Secondary Provinces In Thailand To Receive Tourism Boost

The Tourism Authority of Thailand decided to invest a large amount from its budget to secondary tourist provinces in the country in order to boost their tourism. The money will be used in upgrades to ensure that tourists, both from local and international, will be happy with their experience. In Bangkok, there is no shortage of great accommodation in Asoke and other parts of the city.

Yutthasak Supasorn, the governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand, announced that every province will receive 50 million baht. The total budget is 3.2 billion baht and 2.7 billion baht will be given to provinces for their promotional needs.

Campaign activities will also be organized throughout the year and 410 million baht was allotted for these.

The main goal of the agency is to improve the 55 provinces so that more tourists will be attracted to visit. These provinces are known as secondary because the number of tourists visiting annually is not more than 3.5 million.

The list of secondary provinces includes Narathiwat, UdonThani, Yala, Lampang, Trat, Lop Buri, Ratchaburi and Chai Nat.

These provinces are not the first choice among tourists from domestic and international areas. The agency is hoping that the popularity of Thailand will help these provinces become more profitable.

The scheme does not include major provinces like Chon Buri, Bangkok, Phuket, Surat Thani and Chiang Mai.

The budget given for these provinces will be a proof of the reinforced measure that they are doing for promotion. This came after the government awarded tourism tax rebate wherein Tourism Authority of Thailand predicts would attract over 10 million local tourists in 2018.

The scheme will give travelers visiting the 55 provinces on the list to keep their receipts when purchasing food, travel tickets and accommodation. After which, they have the option to include it in their tax deduction with a maximum limit of 15,000 baht.

Based on the predictions made by the Tourism Council of Thailand, the number of international tourists visiting Thailand this 2018 will be between 37.2 million and 37.9 million.

The TAT’s decision to focus on the secondary provinces is considered a good move for the country overall considering that Bangkok and other major provinces are already known internationally. Tourists in Bangkok prefer great accommodation in Asoke and therefore these secondary provinces should offer the same standard in accommodations.