Swimwear Industry Changed By Swimsuits For All

You may have a chance to buy a bikini online but never heard of the world fatkini until recently. The fact is that it was May 2012 when Gabi Gregg, a blogger, urged women to post their plus-size bodies while wearing a two piece swimwear. The term is quite common to bloggers advocate of the body positive campaign. The word, up to this day, is considered a taboo. During that time, it is not common to see size 12 women wearing two-piece swimwear while swimming in public because it is considered invasive.

According to statistics, around 67 per cent of women are considered to be plus size. Why is it then surprising that there are women who wears two-piece looking at the numbers. Gregg made a slideshow out of the submissions of women wearing their plus sized swimsuits.

It was then that Gregg received an offer from Swimsuits For All, a swimwear company dedicated in making plus-sized swimwear. They asked Gregg if she is willing to design and release her own collection. During the time of the offer, they were only a startup company that creates conservative suits similar to Lane Bryant.  They onlyhave black one-piece on their products along with swim skirts offered at affordable price range. There are plus-sized brands in boutiques but they are quite pricey selling at a minimum $100.

Talks of the design started and Gregg’s first collaboration with the company resulted into a vibrant collection including bikinis covered in galaxy prints, one-pieces with lips on the print and designs that comes with zippers as well as cutouts. Plus-size women who wore the collection are not only covering up but they are showing off at the same time.

As expected, the collection took flight and in just two days after the release, they were already sold out. The website of Swimsuits For All could not handle the traffic and crashed. The website received 74 per cent more visitors wanting to buy a bikini online and it was more than the expected website traffic. The collection was also featured in huge media publishing including the Huffington Post and New York Post.