Google Denied Deleting Palestine From Its Maps

Many supporters of the Palestinian cause have already denounce the giant company Google in an online post this week because of the accusation that it removed the word Palestine and it can no longer be searched on Google Maps. There is one issue with this accusation; Google said that there is no such word in the first place.

As a result of the anger through rants in social media, the tale has been able to reach a wider audience. Advocacy groups from Palestine have some strong statements regarding the matter. Other things cropped up such as news stories and videos that became viral. Amidst all this, there is no comment coming from Google.

An online petition was created last March and it is meant to condemn Google. The same petition claimed that the two Jewish founders of the company are responsible in removing the word Palestine from the maps because they are suspected of having ties with Israel. The online petition has now gathered 280,000 signatures. Tweets were also posted regarding the matter and they are mostly angry while calling the people to boycott the said company.

It was then that the hashtag #PalestineIsHere trended. This is in contradiction according to Google Maps since it was never there to begin with.

According to a statement from the company, ever since the creation of Google Maps there has been no Palestine label. They have recently discovered though that a bug was able to delete the labels they have put in for Gaza Strip and West Bank. They are now working to resolve the issue and bring the deleted labels back on the map. It is yet to be determined whether the bug started the online outrage regarding Palestine.

A statement from the spokeswoman, Elizabeth Davidoff, also said through her email that the company has not utilized the label Palestinian territory that is why it is not on the map. Before the bug, Gaza Strip and West Bank are labeled properly along with a dotted line that separates the area from Israel. Illustrated maps, on the other hand, are created through the artists’ perspective and creativity and therefore not as accurate as the digital maps.

It Is Now More Difficult To Mine Bitcoins

Despite the fact that bitcoin has its value increased by a lot, the fact remains that the cryptocurrency is now almost down to its remaining few supply in circulation. Bitcoin is the leading digital currency in the world but it has proven to be more difficult to mine than before. The fact of the matter is that the current situation has already been written in the digital currency’s code. It is a protocol that once every four years, the incentives those miners are receiving must be cut in half. It is designed in order to make sure that the bitcoin will not suffer from inflation and to keep the currency in check. This is the reason why last Saturday, the usual 25 bitcoins that were awarded to miners for every 10 minutes of mining has been reduced to 12.5 bitcoins only.

Since the bitcoin is a currency with no physical pieces to be circulated around and exchanged just like the conventional ones, this is made to circulate with the help of the users called miners. These users are the ones operating thousands upon thousands of computers at all times for 24 hours of every day. Their operation includes processing the blocks of the most recent transactions that are conducted using bitcoins. In order to understand more clearly, the miners record every transaction made and they are recording around 225,000 transactions involving bitcoins every day. This continued operation made sure that the amount of bitcoin in circulation continues to increase in number. The current amount that is in circulation is said to be around $10 billion.

As of the current state, there are less bitcoins available to be mined making the process harder and the competition tougher among the miners. According to the co-founder of the Genesis Mining which is based in Germany, Marco Streng, the most essential thing to keep in mind is to make mining an efficient process. The firm is currently running farms all over the globe including mining farms from Iceland, the United States, Canada and Eastern Europe. Firms have greater chance than those mining bitcoin for individuals alone.

3 Tips On Finding Baby Shower Gifts

So you have a friend or a relative who is expecting a baby soon and have been invited to a baby shower to celebrate this new life. Unfortunately, you have no idea what to give the expecting couple. Don’t worry though because you are not alone. Most people don’t really know what to give during a baby shower which is really understandable since this kind of occasion is not as usual as birthdays or even weddings.

Getting gifts for babies can be quite complicated because you’d be plagued with questions like ‘how fast does a baby grow?’ or ‘what will the baby’s gender be?’ and how one would be able to standout.

If you still don’t know what gift to get for a baby shower, then follow these helpful tips.

  1. Find out if there is a registry. In your invitation, check to see if there is any mention or wording regarding a registry account that the couple had set up. If there is, then you can just choose among the list of items that the baby and the couple would need. A baby registry is definitely a helpful way of giving gifts as you would be able to aid the couple with their needs. If you’re planning to buy a single gift, it would be better to stick with the registry. But if you plan on buying multiple presents then you should also expand your choices and shop around, not limiting yourself to what the registry offers.
  2. Be careful when buying clothes. If you decide that clothes would be the perfect gift to give, just remember that babies grow seriously fast and it is highly likely that they would overgrow your gift in a span of months. When buying clothes, don’t forget to choose bigger sizes because 6 month old babies are also able to wear 9-month old baby clothes and so on.
  3. Personalize! If you want to make your gift truly special, then you should definitely go for personalized baby shower gifts. Remember, when you personalize your gift, you are also adding your own personal touch which makes the gift a lot more special and meaningful.

