Solar Roof Tiles Introduced By Tesla

If you are living in Australia, you may want to contact roof tilers in Sydney because Tesla has just released their solar roof tiles. There are currently two firms planning to bring this new innovation to the country while they also plan to bring along the newest version of the home battery solution known as Power wall.

CSR Bradford also made an announcement wherein their housing program in Australia will be expanded in order to build properties that are equipped with Tesla Power wall batteries. This will serve as a standard house feature.

Tesla has already introduced to the public their latest roofing tiles that are equipped with solar panels. According to Elon Musk, the chairman of Tesla, they have four various kinds of Tesla roof tiles and all of them looked like they are traditional materials used in roofing. There is the modern style made of a smooth glass tile, a slate-looking tile with Tuscan style, a glass tile with texture and a glass tile with slate style.

Passersby on the street will look at the roof and think of them as traditional roofing materials but during the launching, Mr. Mush demonstrated that if you look closely you will be able to see the solar panels built-in inside. Aside from showing the tiles, Tesla also featured houses that have already been installed with the new solar tiles during their news conference held in California.

Journalists have no idea that the very property where the press conference was held was already equipped with the solar tiles along with the surrounding properties. The roof all looked beautiful and there is no sign that tells that a house is powered by solar panels from the roof.

The big question now remains, how much will these solar tiles cost? Soon we may be able to see roof tilers in Sydney installing this new innovation in people’s roof. The manufacturer is also unknown and there is no assurance that the venture will be profitable in the long run. There are talks that Solar City, where Mr. Musk is the chairman, will be manufacturing the panels starting this year at their plant located in Buffalo, New York.