announcement that the accounting methods of the company are currently being investigated by the Security and Exchange Commission. While it is expected that a company as big as GE has investigation insurance, this would be an additional hassle as all their books and records may be scrutinized. The process could take many months and even years before it comes to a resolution.

For the past year, the stock of the company has plummeted by over 40 per cent. The news of an investigation to their accounting department will only add to the current problems faced by the new chief executive of General Electric, John L. Flannery. He is currently aiming for the company’s reorganization.

Previous experience with companies such as World Com and Enron is the reason why the S.E.C. is focused on preventing any accounting problems. It is not surprising to know that the small changes in the financial statements of the company led to bigger frauds which are the reason why Enron and World Com went down. As a company is taken down, thousands of employees are affected with unemployment and shareholders experience a loss in the amount of billions of dollars.

The accounting issue with General Electric was discovered after Jamie S. Miller who is the chief financial officer of the company talked about the loss of the company in the last quarter which amounted to $9.8 billion. He hinted that they have received notification from the S.E.C. that they are going to investigate the processes involved in the insurance reserve of the company as well as the charge they received in the last quarter.

The issue is not easy to cover up especially with the eyes of the analysts on them. After the announcement on that day, the stock price of the company declined further by 2.7 per cent.

G.E. promised to give their full cooperation and according to Ms. Miller she is not worried with anything regarding the accounting investigation. They are covered with investigation insurance and as usual the company will clear their name once everything settles down.


Online Property Transactions Becoming Popular In Thailand

The first question among people who have decided to move to Bangkok is where to live. There are many appealing neighbourhoods in Bangkok but many suggest a Single House in Sukhumvit because it is served by the Skytrain. There are only a few tourist attractions but there are an abundant number of restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.

Online shopping has come a long way ever since eBay was launched 20 years ago. Almost everything can now be purchased online including real estate. Thais are already active in trading goods and services through social media platforms. However, one start-up launched an online platform that connects sellers and buyers of real estate. Both parties can negotiate directly without worrying about the fees and commissions of an agent.

Last January 15, ZmyHome announced that it has successfully raised $400,000 from a KK Fund, a venture capital fund based in Singapore for the improvement of their website.  ZmyHomewas launched in 2016 but it boasts of 300,000 unique monthly visitors. According to company founder and CEO, NatthaponAsswisessiwakul, their website has seen more than 10,000 properties sold.

Young Thais are particularly active in online property deals. In a survey made on 25 economies, it was found out the Thai respondents were more active with informal online transactions. Dealing with strangers is not issue with Thais. It is not surprising to learn that Thais sell stuff online through exchange sites that allow buyers to communicate with sellers through messaging services.

Property transactions online can be risky particularly when dealing with strangers. However, it allows people to buy property more quickly at lower costs because it eliminates the agent’s fees. Many market analysts find the consumer-to-consumer platforms are gradually becoming the major conduit for Thailand’s real estate market but the middleman is eliminated in the process.

Two of the most appealing neighbourhoods for expats in Bangkok are Sukhumvit and Silom. There is a vibrant social scene for expats that is why there is high demand for Single House in Sukhumvit, the more popular of the two zones. Adding to the popularity of Sukhumvit is large shopping malls where you can literally buy anything.

What You Will Learn In SEO Training

Do you want to be an Internet marketing specialist? Are you searching for accredited institutes for proper SEO training so you become an expert? Well, you made the right decision as SEO is one of the best fields for internet marketing. There is only one thing in mind that you should try to focus and that is to get training for SEO in an institute where you can learn fast. You need this training to become an expert in this field.

Many people will ask what is the difference when they get to learn SEO. Of course, a lot of them get curious as to why they need to pay more when they can get something free. So here are things you will learn out of a SEO training course:

  • Trainers provide you with the most recent marketing tools and strategies. It has been proven that those who learn SEO from free online sources learn methods that are obsolete and very generic. So how could you use a tool being used by thousands of people? If you settle for paid trainings, you get the recent tools and methods which are most efficient than generic SEO methods.


  • Each SEO training institute has always something to offer its students. They need to be offered something unique and of great value in order to survive the intensive competition online. So if you settle for paid trainings, you assure yourself you get top quality SEO methods and tools that you can use for your career for your entire life.


  • At the end of the training course, you get yourself a certificate from the institute or trainer. It’s actually a certificate that will open new doors for you. This is the living proof you will show your clients after you finish the training and why they should deal with you. If you have gotten SEO training for free, they will surely provide you no certificate and you don’t have evidence that you have been trained well.


  • SEO skills can be learned from the course. It will include article submission, blog submission, directory submission, social bookmarking, link building, and more. These special skills are learned from a paid SEO training and once mastered, you can possibly beat competitors.

