Railway Station Turned Holiday Cottage Listed For £550,000

Since there is great demand when it comes to luxury cottages in the UK especially in Aviemore, many property owners are renting out or converting their properties into holiday homes. A unique listing recently appeared on the market as what used to be Plymouth’s railway station is available for a price of around £550,000. The said station has already been turned into two holiday cottages.

The station in West Devon is the former Tavistock Railway Station where the Porters Office as well as Ticketing Hall used to be. In the same spot now stands two new attractive holiday cottages equipped with various features. The said vacation homes are perfect for people who are looking for a place to stay in while reminiscing the good old times when steam train is in.

It was built originally in the 1890 and is considered a place with special history as well as a valuable contribution to the art of architecture. For the next 78 years after its construction, the station served in the daily railway traffic and it was decommissioned back in May 1968. It was renovated after that and in 2011 the site received recognition as the Best Restored Station according to the National Railway Heritage Association.

The owners of the property bought it last 2007 when it was an abandoned site and the condition was quite poor. After acquisition, the owners decided to renovate the whole thing and refurbished everything to make it a superior place of accommodation. Where once stood a railway station is now composed of 3 luxury holiday homes – the two of which are listed on the market.

The decoration was inspired by the tradition styles of the Victorian era and where the Ticketing Hall used to be now stood a building with porch, a kitchen and diner, bathroom, lounge and two bedrooms – one is an en-suite.

They retained the original paneling as well as the windows used by the ticketing station. While the lounge still has the same vaulted ceiling that is close boarded ever since its construction. Another original in the property is the Victorian fireplace made of cast iron.

The selling price for the Ticketing Hall is £265,000 while the Porter’s Office is available for £275,000.

The Best Airport Service

Private airport transfers have been common these days especially that the number of people travelling has increased significantly. In Perth there is this go to company when it comes to private airport transfer services, Link Airport. Link Airport specializes in transfers of passengers to and from the different airports in Perth. They also do point-to-point transfers, VIP services and corporate services along with leisure chauffeured services.

One of their services is corporate transfers. In today’s fast paced world, there has been a great shift in the needs of a corporate traveler. Time has become more valuable than ever, safety is still on top of the priorities and flexibility is very essential. Link Airport offers uncompromising personal services, competitive pricing and higher standards compared to any ground transport services. The company will give you world class booking services. You will be granted to access a first class fleet of transportation.

When you avail the services of Link Airport, they will cater to all of your distinct transportation needs. Whether you are attending a conference, or you need an airport transfer or you just want to sit yourself comfortably in a luxurious car, they can provide you with such services.

The best airport service

In world class airports, you will be greeted by courteous airport ambassadors. They are stationed at areas where the traffic is heavy. They offer immediate assistance to the travelers that seemingly look confused and are in dire need of assistance. They wear a recognizable uniform and flash a welcoming smile to everyone they meet and greet. They are always ready at your service.

At the Hong Kong International Airport, the airport ambassadors are one of the best service initiatives that ensure that all passengers are catered of their needs once they arrive at the airport. This program is known as the Airport Ambassador Program (AAP) and provides an on-the-job training for the next generation. The program also offers meaningful opportunities for those who want to volunteer to assist senior citizens. For more than a decade now, the program has successfully reached out to more than 1,000 students, youths and senior ambassadors in the country.

How To Buy A House Or Condo Unit In Hua Hin

The popularity of property for sale in hua hin has grown exponentially over the last few years. The boom in the market is due to locals and foreigners who are looking for second homes in tourist destinations. New property developments are cropping up at an alarming rate which has significantly increased the choices for Property for Sale in hua hin.

If you are really serious about buying property in Hua Hin it is important to get a feel of the place. Life in Thailand is different from the West and it is not always as idyllic as claimed in travel brochures. Even if you have spent two weeks in Hua Hin, it is not same as living in the place full time. Your choice usually depends on how much you can afford because Hua Hin leads in home prices in Thailand. Houses and condos in Hua Hin have an average unit price of 4.48 million baht.

Hua Hin is no longer considered a small town because it is rapidly expanding into an urban location with new developments appearing almost every month. The type of property to buy is also one of the areas where you need to make a decision according your budget because a beachfront villa costs 10 times more than a one-bedroom or two-bedroom bungalow in the hills. Villas are still selling in Hua Hin but the number of buyers has become more modest. Hua Hin’s condominium market was very attractive to affluent buyers from Bangkok but more recently, demand is stronger from medium-income buyers. Potential investors are looking online for the asking price of condo units.

The internet has become the most convenient and effective source of source of Property for Sale in hua hin. By typing Hua Hin property on the search box hundreds of real estate listings will be available. However, most of the listings are redundant because agents list the same properties. There is plenty to choose from based on house/unit size, number of rooms, level of furnishings, presence of terrace or balcony, swimming pool, secure development and many more. If you are a local, you can opt for an empty lot that can be developed or resold at some future time.

