Monster The Online Job Portal To Be Purchased By Randstad

Randstad, a Dutch firm that serves as temporary employment agency, made a recent announcement to purchase Monster which is an online job portal in the United States. The asking price is said to be $429 million or 386.8 million in euros. If this happens, the company will be able to have a stronger foothold within the industry of the United States.

According to a statement from the agency which has a headquarter located in Amsterdam at the Diemen suburb, the merger agreement between the two have the following terms – Randstad is going to pay in case $3.40 for every share of the Monster company which amounts to a total buying price of around $429 million.

Monster is an online portal job listing site that is known all over the world and is based in Massachusetts. The company has been in operation for over 20 years and it first launched during the early age of e-commerce thus it is considered as one of the pioneer of e-commence in the online community.

The online job listing company is now offering its services to 40 countries all over the globe.

Randstad said in a statement that their goal is to use the network of Monster as leverage in order to build a site with a complete portfolio of services concerning human resources that the world has never seen before.

According to Jacques van den Broek, the chief executive of Randstad, we are now at an age wherein there are massive changes when it comes to the technological aspect that many employers are being challenged to create or develop a modern way of sourcing as well as engaging talents all over the globe.

Randstad will be the one financing the merger with the help of its current credit facilities and it is expected that the purchasing will be done before the final quarter of this year.

Randstad has a record of 29,750 people under its employment among the 4,473 branches which spans 39 countries all over the globe. The company has a turnover amounting to 19.2 billion euros.

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Christmas Shopping In August

When do you start shopping for Christmas ornaments and gifts? In less than 5 months, Santa Claus will be coming to town and well known retailers are starting to prepare their holiday merchandise. For many retailers, Labor Day is the unofficial starting date to sell items for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but Hobby Lobby has made it their tradition to offer Christmas merchandise as early as summer. According to a survey made by National Retail Federation, about 40% consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween.

Some retailers consider it taboo to display Christmas merchandise when the weather is very favorable; however, many stores are already preparing the Christmas items to meet the demand of consumers. For example, Hobby Lobby begun offering winter holiday items last July 1 and it is nothing new to their loyal customers. For 2016, the store will display 8,000 unique holiday products which translate into tens of thousands of individual items. If they bring the merchandise early, it will help the store accommodate the influx of new merchandise. Before Christmas ends, the shelves will be full of spring merchandise.

Hallmark is closely associated with holidays and the store has been selling Christmas ornaments as early as July because they have customers who want to first priority on the limited items. Consumers want to plan early so that they will have adequate time for Christmas celebrations. Home Depot has already launched the Halloween and Christmas sections on its websites for consumers who want to plan their holiday décor in advance.

The US Postal Service has announced the designs of its 2016 Christmas stamps which will be offered for sale starting October 6. Stamp collectors can have their pick from the Holiday Windows featuring a candle, wreath, star and a lighted Christmas tree. They try to work in advance as much as possible to avoid the holiday rush.

Women’s Christmas sweaters are popular gifts you can give to your family and friends. Ever since the craze for ugly Christmas sweaters, people have started to wear the ugliest sweaters they can buy from online and physical stores. Start choosing the ugly sweater now so that you can still sew on additional décor.

Lao Cai Getting Ready For Tourism Year

Ha Van Thang who is Lao Cai Culture, Sports and Tourism Department’s Director said that the province of Lao Cai is set to create a number of tourism products with competitive and sustainable features to attract international tourists from the United States, Europe and the Southeast Asian countries.

The Lao Cai province’s tourist community centers

The Lao Cai province is known by tourists traveling from Hanoi to Sapa, where Sapa is part of this province. It is located in the Northwest region of Vietnam.

There are 12 tourist community centers in Lao Cai currently. For every household in the center, they can have incomes starting from any amount within VND 10 million to 20 million which is around $450 – $900 each year.

The villages which are involved in these tourism community centers have a richer population in comparison to other villages. These villages are able to eliminate poverty 3 to 4 times faster in comparison to other villages.

There are recently established tourism community centers at Cat in the Sapa district, Ta Van Chu in Bac Ha district and Cao Son in Muong Khuong district.

The challenges of the tourism projects

According to the provincial Department for Planning and Developing Tourism Resources’ head, Hoang Thi Vuong, there has been several obstacles while in the process of improving and developing tourist attractions in the province.

Vuong mentioned that there were difficulties in getting local communities convinced of these tourism projects. He added that not all households are open for change. Visits were organized by them in order to have these families successfully join the projects. They did this to have them exchange and understand the details needed to be done.

Promoting tourist attractions

This will improve connectivity between provinces according to Thang. He further adds that the province wants to promote 2 of the tourist attractions in Lao Cai. These are the Mountain Colours where tours include going to markets in mountains and beautiful places at Muong Khuong, Si Ma Cai, Bac Ha and Ha Giang.

