DMTC Working On Industry Capability Development Program

The DMTC is working on its Industry Capability Development program, good news for Mig welders, and factory workers across Australia, and it’s recently secured more funding from the Queensland government, which will allow them to run more workshops in regional Queensland as part of the endeavours.

Additionally, the DMTC will continue its close partnership with the Defence Industries Queensland in order to help manufacturers across the state to maximise opportunities to enter the supply chains of the defence industry.

The DMTC Industry Capability Development program’s main goal is to create a network of ‘defence-ready’ companies across Australia that are both benchmarked, and are capable of competing on the global market. DMTC says that the program was a very natural fit for them, seeing as they have a strong focus on engaging small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in its R&D efforts.

The multi-phase DMTC program involves benchmarking and tech transfer, on top of providing mentoring as well as evidence-based feedback on what SMEs need to do to develop and grow as a company.

DMTC CEO Dr. Mark Hodge, says that there are a lot of benefits to the program, with the biggest benefit being helping SMEs across Australia to be ‘Defence-ready’.Dr. Hodge says that the Australian SMEs can use the program to show off what they can do, and how they can get into key roles within the supply chains of some of the country’s defence primes.

Dr. Hodge reports that the DMTC’s industry partners in the earlier programs have already reported improvements, which include, among other things, improved Mig welders, greater grasp of the lastest welding techniques and processes, accreditations, global performance benchmarks, as well as helping companies position themselves for future growth.

Built upon previous improvements from Australia’s improvements, the program seeks to improve Australia’s industry capabilities in welding, in particular, the processes involved in welding for maritime and land applications.

Following the program’s successful pilot back in 2017, back in Mackay region, the new workshops in Queensland will target companies in Cairns, Brisbane, Townsville and Rockhampton.

Hackett says that it’s always been troublesome to benchmark businesses from one sector to another, but by demonstrating that the AU’s companies can meet Defence requirements, the companies can be positioned for both present employment and future growth.


Canadian Dollar Not Doing Well For The Past Two Months

While the United States dollar continues to rise, Canadian dollar is currently hitting a snag as it hits its lowest numbers for the past two months. This has quiet impacted the currency exchange Vancouver and can’t be avoided as the prices of oil started to decline. There is also the issue of uncertainty regarding politics in Italy which prompted many to protect their assets. On the other hand, investors are waiting for the decision to be made by the Bank of Canada with regards to the interest rate.

The Canadian dollar trading yesterday was a lower by 0.2 per cent and closed at $1.3014 compared to the United States dollar. The percentage is equal to an amount of $76.84. The currency is currently situated at the lowest number it has been since the 21st of March when it reached $1.3047.

According to FX Strategy’s head based in the North America, Bipan Rai, the move made by the Canadian dollar only goes to show how their tone conveys getting off the risk.

Investors turned to betting into safe-haven assets while there are issues prompted by politics right after Italy planted the seed of fear that euro might be entering another crisis soon. This in turn will increase the value of the Japanese currency and therefore will increase the value of the United States dollar which they have been consistently making for the past 10 months compared to euro.

One of the biggest exports of Canada is oil and the prices are currently declining due to pressure from countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia. These countries could produce more crude in the event that there is a shortage with the supply coming from Canada.

The price of crude oil from the U.S. is at $66.73 which is a lower by 1.7 per cent for every barrel. The losses suffered by the Canadian dollar came before the decision was announced by the Bank of Canada to have a rate hike. The central bank is hoping to ensure that the rates of the interest will remain consistent as precautions are taken by the consumers in debt. This will have some impact with currency exchange Vancouver and time can only tell whether the pace will remain the same or improve in the coming months.

What Are The Characteristics Of Top Drug Rehab Centers?

Drug addicts can avail treatments if they visit a rehab center for professional help. Though it seems the treatment programs are designed for musicians and celebrities, they can gladly walk in and get the services they need. Opting for the right rehab center can be somehow intimidating as you need something that will fit the best of your needs. To guide you through, below are basic information you should remember when looking for a top drug rehab center:

  • Engagement

Clients can choose between outpatient or residential care in many drug rehab centers. For residential care, the addict is advised to stay in-house and avail the recovery programs on a full-time basis. This may take 30 to 90 days of admission depending on the extent of the addiction. For outpatient care, the addict will simply visit the rehab center and get services while he is at the center.

  • Counselling

For counselling patients, they can benefit from the individual and group counselling. For individual options, the addict gets a face to face meeting with a therapist or psychologist and discuss his problems with him. He will learn what has triggered the addiction and the techniques to eliminate the problem. For group sessions, the addict meets other patients to discuss the problem. Members are advised to open up and share their problems and to know how the recovery journey can happen. This is a great way to get support from other people as they know they are not alone in this journey.

  • Rules and Regulations

Top drug rehab centers have very strict rules and regulations to follow. Some of the rules include prohibition of substance abuse within the facility; limited visiting hours; no physical relations with other members; and required attendance for all sessions. The rules vary in various drug rehab centers; however, they can enjoy the same treatment programs offered to ensure safety.

  • Costs

The capacity for addicts to be treated in top drug rehab facilities will not really depend on their bank accounts but their way of life and how it can benefit them. There are various treatment options that can fit the budget of the individual and their families, so they need to choose something that meets their financial situation. Services can range from absolutely free to those that cost thousands of dollars.