Opiates Business By GSK, Bought By Sun Pharma

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries decided to purchase Opiates business by GlaxoSmithKline in Australia. Analysts are interpreting this move as Sun Pharma’s way of making their company name known in the controlled substance niche.

A statement was released by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries which explains how the Opiates business owned by GSK, along with its manufacturing sites located in Latrobe, Tasmania and Port Fairy, Victory, Australia, as well as the portfolio of all opiates products and inventories, will now be a property of Sun Pharma’s subsidiary.

This big move done by Sun Pharma is a clear message of how the company wants to be seen in the controlled substance business.

The business is on its fourth acquisition. Sun Pharma did not reveal any numbers regarding the deal made with GSK Opiates business but analysts are aware of how strategic the location is. Australia being an island state is one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials used in manufacturing narcotics around the globe. This is the very reason why painkillers such as codeine and morphine are obtained straight from Tasmania.

The above reasons are clear indications of why Sun Pharma is keen to acquire the Opiates business. Though they have tried their hand in growing such controlled substance, the attempt is seemed to have not flourished into something significant for the business.

Sun Pharma bought a facility located in Hungary back in 2005 and was developed to manufacture controlled substance active pharmaceutical ingredients. The facility was used to grow poppy from initial stage. After that, a New Jersey site was acquired within the same year but this time to manufacture finished dosages of the controlled substances.

Chattem Chemicals Inc. was acquired by Sun Pharma’s subsidiary in the US in the year 2008. 100% ownership was given to Sun Pharma and the business is used to import narcotic raw material. Of the acquired controlled substance businesses, Chattem Chemicals is the third for Sun Pharma. The acquisition was decided in order for the company to have a more active part in the development of pain management locally in the US.

These series of acquisitions are surely Sun Pharma’s way of getting into the business with more visibility.

Experts Debunk Common SEO Myths

With the number of pay-per-click options that website owners can choose and benefit from, sometimes SEO can be overlooked and to an extent, forgotten. This is because people now believe that pay-per-click options can greatly boost traffic into their websites. What they’re forgetting is that SEO can do that too although the results may not happen too quickly. People come up of different beliefs and SEO myths about SEO and many other people are uninformed enough to believe these myths.

Luckily though, experts have debunked common SEO myths just recently to help put SEO on a positive light.

This is probably the most common myth about SEO. Fortunately, though, it is not true. About 44 percent of all customers begin their search on search engines. It is also the fourth biggest internet activity after social media, video and email.
SEO converts traffic into profit. About 55 percent of B2B marketers have admitted and acknowledged that SEO has the biggest impact on their generation goals.


SEO is accompanied by many complex tasks that need time and effort. This is why you would most probably need the help of experts. It is true that you do need to pay someone to help you with SEO, but after an SEO project has been finished, it keeps giving results and when you would compare it to pay-per-click options, it is definitely much cheaper.


Yes, this may be true. SEO does take a lot more time compared to PPC which gives instant results. Unfortunately, with pay-per-click or PPC, you would have to invest on it constantly and go in on a never ending bidding war against other businesses who want your place.

This is also true. Google always changes its algorithm but this should not really bother you because it does not affect your rankings. It also does not affect users. Just know the ones that could have an impact on your website and adapt to it.

There is no such thing as an automated SEO because SEO cannot be automated. It does not involve any marketing processes.

Choosing The Perfect Real Estate Property

Hua Hin real estate industry has been on the boom for the past few years. Tourists have grown to love the place and are looking to put up a second home in the area.

If you are planning to jump in the band wagon and buy yourself a Hua Hin real estate property, below are some things that you need to bear in mind before deciding.

It is essential to hold a mind list of your home preferences while picking your new house in Hua Hin. Try to ask yourself these questions:

• How much money am I willing to spend?

• In which part of Hua Hin do I want to live?

• What kind of property am I seeking for? Is it a land, house, apartment or condo?

• What are the features that I want my new home to have?

• When is the right time to buy the house and move in?

Perhaps the critical deciding factor in determining your property purchase is the size of your budget. If you are a foreigner planning to buy a land in Thailand, please be guided that you cannot do so. And if you plan to get a mortgage in Hua Hin but are not Thai, it will be impossible to do so. When purchasing properties, you need also to include in your calculations additional expenses like taxes, government charges, lawyer’s fees, transfer fees and inspection fees. You should budget extra money to cover these expenses.

The location of your new property should also be considered. You need to find a good location that will suit the lifestyle that you have as well as the following:

• Public transport

• Beaches and other amenities

• Shopping malls and town centre

• Quiet areas and safe streets

• Educational facilities

• Utilities like water and electricity and internet connections

The next thing to consider is the type of property to buy. There are plenty of property options to choose from. If you are interested to buy a property in Hua Hin you can choose a beach front condo, town houses or shop front apartments. It is imperative that you give careful thought to the property that you will be buying.