Surprising Statistics about Burglary

Every year the FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation compiles the crime statistics of the United States. The reports published by the FBI are designed in order to give you an idea of the trend in crimes in the country and provide you with a better understanding of the threats of crime locally and nationally. Here are some of the important reports regarding burglary in the US and property crime details. For further information, you can visit the website of the FBI.

  • There are about 5,400 burglaries in the US happening every day. Five years ago there were about 9 million property crimes reported and over 2 million of which involved burglaries.
  • About 73 percent of all burglaries take place on residential properties. Do not ever operate under the false assumption that burglaries are usually related to businesses, high-end stores and banks. The most favorite target of burglars is residences.
  • Of the reported burglaries, 65 percent occurred during day time. According to the data, burglars like to target homes during the day since the homeowners are usually not at home while they target commercial establishments at night.
  • The highest rate of crime for properties occurs in the Southern region. According to the statistics that was compiled by the FBI, there were about 3,439 property crimes per a hundred thousand inhabitants in the Southern region of the United States.
  • The property crimes in the US are estimated to have lost a total of $15.7 billion dollars. Burglaries accounted in the figure are about $4.6 billion in the lost properties.
  • Data shows that 60 percent of burglaries are forcible entries. A lot of people believe that burglaries are crimes of opportunity. However, the statistics show that majority of these burglaries are in fact forcible entries to houses like breaking windows, kicking doors, smashing windows and picking locks. An excellent security system will be a great way of warding off these intruders.


Indeed, no one is immune to the threat of property crime and burglary. It is for this reason that you should have iHome Alarm Systems in your abode to deter burglars from entering your house.