Securing Your Home In Perth During Winter

During the winter season, it is important for homeowners to secure their homes. This is when power outages usually happen and preparedness is the key to safety. Having reliable home alarms in Perth is also a good investment for residents.

The managing executive of Fidelity ADT, Stuart Clarkson, said that majority of homeowners think that as soon as their power supply is cut off, their home alarm system will no longer be operating.

He clarified that as long as the system was programmed correctly and it has a stable system that is connected to a good condition battery then it will be able to continue safeguarding the property even in events where power outage occur. It is important for residents to conduct a test of their home alarm system on a regular basis to make sure they are working properly.  The system will not be able to function as designed if the battery is low on power or if the system is experiencing technical glitches. Majority of home alarm system sold on the market comes with an extra battery pack in case the first one runs out of power. The backup is automatically activated as soon as power failure is detected.

There are also a number of steps that homeowners can do in case load-shedding happens. The first one is to make sure that the home alarm has enough battery supply at all times. All automated doors in the house as well as automated gates should be secured. Finally, if you see anything suspicious, it should be reported to authorities right away.

If the power supply is cut during nighttime, it is best to have handy alternatives such as touch-lights, candles and torches. It is recommended for homeowners to have their home alarm system incorporated with LED technology that will automatically turn on as soon as power is cut off. This will remain on for 16 minutes until you can find alternative light source. This additional feature is recommended for home alarms in Perth and can be used as an alternative light if the system comes with a battery packthat can handle the LED lights.