Guidelines To Plan A Successful Marquee Party

Marquee parties are rising up the popular charts. These parties are preferred for many occasions such as social gatherings, weddings, parties and corporate events. Marquee offers flexibility to the host and event planners to setup the theme and decor of the party as per their requirement. There are a wide range of marquees available to suit different themes like the framed marquee, trapeze marquee, Chinese hat marquee, traditional marquee and tent marquee.

There are different factors to keep in mind when you hire marquee in Sydney for a party or an event. Select the marquee depending on the location, theme and the guest list. Important guidelines to consider before planning a marquee party:

  1. The first and most important consideration is the guest list. Determine the number of people attending the party. This will help to hire marquee in Sydney of the optimum capacity. Also consider the catering and entertainment requirements to plan a correct arrangement. You can also combine two or three different marquees for bar, dining and entertainment.
  2. Determine the location of the party. The size and type of the marquee depends on the location. You should ideally hire a marquee in Sydney that is suitable for the selected location of the party. Certain types of marquees are suitable for windy locations and others are suitable for all climates. The location also helps the planners to determine the requirements for lighting and toilet arrangements.
  3. The next step is to determine the dining arrangements for the party. The mood and theme of the party, the number of guests and the space available are the important factors for deciding the dining options. A sit down dinner requires a formal arrangement of tables and chairs with matching cutlery and table linen and requires some space. If you are short of space opt for a stand up style of informal dining. You can hire marquee in Sydney along with the furniture and cutlery to suit your desired format.
  4. Finally determine the overall decor style of the event. Pay attention to detail and choose the different decor elements that complement each other. You can hire marquee in Sydney along with all the other items needed for decoration like marquee decorations, tables, chairs, table linens, lighting and heating arrangements from a reputed marquee hire provider in Sydney.

What You Need To Know About Branding In Thailand

When branding in Thailand, you place the most significant aspect of a business whether large or small. An effective brand strategy will provide a major advancement to a competing business. So let’s define what “branding” is and how it can affect a small or huge business.

A customer is promised by a business by offering them a high quality brand. It informs the customer on what to expect from the goods that are offered. It distinguishes your offering from your competitors. The offered brand is derived from who you are, what you wish to be, and how people can see you. You definitely need to target audience to make your products or services sell.

How to do branding in Thailand is through your logo. This will be integrated in your website, the packaging of your merchandise and the promotional materials used to communicate your brand.

Defining Your Brand

When you define your brand, it’s like traveling your business to self-discovery. Branding is difficult, time consuming and uncomfortable, as you need to define your company’s mission; the benefits and features of your merchandise; what current and prospective customers think about your products; and, what qualities you want your customers to associate with your business.

Do more research and learn more what your current and prospective customers need and aspire. Really find out what they think about your business.

Once you’ve defined the branding in Thailand, how do you make it efficient? Here are simple tips that make things possible:

  • Create a good logo and show it everywhere.
  • Write down a brand message. Write down a messaging used to communicate your brand. Your employees must know your brand features.
  • Create a tone that reflects your brand. The tone must be appropriate for all written communication and integrated with all your material images. You can be either conversational or formal as required by the gist.
  • Develop a standard for your marketing materials. Use the same format like how you place your logo, the colour scheme used and how it feels and look. You need to be consistent all throughout.
  • Be real with your brand. You need to promise customers how you deliver your brand so that they will return to you or refer you to other customers.

Business World Penetrated By Women Of Color

Many decades ago, it is next to impossible to meet latin women leading their own businesses or company. That era is far gone when Nely Galan decided to launch her own television production company geared towards Latino audiences. It was 1989 and she faced various challenges aside from the fact that executives think her venture will not succeed.

She proved anyone wrong when in 1994 her company was incorporated and was able to produce original programs with reaching 700 episodes. Galan Entertainment then became home to one of the most popular reality series called The Swan. Now, she is the entertainment president of Telemundo.

Galan was an immigrant from Cuba and this is why she established The Adelante Movement half a decade ago. She wanted to help Latina women who dream to become entrepreneurs providing them with training, tools as well as events.

These Latina women under her program are now counted as a huge part of the total numbers of women entrepreneurs within the United States. According to State of Women-Owned Businesses Report in 2016, eight in every 10 businesses owned by women were established by women of color.

Since 2008, the number of businesses owned by Latina has grown by 137 per cent. The report revealed that this is the highest increase among all other demographic group residing in the United States. Within that period, 3.5 million businesses were established by women while only 1.6 million companies were started by men.

Though the numbers are impressive, there is still a hard truth behind these numbers. The truth is that these businesses of women of color are only earning average revenue of $70,000 annually and majority of these businesses are geared towards the service and retail industry. The main reason why almost 3 million of them started their own business is because they were unemployed since the recession happened.

Their businesses are also growing slower compared to companies started by white men because majority of the venture capitalists are comprised of white men. Despite it all, to meet Latin women who are starting to make a name for themselves is already a big leap to what it used to be decades ago.

