How Chinese Tech Giant Shapes Its Future

The company which grabbed the third spot for the world’s greatest digital advertising player is Baidu. This Chinese search engine comes after Google and Facebook. Like what Google does, Baidu also takes advantage of the revenues brought about by the search ads in order to fund its tech innovation and research and development department. Similar to Google, it also has big ambitions for itself.

There are also hundreds of professionals involved in digital advertising who are aspiring to become legends themselves. One rising digital advertising agency based in Australia is Digital Monopoly which is owned by Oliver Wood. There are plenty of other success stories in the digital industry and more are eager to trudge this path.

Baidu gas a learning lab situated in Silicon Valley and the chief scientist of the company Andrew Ng who is a former top researched for Google and at Stanford. With a new video to boost its branding, the company expects to make heaps of money in the next few weeks and months. The senior product manager also said that the newly released video aimed at conveying the warmth of their services amid technological advancements. The team creating the said video was inspired by the movie “Her” which is futuristic but at the same time personal and familiar. The manager of Baidu said that most of the advertisements and brand films in China have become too flashy and extravagant with so many special effects and over impressive performances in order to show off the new technology. Baidu on the other hand just wanted to show the audience that technology can be felt naturally just like oxygen.

The video was released within the week as Baidu launched its world conference. People from key areas around the globe were invited. They are from places where the tech giant is gaining ground and where it is already innovating. With regards to self-driving car technology, the tech company partnered with BMW. This year, Baidu expects to test the various vehicles in China. The video shows how the Google glass like technology is able to help people navigate in the retailing environment.

Hiring An Accountant: Is It Worth It?

When business owners hire a top quality business accountant, they often would ask themselves: is it worth it? Well, the answer to that is to realize that you cannot just rely on the accountant alone, your relationship should be a two-way process in which both of you work together in order to produce great results for your business.

The question of whether or not is hiring an accountant worth it for your business should be based on the costs of hiring one. When you ask an accountant how much his services will cost, it would be like asking a realtor how much a house costs.

Of course, houses are not always priced the same and oftentimes, the higher their value means the better they function. The same goes for accountants. The answer regarding the costs of hiring an accountant and buying a home is one and the same. The answer would always be “it depends.”

A good accountant, especially a CPA, will cost you more when you pay upfront. But in the long while, their services will prove to be an asset for your business thus they would produce better results. In truth, anyone is able to read and type numbers in a spreadsheet. But an accountant will not only be doing that, he will also be analyzing your financial situation and think of ways and opportunities wherein you can save more money or lead you to methods which are more profitable.

So in order for accountants to be more affordable, you should also work your part. There are about 4 simple ways you can make the costs more affordable. The first one is to build a good relationship with the accountant and it should be one that revolves around trust. Next one is you have to be well organized since accountants often charge by the hour.

Third, you should always consult your accountant when making decisions. Remember, you paid them for their expertise and you should respect their profession by confiding in them.

Lastly, never ever lie to your accountant. You hired him to produce results, not miracles. Lying to your accountant will only hurt you in the end.

Buying A Boiler The Modern Way

When people think of buying a new boiler from a plumber, they often worry about the boiler maintenance and service costs that come along with it. But you should also know that there is a way for you to avoid such costs. You only need to think in a modern way. Nowadays, when people think of buying a new vehicle, the most popular method of doing it is by leasing. But if you think this is only possible with vehicles, then you might be surprised to find out that you can also do the same with boilers. In today’s modern age, you do not have to buy a boiler to have one; you can just ‘hire’ it. Right now, there are a few companies that specialize in this type of service.

If you are wondering how leasing boilers work, you should know that the process is quite simple.

First, the homeowners would have to agree to pay a monthly fee of about $37 in a span of 12 years, which may sound like too long for you to be paying, but for that monthly fee, you will be given a brand new boiler system coupled with an upgraded heating system for you to use. And the best part of it all is that there is no upfront charge.

If you would think about it, this is probably better than having to buy a brand new boiler. When you purchase a new boiler, you would also face the responsibility of paying $444 in repayment fees in the first year alone. This would then increase by 3% in the succeeding years. Aside from that, you would have to deal with the service and repair fees that come with that responsibility. By ‘hiring’ a boiler, you would be rid of those responsibilities.

How is that possible?

Well, when you lease a boiler, the contract would then come with a year-round after-care service and through it; you are guaranteed to have the boilers serviced annually. If you fear that the boilers aren’t durable enough to last the 12 years, do not fear. The boilers, if ever they don’t last for 12 years, will be replaced by the company.