4 Benefits Of Booking A Conference Room In Bangkok

Even if your office has ample space to hold an activity, there are more benefits if you would book for a conference room in Bangkok or anywhere within its popular commercial districts. A venue is an important element of an activity because without a suitable venue, your event will fail and your resources will be wasted. If you want to know the benefits of renting a conference room, take a look at the following ideas.


Event venues generally come with sound system and audio visual facilities with a ready technician to help you with your presentation. They also offer catering service for your food and beverage requirements. All in all, you no longer have to worry about the technicalities and important services for your event because the conference room in Bangkok has it all.

More emphasis on the event

Because you have everything that you need for your event, you and your staff can focus on ensuring that your participants will attend thru follow ups of invitation, preparation of kits and presentation materials, logistics and other event aspects. There may still be other facets to think about but with a conference room or venue eliminated from your to-do list, you have also crashed out one major challenge for the event.

Better business appeal

The good thing about having your event in an exclusive venue for meeting is you give the event a more professional and business-like appeal. This way, your target participants will be encouraged to attend the conference knowing that they will be comfortable during the activity. To encourage your participants more, choose a venue that is accessible or one that is located in the commercial district of Bangkok. Choose a venue with parking space for its guests.


Because you will not coordinate with several vendors and all you need for the event is available at the conference room in Bangkok, you get to save in the process. Ask for cost estimates from different service providers to determine which of them offers the most reasonably priced service. Read reviews and testimonials from previous guests for a better idea on the conduciveness of the venue.

6 Tips For DIY Illustrated Maps

You don’t have to be an art prodigy to create Illustrated Maps nor do you require extraordinary creativity. You just have to ensure that you have all the information to make your map accurate, reliable and at the same time, engaging. You will also need creativity and imagination to create a map that you can use on your next travel. Here are some tips for a successful map project:

Choose an area

One of the things to consider is the area from which you will make a map for. For first timers, you can choose your city or even your community as you are familiar with it. You can move to other less familiar areas when you have gained a level of expertise in map making.

Gather information/research

The main objective in creating maps is to guide the user for him to get to his target point faster and without getting lost along the way. You cannot achieve that if the illustrated map you are using falls short on information. Make a good research about the area. You can also refer to old or existing maps as reference.

Specify relevant landmarks

List down the landmarks in your area that you will create illustrations for. Include significant points such as parks, cathedrals or churches, rivers, mountains, valleys and such.

Gather or create images

You can add images to your map in different ways. For hard copy of Illustrated Maps, you can cut and paste images to the map or you can also draw the landmarks if you have drawing skills. You can find ideas online for inspiration. If you are making an online or soft map, you can Photoshop images to the map or another option is to create hyperlinks to make it easier for you to view the images of landmarks and other relevant information.

Create paths or routes

When you have the images of landmarks, connect them with main roads, pathways or lanes that will represent the actual topography of your area. Place a legend at the bottom or side of the map.

Add embellishments

To make your Illustrated Maps more interesting, add colors and other embellishments to emphasize landmarks and road patterns.

4 Tips For Faster And Effective Pest Control In Sydney

The success of pest control in Sydney does not only lie on the hands of the exterminators but also on how you prepare your house for the process. How you prepare your area could make the process faster or delay it. While pest inspection is mostly offered by contractors for free, the actual conduct of pest extermination is paid on an hourly basis. The faster the extermination process is completed, the lesser costs will be for you. The faster the job is completed; the sooner you can get back to your usual household tasks. For a speedy pest control job around your house, take a look at these ideas.

Free access to target areas

The pest controller would have to access certain areas around your house which are susceptible to pests or where pests are actually breeding. This could be your basement or cellar, storage rooms, attic, areas cabinets under your sink, walls, roof and other similar areas. To provide easy and faster access to technicians, remove obstacles such as toys, small tables, magazine racks, light appliances and such. The pest controllers might also need to check your pipes or even areas under your house if your house is elevated.

Trim tree branches

Tree branches and bushes can be used by insects to access your home especially if the twigs touch your roof or walls. Branches can also cover traces of termite colonies. To provide technicians for pest control in Sydney an easier and more effective job, consider trimming your tree branches and prevent them from touching your house.

Inform house occupants

Inform your family and households that there will be a pest control activity in your property so they can keep their belongings or prepare for the schedule accordingly. Consider moving your family and pets temporarily out of the house to protect them from chemical exposure.

Secure your pets

To have a hassle-free pest control in Sydney, make it a point to put your pets in cages while the technicians are doing their job. This will have them working in peace and more effectively. This will also prevent them from getting exposed to chemicals and other potential hazards.