Skin Weft Hair Extensions For Natural Looking And Better Hair

Hair extensions are good news for people suffering from hair loss due to a variety of physical conditions like surgery, cancer treatment, radiation, alopecia and hereditary hair loss. They are an easy solution to gain confidence and get a head full of natural looking hair. These extensions are placed between your natural hair and do not obstruct the regular growth of natural hair.

Skin weft hair extensions are the latest entrants in the market. These extensions are to be hand tied carefully to the natural hair. A professional salon that deals with hair extensions in Bondi will help you select the correct shade of extensions that match with your natural hair colour. The proper colour match and positioning of these extensions on your scalp will ensure they look like natural hair growth.

The skin weft hair extensions are made using high quality Remi hair. They have an invisible tape and exactly resemble the natural hair growth. These highly in demand extensions are used by the most high end hair salons specializing in hair extensions in Bondi and all over the world. These extensions generally last for a year and are easy to maintain. The extensions are reusable and only the tape needs to be replaced every year. These extensions are hundred percent natural and do not require the use of any chemicals or tools that damage the natural hair.

The process of installing these extensions is very simple. A thin piece of your natural hair is sandwiched between two pieces of extensions. The installation of these extensions usually takes an hour. Since they are attached to the natural hair, they tend to move down with regular hair growth. It is preferred to schedule regular visits every six to eight weeks with your salon where you installed the hair extensions in Bondi and get a readjustment done.

Select a good hair stylist who specializes in installation of hair extensions in Bondi for natural looking and secure installation. The hair stylists in these salons are trained and experienced to select a perfect set of extensions that match with the colour and texture of your natural hair. They are carefully installed by experienced hair stylists to give a perfect blend and natural look. Increase your confidence and beauty by opting for these skin weft natural hair extensions for your hair.