Another group of tourist attractions are Sapa and Bat Xat districts in the western part of the province. Most customers involved in this route mountain trekkers or exploring tourists.

New Packaging Launched BY Mocktails Beverages

Mocktail Beverages are known to be all-natural and is offered in a ready to drink state. Add the fact that these are just non-alcoholic cocktails then you have the beverage that is sought for by many millennial. In an attempt to further suit the changing trend of this generation when it comes to alcohol, they have launched their beverages in bottles that are good only for a single individual. According to the president of the company, Bill Gamelli, it is a step in improving their service to the millennial generation.

According to a statement from Gamelli, millennials are now changing the trend when it comes to drinking as they are more focused on consuming less alcohol and more awareness. They wanted to be in control. This is mainly due to the influence of the social media and an increase in awareness that everything that are doing can possibly be documented in many ways and then be posted online for the world to see.

Despite the fact that they are now more careful and want to be in control, millennials are still excited by the idea of celebrating and joining parties wherein they can enjoy a beverage that offers more fun than water and in a way different from the regular soda or the mainstream drinks that are mixed and poured over ice.
For this reason, Gamelli said, Mocktails Brand was developed. It offers a line of premium type of drinks that can be enjoyed while they are having alone time. It can be taken with ice or combined with other alcoholic beverages.

The bottles are now available in sizes suitable for individual serving and can be bought in a pack of fur. This will give consumers other options rather than taking a six pack of beer in their way to a celebration or a party. It can be shared with other people as well which is a better packaging compared to the previous original one. The original packaging is a working glass in larger size that resembles a martini shaker.

Packaging of different products evolves over the years to accommodate the demand of the consumers. In the same way, also offers the most recent choices when it comes to packaging solutions.

Google Denied Deleting Palestine From Its Maps

Many supporters of the Palestinian cause have already denounce the giant company Google in an online post this week because of the accusation that it removed the word Palestine and it can no longer be searched on Google Maps. There is one issue with this accusation; Google said that there is no such word in the first place.

As a result of the anger through rants in social media, the tale has been able to reach a wider audience. Advocacy groups from Palestine have some strong statements regarding the matter. Other things cropped up such as news stories and videos that became viral. Amidst all this, there is no comment coming from Google.

An online petition was created last March and it is meant to condemn Google. The same petition claimed that the two Jewish founders of the company are responsible in removing the word Palestine from the maps because they are suspected of having ties with Israel. The online petition has now gathered 280,000 signatures. Tweets were also posted regarding the matter and they are mostly angry while calling the people to boycott the said company.

It was then that the hashtag #PalestineIsHere trended. This is in contradiction according to Google Maps since it was never there to begin with.

According to a statement from the company, ever since the creation of Google Maps there has been no Palestine label. They have recently discovered though that a bug was able to delete the labels they have put in for Gaza Strip and West Bank. They are now working to resolve the issue and bring the deleted labels back on the map. It is yet to be determined whether the bug started the online outrage regarding Palestine.

A statement from the spokeswoman, Elizabeth Davidoff, also said through her email that the company has not utilized the label Palestinian territory that is why it is not on the map. Before the bug, Gaza Strip and West Bank are labeled properly along with a dotted line that separates the area from Israel. Illustrated maps, on the other hand, are created through the artists’ perspective and creativity and therefore not as accurate as the digital maps.

It Is Now More Difficult To Mine Bitcoins

Despite the fact that bitcoin has its value increased by a lot, the fact remains that the cryptocurrency is now almost down to its remaining few supply in circulation. Bitcoin is the leading digital currency in the world but it has proven to be more difficult to mine than before. The fact of the matter is that the current situation has already been written in the digital currency’s code. It is a protocol that once every four years, the incentives those miners are receiving must be cut in half. It is designed in order to make sure that the bitcoin will not suffer from inflation and to keep the currency in check. This is the reason why last Saturday, the usual 25 bitcoins that were awarded to miners for every 10 minutes of mining has been reduced to 12.5 bitcoins only.

Since the bitcoin is a currency with no physical pieces to be circulated around and exchanged just like the conventional ones, this is made to circulate with the help of the users called miners. These users are the ones operating thousands upon thousands of computers at all times for 24 hours of every day. Their operation includes processing the blocks of the most recent transactions that are conducted using bitcoins. In order to understand more clearly, the miners record every transaction made and they are recording around 225,000 transactions involving bitcoins every day. This continued operation made sure that the amount of bitcoin in circulation continues to increase in number. The current amount that is in circulation is said to be around $10 billion.

As of the current state, there are less bitcoins available to be mined making the process harder and the competition tougher among the miners. According to the co-founder of the Genesis Mining which is based in Germany, Marco Streng, the most essential thing to keep in mind is to make mining an efficient process. The firm is currently running farms all over the globe including mining farms from Iceland, the United States, Canada and Eastern Europe. Firms have greater chance than those mining bitcoin for individuals alone.