Planning To Move? Check Out These Smart Packing Tips

There could be many reasons why you may want to move like a new job opportunity that would require you to live somewhere else or you are planning to make a lifestyle change but regardless of the reason, once you’ve signed the contract and had sold your house, it’s time to start packing. You may be excited to move into a brand new house but you should probably focus on packing first because it can be the most stressful part of the moving process.

Here are some tips that you can use when packing.

  1. Pack smart. Don’t even try to box everything up in one single swoop. While it is possible for you to pack everything in a single day, the problem is that you might not be able to pack properly and wisely thus mixing your belongings up or even leaving some behind. What you can do is give yourself a quota of at least one box a day leading up to the day you move. You can also make it one room a day.
  2. Use quality packing materials. It would be better for you to buy new boxes than use older ones because older ones may not provide the proper strength to hold your things together and they might fall apart on the journey. You don’t have to spend much on the boxes. In fact, online suppliers like offer high quality and affordable packing materials.
  3. Don’t pack your closet. When you use a professional moving service, you can ask them to bring wardrobe boxes on the day of your move where you can easily place your clothes without taking them off their hangers.
  4. Take basic supplies early. Take your basic supplies to your new home earlier if it is within driving distance. Don’t wait for the moving company. Because if your basic supplies in your bathrooms and kitchens are already in place before you move, it would bring normalcy to the otherwise chaos that your moving boxes would bring once you settle in your new house.
  5. Meet your new neighbors immediately. Why not spend your first day in your new home being friendly to your neighbors?

What First Time Business Owners Need To Know

What does it take to succeed in the world of business? Here are some pieces of advice from the experts.

  • Focus. Most of the neophyte entrepreneurs feel that they need to grab every opportunity that they come across with. You should take note that opportunities are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. You should avoid being side tracked. If you juggle into different ventures, this will spread and limit your productivity and effectiveness. You need to do one thing perfectly and not several things but poorly. If you feel that there is a need to proceed to another project, this might mean that there is something wrong with your original concept.
  • Know what you want to do and do what you know. Do not start a business just because it seems sexy or that it boasts large hypothetical profit returns and margins. You should do what you love. Businesses which are built around your talents and strengths will have a greater chance of being successful. It is not just important to create profitable businesses but it is also very important that you are happy in growing and managing the business on a daily basis.
  • Say in within 30 seconds or do not say anything at all. Form a chance encounter with a curious customer to an interested investor, you need to be ready to explain and pitch in your business proposal. You need to state your mission, goals and service in a very concise and clear manner. You should fit the pitch to the person and keep in mind that less will always be more.
  • Act like a startup. You need to forget about fancy fast cards, offices as well as fat expense accounts. The life blood of your company is your wallet. You need to perfect the art of frugality and patience. Watch every dollar expense and account every bit of it. Maintain low overhead and effectively manage your cash flow.
  • Learn under fire. There are no business plans and business books which can predict the future or which will fully prepare one to become a very successful entrepreneur. Whether you are into retailing silk ribbon or car parts, there really is no such thing as the perfect plan.

Businesses Debates Over Bed Tax

There is an ongoing discussion between the chambers of commerce and the business owners as to the fees that tourists should be paying when it comes to booking a hotel room.

The Board of Directors of CVB or the Mat-Su Convention and Visitors Bureau is now proposing that the transient accommodations tax or what is more popularly called as bed tax should be increased. This increase in the current bed tax is a solution to the funding problem for the finishing phase of the Mat-Su Valley Gateway Visitors Center. This current construction is estimated to be $5.8 million in total and in its final construction phase.

As of the moment, the borough is receiving a bed tax of 5 per cent. This means that for a hotel room that is booked at $100, the borough should have $5 as the revenue from the bed tax imposed. A voting occurred last November 16 in order for the CVB board to have the power to increase the bed tax from 5 per cent to 8 per cent. With this proposal, a debate was started among the local tourism business regarding the effect it will cause.

If the increase is pushed through, the bureau will have a considerable amount of investment coming from the bed tax. According to a voting done by the borough last November 3, the sale of the property will be given to the project amounting to $1.2 million. This amount was given by the Board of Directors. The borough has a previous acquisition of Homestead RV Park which amounted to $1 million, a property that used to belong to Matanuska Electric Association. The design contract of their new construction has been given to Wolf Architecture with a contract price of $1.2 million.

With these data, it shows that the borough has already funneled $3.6 million of its money for new facility. As for the bed tax, the discussion regarding the increase is still on its early phases.

If you are in Australia, worry no more about bed tax and buy your own king single bed