Smart Glass To Reduce The Need For Curtains And Blinds

The typical applications of glass in the home can be found on the windows but recently glass is being used in kitchens in the form of mirror splashbacks to reflect light around the room and create an illusion of more space. The glass used is not your ordinary glass that has a tendency to break when exposed to heat; it is toughened or tempered glass that has been treated with heat and rapidly cooled.

Aside from tempered glass, smart glass is now the trend for windows to basically reduce the need for curtains and blinds in the home. Smart glass automatically dims and brightens to ensure an environment that is suitable to existing light conditions. Aside from reducing the energy needs of a building, smart glass can control the building’s ambiance and temperature. Tint settings can be manually controlled through mobile apps, wall switches and more recently through the voice.

Smart glass is not only intended for exterior building’s façade; it can also be used in different areas inside the building so that light can travel from one room to the other rooms as required. Light can also be partially blocked depending on the situation.

For example, in order to improve the clarity of a wall-mounted LCD TV and to provide some privacy, existing glass in the central skylight at the employee lounge can be replaced with opaque smart glass partitions. The windows can be dimmed or undimmed depending on the amount of light or visibility needed.

One of the most responsible smart tinting glasses on the market is Halio electrochromic smart tinting glass by San Francisco-based Kinestral Technologies. The company claims that their smart glass can be switched from clear to dark within seconds or deliver the darkest tint in less than 3 seconds to suit the outdoor light conditions.

Innovative techniques are also undertaken to create optical effects in homes through mirrors. One of the popular applications is splashback mirror to create an entirely new look for the kitchen. Aside from aesthetics, the splashback mirror can also provide protection against splashes while cooking. Because of the exceptional techniques used in the manufacture of mirrors, any safety concerns are eliminated.