Sacrificing Trees And Local Biodiversity For The Development Of A Terminal

Moorebank Intermodal project will create a freight link between Moorebank at Liverpool and Port Botany to reduce the number of freight trucks on Sydney roads. However, the potential impact of the intermodal terminal would be costly to drivers due to increased traffic and local biodiversity because of substantial tree removal.

If the development of the terminal proceeds, it is expected to generate 1,458 truck trips and 2,670 car trips every weekday. Since the terminal will be operating 24 hours a day, 95% of truck movements are expected to occur between 6 in the morning and 10 at night. However, according to the Planning Department, local traffic is estimated to increase by more than 16% by 2019 because roads cannot handle an extra amount of traffic.

Traffic is not the only problem because more than 45 hectares of vulnerable and endangered tree species will have to be removed when the development proceeds. Among the tree species are hard-leaved scribbly gums, Parramatta red gums and forest red gums. In addition, all vegetation has to be cleared from the development site which can be a threat to ecological communities. When vegetation is cleared, it will result in the loss of specific fauna habitat components like live trees, tree hollows, foraging resources and ground layer habitat like ground timer and leaf litter.

Of the trees that are scheduled for removal, 43 are hollow-bearing trees that are the habitat of different types of fauna. The development of the terminal will also impact on a rare shrub called nodding geebung and the vulnerable grevillae. Residents say that the potential outcome of the development is not favorable. Emissions from trucks and cars will be unhealthy to both humans and animals. It is sad but it seems nobody cares because their focus is corporate agenda. 45 trees to be removed will be quite okay for progress but not 45 hectares of trees and vegetation.

Many are against tree lopping but if it is performed by trained and experienced tree lopping in Perth, the health and aesthetics of the tree can be preserved. The job will be complete safely without any damages to surrounding properties.