Denis O’Brien’s Influence To The Clinton’s Foundation Helped People From Haiti After The Earthquake

Denis O’Brien used his influence with Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation to collect relief efforts for the earthquake that happened in Haiti through his mobile company,Digicel.

Freshly revealed emails show that the Irish businessman contacted Doug Band, Mr. Clinton’s closest assistant who handled the Clinton Foundation, ten days after the January 2010 earthquake. He sought assistance to reach the state department, where Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary, was secretary of state at that time. He wanted to transport relief goods to the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince and to relocate his workers.

As Denis O’Brien wrote in his email to Mr. Band, “He was finding difficulty in getting slots to convey the communication equipment and its engineers to Port-au-Prince.”

“Is there a way to introduce a high ranking official in the State Department to settle the problem quickly? My sincerest apologies for bothering you but it seems that there is no progress using conventional channels.”

Mr. Band’s email to Mr. O’Brien said, “It never bothered us and we’ll see what we can do to help you.” He made a copy to Amitabh Desai, the foreign policy director of the Clinton Foundation, instructing him to work on it.


That night, Mr. Desai sent an email to Caitlin Klevorick and other state department staff, pushing them to help Denis O’Brien, who was considered a Clinton VIP.

Ms. Klevorick then gave close attention to the email sent by Mr. Desai and acknowledged that Mr. O’Brien was indeed a good friend of the President.

The emails were featured on the ABC news stories, where the then Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump used it to aggress Mrs. Clinton, his Democratic opponent to the White House. He claimed that ‘friends of Bill’ got special attention after the Haiti earthquake and tweeted “Unbelievable!”


Mr. O’Brien, who has given around $10-million and $25-million to the Clinton Foundation personally and through Digicel, opposed that his contacts were purely to seek refuge for what happened in Haiti.

“I see no problem with contacting anyone from the US for transporting an emergency aid to people dying on the streets due to lack of medical attention,” he spoke to ABC in an interview.

Denis O’Brien added that Bill Clinton appealed to everyone to donate in Haiti after such horrible earthquake.

How Happy Hour Promotion In Sukhumvit Makes You Have A Great Evening

Many people are so engrossed with their daily routines that they now have less time to enjoy in between. In fact, if they become lazier, they probably won’t reach their targets within a specified time frame and will greatly affect their performance levels in their office. It will likely cancel their incentive packages they are entitled to at the end of each month. So if you’re here in Bangkok, you can be offered some happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit to have some fun and enjoy your stay here.

It is important for people working hard to relax for some time to ensure their performance levels don’tdrop down in the coming days. Most of them find their leisure time at the end of their shift in the evening. With the hope of inviting more people to take part in many of their entertainment activities, some hotel groups are now organising various events in Bangkok. These people have come to consider this option as the main point where they can get rid of worries and tensions that are bothering them within their daily activities. It’s when hotels organise the happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit as an outlet for recreation and fun.

Your chosen hotel offering happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit can offer you the best time with its great ambiance of good music, background, drinks and even delectable dishes. However, you may need to pay an entry fee to cover all your choices like dancing the night away on its dance floors with your colleagues. The happy hour is indeed an event that promotes your nightlife, where you can spend the whole night enjoying such event.

The chosen venue for happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit is a place where your group of friends frequently visit to enjoy the best levels of excitement. It takes you back to your student life where you are completely free from tensions and responsibilities. It’s actually a relaxation most important for those wanting to spend great time with good friends and those who are jolly in nature. Sukhumvit hotels are organising these events and parties all throughout the week for people to flock and enjoy their lives to the fullest!

Now A Good Time For Real Estate Buyers In Melbourne

According to property analysts and estate lawyers in Melbourne, homeowners are going to face challenges in the coming months because of major changes in the real estate market specifically how this is a good time for home buyers. All local real estate agents are also in agreement with this prediction. Many sellers are already worried because of the buyer pool, which continues to withdraw, the prices are going down and the clearance rates are also decreasing.

All over Melbourne, the sellers are starting to reduce the prices of their houses including units. The rate for the past half a year starting at the end of last year has already reached 5.3 per cent for houses while for units it is 6 per cent. The figures were revealed by Nicola Powell who is the chief data scientist of Domain Group.

It is noted though that the rate of the discount is not the lowest in the record for the past few years. The average has already been reduced because of the usual strong side of the real estate market within the inner part of the city. On the other hand, properties located at the edge of the city remains to be selling faster without much marketing challenges.

Dr. Powell added that the properties in the inner areas before have already reached the highest level where a discount can be awarded. The vendors located within those areas are willing to negotiate with prices that are deemed to be lower compared to the asking price in order to maintain the market dynamics.

One of the sellers in the area is Philip Adam with a property located in Elwood. It has four bedrooms and he was thinking to be able to sell it between $1.95 million and $2,145,000 during the auction. Despite many expressing interest when posted online, there are very little bids during the auction.

He added the spending power in Melbourne is not as it used to be and there are major changes seen. He thinks that estate lawyers in Melbourne are right to say that the market has already hit the wall for now.