South African Firms Now Using Mindfulness

One of the ways a company keeps itself in good standing is to take exceptional care of its employees, and it seems that a number of South African firms are deciding that mindfulness techniques are a way to do just that.

Several companies are using mindfulness techniques and introducing them to their employees as a way to help them reduce stress, cope with anxiety, sharpen focus and increase productivity, with South African companies following that trend, according to a leadership expert.

The CEO of Jack Hammer, one of the SA’s top executive search companies, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, has stated that mindfulness has moved out of the reserved domain of yoga practitioners and motivational internet memes, and that the idea has been gaining ground in people all over the world, including South Africa.

She states that people are finding the concept as appealing, and are grateful for it, leading to the developments that result in mindfulness becoming a more mainstream concept, and mindfulness techniques are treated with seriousness and validity, backed up with data, research and empirical information from multiple sources which show the personal and commercial benefits of mindfulness.

She states that mindfulness is becoming more and more mainstream, with leaders from industries across the world, such as Google, Intel, Target, and the like incorporating the principles and practices of mindfulness in their workings.

Goodman-Bhyat, understanding the value of mindfulness, recently published her book, titled ‘InTheFlow – Taking Mindfulness to Work’, which is the culmination of years of research regarding the ramifications of implementing mindfulness techniques in the workplace. The books outline a six-prompt formula that forms the core of its guidelines, and seems to have picked up quite a following in business leaders across SA, becoming one of the 10 Best South African Business Books for the year of 2016.

The CEO of Raizcorp, Allon Raiz, stated that the book takes the idea of mindfulness, of the serenity of existing in the moment, and brings it closer to the hectic business environment. He states that the books take a somewhat intangible concept, and creates a practical outline for understanding and applying it.

Global studies show a noted decrease in stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, as well as increases in productivity, focus, and emotional control in companies where mindfulness techniques have been practiced.

Goodman-Bhyat stated that whilst implementing mindfulness practices in a work environment doesn’t need a considerable investment in time, strategy or money, it does require someone to act as an example, someone who is open to new perspectives and methods of getting work done.

Tips For Wax Jacket Process Servers

The main and perhaps the only role of Wax Jacket process servers are just to deliver legal documents to target respondents. These documents can involve notifications, subpoena, summons and similar documents. It may sound simple but there are other aspects involved with the job. As a matter of fact, the job has several challenges especially that it requires facing respondents who may be displeased with the notice and they can easily vent their frustrations at the server. To avoid confrontation and unpleasant scenario, here are some tips that you can consider.

Look for the right timing

Wax Jacket process servers are allowed to serve notices even on holidays and weekends just to ensure that the respondent will receive the notification personally. However, avoid disturbing your target respondent in order not to provoke them. Becoming a process server also requires creativity especially in delivering sensitive notices such as repossession of assets or divorce documents. You can probably check what time the respondent usually goes home from the office in order to deliver the notice.

Know your rights and limitations

Process servers are required to have a background in law or obtain trainings for them to know how to deliver notices ethically and within violating any laws. One important rule to observe is never trespass a property no matter how desperately you want to deliver the legal notice or subpoena. At the same time, you cannot be coerced or verbally nor physically abused when you are just serving the notice. Know what your rights and limits are and you can never go wrong.

Observe professional conduct  

Regardless how difficult the situation is, always conduct yourself in a professional manner to avoid facing legal impediments in relation to being one of the Wax Jacket process servers. The job requires you to face different types of people and some of them can be corporate heads or bigwigs. In order for you not to be intimidated, maintain professionalism while serving legal notices. Dress properly and be ready to explain the document if there is a need for you to.

London Illustrated: A Different View

Maps are graphic representations of areas and regions. It shows information and details of a chosen area as well as a picture of what a viewer can expect to see. These maps capture and label the different physical features of the area that is to be displayed such as the ranges of a mountain, bodies of water, and even streets and alleys if the artist drew a city. There are a number of people who are now famous for their artwork in creating these map illustrations. However, whoever the artist is, there are some basic but important components that remain similar in all of their artwork, the geography, details, and architecture.

Map illustrations are created with creativity and skill differing in the techniques used in its creation. There are illustrations that give focus on their intended subject or locations highlighting it clearly with bigger pictures and labels. The color and density of the illustrations can also differ as per the artist’s preference. The most common trait is that they use a bird’s eye view to show these graphical images.

One notable artist for this kind of artwork is Cathy Lathy, who is proud of her hand-drawn map illustration of London City. She grew up in these streets and studied in one of the world’s leading art and design center, Central Saint Martins. This background may be one of the reasons why even areas and places in London which are not famous, like the Fulham Palace and Parsons Green, are depicted on the map together with known attractions such as the Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Growing up in the capital is her inspiration to be able to create the artwork and it took five (5) months to complete this London City illustrated map. Other locations are also clearly shown in these map like the London Zoo and parks. Harry Potter fans will also be thrilled to note that Platform 9 and ¾ is featured in the map with King’s Cross Station.