112 Billion Baht Funding For Airport Railway Projects

The government of Thailand is willing to spend a maximum of 111.9 billion baht in order to fund the proposed high-speed railway project that will connect the three major airports of Thailand – U-tapao, Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi. The railway will serve the pet industrial scheme of the government in the Eastern Economic Corridor. While this is good news for businesses in the area such as wedding hotel in Rayong, many are also concerned about the environmental impact of the project.

According to the spokesperson of SomkidJatusripitak who is the deputy prime minister, NathpornChatusripitak, the high-speed railway project is to be constructed through the partnership between public and private companies. The government will pay the land appropriation worth 3.57 billion while the 108.33 billion baht will be spread in 10 years as soon as the trains start operating.

The project scheme is based on a concept of building and operating before it is transferred to the government. The total construction value is 224.54 billion baht and the concession will lasts for 50 years.

Mr. Nathporn added that the private sectors will be responsible in funding the property development, civil works, maintenance, trains and signalling systems.

In a recent meeting, the cabinet gave their approval to the high-speed railway system which is designed to connect the three major airports of the country. They also approved the budget set for the land appropriation which is worth 3.5 billion baht.

The railway project includes the plan to extend the existing ARL or Airport Rail Link of Bangkok. It starts at Suvarnabhumi and goes to Don Mueang which is located in Bangkok then proceeds to U-tapao which is situated in Rayong. The whole route spans 220 km and the train is expected to have a maximum speed of 250 km every hour.

The route will be composed of nine stations including Don Mueang, U-tapao, Bang Sue, Pattaya, Makkasan, Chon Buri, Suvarnabhumi, Sri Racha and Chachoengsao.

If a couple decides to choose a wedding hotel in Rayong, they will need to take the high speed railway from Bangkok for only 330 baht. The travel will take a total of 45 minutes.

New Businesses Expected To Open Soon In Scotland

Inverness, a city in Scotland is associated to nature and parks. You can explore Loch Ness or immerse yourself in natural landscapes while you tour the Scotland Highlands. There are also Inverness hotels where every room is fitted with luxurious furnishings, free Wi-Fi, TV and many more. In Hom osassa, there is a new Asian restaurant, drive-through, ice cream parlour and an auto supply store in the offing.

Taco Bell in Homosassa is an Asian Restaurant that that has a drive-through and an indoor seating for 54 people. Unlike the other restaurants in the chain, the new Taco Bell has no outdoor patio. It displays the current “Live Mas” design with a brown exterior façade. It will be accessible through US 19 and from a cut-through at the adjacent Dollar General to the south.

Aside from Taco Bell, there is also a new ice cream parlour that received approval at 3802 US19 right at the intersection of Homosassa Trail in the parking lot of Winn-Dixie shopping centre. It will be very easy to find Twistee Treat ice cream store because it stands out from the road due to its 25-foot tall Fiberglas cone-shaped building. The chain specializes in soft ice cream.

There is good news for lovers of Asian food because the city has received permit applications for Flavour C, an Asian restaurant that will be located at the old Rustic Ranch building on 104 US 41 south. The site used to be occupied by La Cantina de Mexico. The site is currently under renovation but people can expect the new restaurant to open soon.

Auto Zone, a Tennessee-based auto supply store was reported to have requested a building permit for a new site at 2310 W. Coast Path. The auto supply store has more than 6,000 stores nationwide. It also has stores in Brazil and Mexico with plans for a new store in Beverly Hills.

There are many unconfirmed reports of businesses that have requested for building permits. If you opt for Inverness hotels during your vacation in Scotland, it is very likely that you will experience the products and services offered by the new businesses.

An Insight Into The Global Market Of Electrical Conduit Systems

The electrical conduit system is a piping system or raceway used to carry electrical wirings for power or communication. Electrical conduits are made from various materials like metal, plastics or fibres. The most popular electrical conduits are made from galvanized steel, electrical metallic tubing (EMT), intermediate metal, aluminium or PVC. If you are using electrical metallic tubing, there is EMT connector for sale that can be used for connectors and couplings.

The electrical conduit system forms a subset of cable management systems used for carrying wires and cables. In 2014, the global electrical conduit market was valued at US$3,954.1 million. It is estimated to expand with a CAGR of 9.2% from 2015 to 2022. The market for electrical conduits is driven by the growth of the construction industry.

There are different construction activities in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. It is forecasted that demand for electrical conduit systems will remain consistent in the coming years. Another reason for the growth of electrical conduit systems is its superiority over other wiring techniques. However, the market is also facing some serious challenges because electrical conduit systems are more expensive than traditional systems. It is also important to consider the availability of other alternatives that can be used for the protection and routing of electrical cables and wirings.

The electrical conduit system consists of the tubing or conduit and fitting components like elbows, clamps, EMT connectors and others. In areas that experience large amounts of movements and vibrations, the best option is flexible EMT connectors that will absorb movements. The flexible connectors are also waterproof meaning they can be installed for above ground applications.

Right now, the galvanized steel rigid conduits have the largest in terms of revenue in the global market. However, in terms of penetration, the PVC electrical conduit systems account for the largest share of the global market.

If you are going to install electrical conduit systems using electrical metallic tubing, there is EMT connector for sale that is available in more popular trade sizes of ½-inch and ¾-inch for both connectors and couplings. There is an insulated and non-insulated version to meet different customer requirements.