Railway Station Turned Holiday Cottage Listed For £550,000

Since there is great demand when it comes to luxury cottages in the UK especially in Aviemore, many property owners are renting out or converting their properties into holiday homes. A unique listing recently appeared on the market as what used to be Plymouth’s railway station is available for a price of around £550,000. The said station has already been turned into two holiday cottages.

The station in West Devon is the former Tavistock Railway Station where the Porters Office as well as Ticketing Hall used to be. In the same spot now stands two new attractive holiday cottages equipped with various features. The said vacation homes are perfect for people who are looking for a place to stay in while reminiscing the good old times when steam train is in.

It was built originally in the 1890 and is considered a place with special history as well as a valuable contribution to the art of architecture. For the next 78 years after its construction, the station served in the daily railway traffic and it was decommissioned back in May 1968. It was renovated after that and in 2011 the site received recognition as the Best Restored Station according to the National Railway Heritage Association.

The owners of the property bought it last 2007 when it was an abandoned site and the condition was quite poor. After acquisition, the owners decided to renovate the whole thing and refurbished everything to make it a superior place of accommodation. Where once stood a railway station is now composed of 3 luxury holiday homes – the two of which are listed on the market.

The decoration was inspired by the tradition styles of the Victorian era and where the Ticketing Hall used to be now stood a building with porch, a kitchen and diner, bathroom, lounge and two bedrooms – one is an en-suite.

They retained the original paneling as well as the windows used by the ticketing station. While the lounge still has the same vaulted ceiling that is close boarded ever since its construction. Another original in the property is the Victorian fireplace made of cast iron.

The selling price for the Ticketing Hall is £265,000 while the Porter’s Office is available for £275,000.