This London City illustrated map provides information on London’s museums and, pie and mash shops. Note though that it does not only show places that are real, it also features song lyrics and fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes. The artist is hoping that people will learn more about London every time that they check out the maps.

Benefits Of Canvas Wall Art

There are certain memories that are just worth saving. Some of these special moments were captured in photos and to immortalize them, you might consider printing them in bigger size and have them framed.  However, doing that with an ordinary photo printing paper might not last that long. There are digital printing companies nowadays that offer wall art printing on canvas. The popularity of such photo processing is becoming even more popular because of its benefits and some of the advantages of wall art on canvas include the following:

Professional look

One of the best features of a canvas printing is that it is easy to appreciate because the image doesn’t come with distracting gloss sheen. This way you can focus on the photo and marvel at its beauty instead of searching for the angle to avoid the gloss. When lights hits the surface of a glossy photo, the light bounces back making it harder for one to stare at the photo. Wall art made of canvas look more like a painting making them suitable for hanging in office spaces or in your living room.

Long lasting and sturdy

One of the key secrets why those artworks found in museums could last for centuries is the material from which those artworks are painted on: the canvas. Canvas is made of durable material that could last for several years. If you are going to use canvas on your photos, you can be sure that the image will last longer than you expect them to be. Canvas is resistant to moisture and heat so you can hang it anywhere in the house, even at your kitchen or bathroom wall. To enhance the quality and longevity of the product, have it printed by a reliable digital printing company in your area.

Easy framing

Another reason why it is ideal to use canvas on a wall art is because it can be framed easily. All you have to do is add borders on the margins and the artwork has a frame. Traditional photos require other elements such as wood, plastic or other materials for a frame.

Organizations Join Forces To Promote Tourism In Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard

Pattaya is well known for a wide range of attractions and activities including amazing cultural sights and temples, championship golf courses, top of the line marinas, water sports and of course shopping malls. Not to be overlooked is the presence of endless culinary delights; one of the reasons why tourists flock to Thailand.

According to Dr. Peerawat Chookhiatti of Siam Music Yamaha, there is also a musical side to the Pattaya region. The popular tourist destination is home to musical events that provide the perfect inspiration to both kids and adults to learn how to play musical instruments and enjoy performances. Yamaha Thailand Music Festival competition for music students all over Thailand attracts thousands of entries and inspires a lot of individuals.

Another example of an activity that is attracting people to Pattaya is polo. According to Naya Ketusingha, secretary general and manager of Thailand Equestrian Federation, polo including other equestrian sports provide high quality and interesting activities for families and spectators. People learn to take proper care of horses and build a lasting a relationship with the intelligent animals. Families are introduced to try new experiences and understand the range of skills required to play polo.

Leading luxury resort Movenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya located in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand has launched a program for family-oriented activities in partnership with Siam Music Yamaha, Siam Country Club Pattaya and Thailand Equestrian Federation to provide visitors with an engaging vacation experience.

Tourism Authority of Thailand is keen on promoting the Eastern Seaboard region as a family destination. Marketing campaigns are being run to highlight Pattaya as a diverse and appealing family destination. At present the region attracts 10 million domestic and international tourists per year. Major transport and infrastructure projects have been launched so that the region can be developed as a major tourist destination.

Seaboard Properties is the leading real agency in Pattaya that has a proven track record of delivering exceptional service to customers who are looking for a second home or a rental property. Whatever a client requires is provided from accurate and up-to-date information, realistic analysis and sound advice in the choice of properties.

Advantages Of Photo Canvas Prints Shops

You will not have a hard time finding a printing shop that offers photo canvas prints in UK. Aside from canvas printers, you will also find several digital printing stations that can deliver your needed digital prints. Both canvas prints and digital prints can be processed and deliver in less time but there is one feature that lacks in digital prints; durability. Digital printing stations use ordinary photo paper and even if they are framed for protection, ordinary photo paper remains vulnerable to damage. To ensure high quality results, find a company that apply great care with every project starting from enhancement and development down to framing, packaging and delivery to your address.

There are several reasons why more people try canvas prints. One of the reasons is the material’s durability. While ordinary paper used in printing photos is susceptible to damage, canvas can withstand moisture and exposure to heat. This way, you can hang canvas prints even in areas where there is moisture such as in bathrooms and kitchens. You can also use personalised word art to accessorise your walls. If you are going to use quotes and inspirational words, use simple and short words to make it effective. You can hang the photo canvas prints on your office walls or in your living area to encourage viewers and to accentuate a rather drab wall.

Canvas prints are applied with matte finish so there is no glare or light reflection on its surface. This way, staring at the canvas print is easier. Because of its matte finish, the framed image becomes arty and the best part of it is that canvas prints are affordable. Photo paper is usually glossy and comes with reflection that distracts a viewer.

To know find out how photo canvas prints can provide more advantages to you, contact a service provider or canvas printing shop on how you will go about the photo processing. Choose a service provider that offers free shipping within UK. If you are located outside United Kingdom, applicable shipping fees will be collected from you.