30% Discount On LASIK Laser Eye Surgery To Be Offered By Advanced Vision Care

When it comes to poor eyesight, LASIK laser eye surgery is probably one of the most effective ways to help solve it that is why it is heavily recommended by doctors as well as in the Internet by websites like LASIK laser eye surgery can accurately correct poor vision and as time goes on, numerous people are discovering the miraculous benefits of the eye treatment.

People are so often afraid of the costs of LASIK laser eye surgery but in the UK, a lot of people will probably be happy to learn that Advanced Vision Care, one of the leading vision correcting clinics in the UK, is offering a 30 percent discount on their advanced wavefront LASIK laser eye surgery for the whole month.

For those who are unaware of what the advanced wavefront LASIK laser eye surgery is, the procedure used in this LASIK surgery is much more sophisticated than the regular LASIK eye surgeries. It is considered a safer method and another great thing about it is that it provides better results. Now, patients all over the UK, and even the world, may benefit from the 30 percent discount promo being offered by Advanced Vision Care.

All of the LASIK surgeries that are occurring at Advanced Vision Care are being handled and spearheaded by Dr. CT Pillai, a world renowned doctor who is also one of the people who pioneered in the laser eye surgery. He has been in the field of ophthalmology for over 25 years now and his experience has shown excellent results throughout his career. He has an outstanding record and most of his patients are now enjoying a 20/20 vision.

Advanced Vision Care has been helping numerous people for over ten years now. It is based in London, particularly at Harley Street and even though it is based in a single location, it still manages to gather a number of patients all around the UK and even the world. Aside from the LASIK laser eye surgeries, the clinic also provides a number of other eye-related services that patients are sure to benefit from.

Appliance Repairs: Are They Worth The Money?

When appliances break down, probably the first thing people think of is to call a professional to conduct an electrical and appliance repair service. This is because it is really hard to let go of something that you have greatly invested on. Of course, during simple repairs, it would be easy and less costly to repair them rather than replace them. For a repair that would cost only $20, repairs would certainly be the best choice and will definitely be worth it. But in the case that there is a major breakdown with an appliance and the cost for the repairs would amount to a little less than the amount it had cost when you bought it, then the circumstances would definitely change. There will be another favorable choice.

When you are considering a major repair work, you should think of these simple tips.

1. Understand that not everything is built to last.
Your parents may have often boasted how their appliances have been running for decades now but the same would definitely not happen to you. The person who coined the saying: “they don’t make them like they used to,” is definitely speaking truth. Appliances today are really not like what they used to be 20 years ago. This could probably be because of the fact that appliances today have more functions or the fact that profitability can be better gained with the temporary.

2. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of an appliance.
Regular maintenance would mean the world to the appliances as you would be able to determine problems before they can worsen.

3. Know your appliance’s limitations.
If you know the limits of your appliance, then you may be able to extend its lifespan by making it stray away from the things that could damage it. Washing machines, for example, have weight limits. If you put in the right weight, then it can be fully functional for a long period of time.

4. Simple repairs are possible for you.
There are many online instructional that provides you the knowledge to conduct simple repairs. If you can repair the appliance yourself, then you’d definitely be saving up money.

The Growing Awareness For UK Self Storage Industry

Operators of storage unit Bristol including other self-storage operators in the United Kingdom are expecting their profits to further increase due to new store openings and increasing customer awareness. This was the result of a survey made by global real estate adviser Cushman & Wakefield in conjunction with Self-Storage Association of UK. 73 separate companies covering at least 433 self-storage facilities representing more than 40% of UK’s self-storage sites and over 60% of total storage space participated in the survey.

During the economic downturn, there were a limited number of new store openings but with the improving economy, the self-storage industry has begun to grow, expanding by at least 1.3 million square feet in 2014. According to SSA UK there are now approximately 1,022 self-storage sites in the UK of which 159 supply container storage only. There was a 13% increase in the number of self-storage if compared to 2013 and almost half of the new sites that opened in 2014 had container storage.

Operators are optimistic about the outlook for 2015 because not one of the survey respondents reported a drop in profitability. In fact, nearly 80% expected improved profitability. Today, there is approximately 35.7 million square feet of storage space in the UK which equates to an average of 0.56 square feet of storage space per person in the UK.

Average rental rate also showed an increase over the year’s 7.1% to £21 per square feet per annum. This matches the rental rate in December 2011 before the addition of VAT to the rental revenues. Total turnover in the industry in 2014 was about £402 million among approximately 402 operators. These firms employed about 2,100 fulltime staff.

According to the survey, there was an overall improvement in with the number of people who have never heard of the product dropping from 23% to 15%. However, 55% of consumers (62% in 2014) still have limited or no knowledge at all about storage units. If the level of awareness would improve the demand levels for storage units are expected to further increase. Potential for improvement is hard to quantify because it is often the need for storage space that drives awareness.